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Anna Maria Jun 2021
I am trapped in my body, watching the figure that patrols it around doing what she wants and saying what she will.
My mind feels muddled as the words 'I do not care' pierces them.
Is this who i am?
I pull at the the bars that trap my mind around others,
my anxiety skyrocketing.
But the person in the cockpit simply replies to my worries and woes, "oh well, I'll worry about that sometime soon"
forced to take a back seat in my own mind
TG Sep 2020
What do we do,
when we no longer have control,
no longer can say,
or change a thing
about a situation.
We just have to accept it,
as painful as it is.
We need to learn to live with it...
You're stuck in a situation you can't get out of. It hurts so much but theres nothing you can do about it, it's over. You want an explanation so badly, why did it go like this. You gave everything, your heart, body & soul but it's gone. This person/situation is no longer a part of your life. He/she doesn''t want you to be a part of their story anymore. All we can do is, take the pain & accept it. You cannot change someone's perception or feelings. It's over for them, so it is for you aswell. The best thing you can do is move on and live your life again. Even if it's unfair, even if you're sad. You won't be able to change another persons mind but you can change yours. Slowly by time you will feel happy again, you''ll find happiness in the things you can control. Please stay happy everyone even if it's hard sometimes!
Brizar Poetry Jan 2019
Here I am,
deep down...
deep down...
deep down into the dark night.  
Swept up by
Sadness' stench.

I am floating nowhere.  
I want to move my feet
one and then the other,
one and then the other.
I ****** my feet
faster than a boat propeller;
but I have two solid bricks of ice
where my toes used to be.

I am still floating,
deeper and deeper
into nowhere
until time and space
are lost friends.

Everything swiftly
from my fingertips.
Branden Youngs Jan 2019
I wanted to control the things I couldn’t avoid.
Growing up, disappointment,
and how my heart gets destroyed.
Pieces shattered in my hands as I tried to hold
moments of my life
created uncontrolled.

Curating a mind grown with unchecked panic.
Thoughts clashing around like violent storms from the Atlantic.
Wishing my words came out less frantic
and more romantic.
Allie Dotson Jan 2019
How can you be so infatuated on a single substance
A single thing that can ruin any connection that may try to sprout
To make what is already grown
fragile enough untill they all have been shattered

As it is a wall blocking those who choose it
from the real world
and yet you choose the foreign substance
but do you consider how dangerous that something is
That you can loose your own body
your own mind
your own life

People talk about aliens
or if mind control really exists
but the undeniable is already reeping the nation  
with the acceptance age being 21

you have given over your mind and body
The contract signed
A signature with your name finished in a lithal red
It might as well of been your will
For the only life you will live
won't even be lived as as you

you choose to be isolated
accompanied by something you've only know for a couple of years
and leave behind the people whom you have known all your life
or worse all of theirs

The life where you have choices
to not be bounded
To be in control
Is gone with a simple existence
a baneful prison
A fate which you solidified
with setting a reminder in the back of your head
A nag that is eating away any sanity  
Deteriorating each sip that goes by

The mind so weak
though so always frail
easy to be controlled by a simple substance

yet It is only though that
when your body looses way
and the pain from with in seeps through
with the physical limitations having been met
For then you finally say
I shouldn't of started
Yet how come you still won't stop?
A-McIntyre Jul 2018
I want to leave, to run away. I want the sun on a brand new day.
See this life I live, its not me at all, almost like its not Autumn  but instead its Fall. Falling down to the dark abyss, not like Alice more like constant darkness. I love him, with all of my heart, but I'm not in love, I cannot be, because how can I love him that way but not me? I have this problem, with finding myself. Who am I, but another story on a shelf?
I search for me, relentlessly but to no avail, its a dead end trail. I dont know where to start, or where to go, but deep down inside I just know.
Its not fair to him or me, this life we've built is misery, and I tell him this and he rolls his eyes, but I'm certain he knows this too deep down inside.
Even still its not fair to us, for us to stay, I'd be better off far away, but how can I leave him if he thinks he's happy, how do I go while still leaving him me?
yellow soul Jul 2018
I cut myself with a sharp knife
It wasn’t on purpose I swear
I feel the pain  
I Think I fainted
Never have I ever seen this much blood before
It was all over the bathroom floor
One sick thought I got
“collect my blood In a little jar”
And that I did
But then I got to think
I realized It was sick
I washed the blood of the jar
And called my mom saying
That I dropped the knife on my foot
Wasn’t on purpose nur so good
I waited for her to come home

my blood on our bathroom floor
A Flowered Tux Apr 2018
The river continues to flow,
it's banks crying even though,
the water isn't in control
and no one can console
tears that fall on deaf ears.

I wish that you could know,
that once I was able to glow,
but you left and now my soul,
feels like a lump of coal.
Oh!, how I wish that you were near.
This was for a class I had and wanted to share it with you.
Like a toothpick on a mammoth river,
I have no say in where I’ll go.
I think I know where I’ll end up.

A tiny sliver on a massive torrent-
I will not sink, though I may tangle
With another floating twig  

And find me carried in its direction
Whether that be to the salty ocean
Or washed up on a riverbank.

I’ll fetch up where the current puts me-
There’s no arguing with life
Or the mighty Columbia River.
Life too often refuses to give me the final say.
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