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I am a black girl with locs
I wear head wraps and put on African prints
I do not speak with an African accent
or religiously follow the traditions.
For that I am not African enough.

One says he loves me
One looks at me enough to burn holes into me
One comes looking for me only to act like he doesn't know me
One winks and seeks attention when I'm done giving it
One.... one said He can never like me
That one I think I like most
For that I'm foolish.

I am a small girl
I however seek to loose weight more
than people way fatter than me
They all say my size is okay but they are not
my brain and thus don't get to feel fat the way I do
For that they say I'm ungrateful.

I appreciate black men
I just prefer white men
I try not to date black men long time
For that I am racist to them.

I speak to my parents but don't go out
of my way to spend time with them
Past hurt and experiences and avoidance
of future heated discussions leads me
For that I am ungrateful.

I sit in my house and cry.
I cry at worship and feel less and lost most of the time
I take smiley pictures and eat a lot of ice cream
For that I am happy.

I love eating at restaurants and cafes
I love ice cream , cake and wine
I don't like food and rarely eat
I take pictures of my food and ice cream a lot
For that I am a show off

All assumptions, all untrue, all your thoughts
Ask me my name and hold me when I feel I'm falling apart
Love me on days I cant love myself
Ask me about me first.
Then think truths about me.
the girl behind the assumptions.......
Beatrice Dec 2018
I am sitting in the sun
Wind brushing off
Pure tears of suffer
My mind goes numb

Dropping on the tiles
Just like the spring rain
It calms me down
It's going to be okay

Numbness slowly goes away
The sweet melody in my brain
Makes the world pitch black
In a rather delightful way

Hello love ,long time no see
A promise to never leave ?
Well now we will be together
Cause eternity is forever.
Waiting for your opinions or suggestions ,cause they are valuable to me ,because that's the only way for me to know my mistakes and get better at writing poems.
Brenda Mukisa Dec 2018
I don't know how.
God! I didn't even try
But somewhere along the way,
I fell out of love with you.
12. December. 2018.
Logan Robertson Oct 2018
So he threw all his chips on red
Thought only of what was in his head
Which turned out to be shots of dread
For his seeds planted in young women's garden bed
Without nary water or breaking bread
Or nary knowing the breaches of his and her homestead
So he rushed down stranger's alley shed
On a runaway, wrongheaded cocky sled
Through her banks, he crashed her spread
Like a raging, raging thoroughbred
Nary was a thought of a rubber glove on his dragonhead
For the buried absence of love was in his heart of lead
There's his wife at home tucking their kids in their bunkbed
While he flirted with the forbidden apple instead
It was this night that lives in infamy for others to read this dread
For the news broke of a married man impregnating a young coed
Accosting such teen to what now proves to be his deathbed
Yet if he unwinds his c(l)ock and placed his chips on black he wouldn't have bled
Petering out the ills in his marriage he would have been freed
Now he shrivels in a shameful battle of what went through his head

Logan Robertson

I came back to read this. What a maze. I see a little lab mice running through the corriders of temptation, going this way or that, looking for that sugar cube. I see it racing, like its addicted. Then I look back at this poem and see a correlation.
Logan Robertson Nov 2018
Is that you my little tigress
I see you
So covert
In oranges shaded in black
Peeking through the blades of grass
Your eyes darting at my movement
We're both in this jungle
Called life
On this last visit
You tiptoe closer
Your eye candy melting
Vitamin C runs amok
My heart beats past your orchard
I see your teeth
Whiter than the piano keys
Lined hungrily
Sharper to take me to mill
But it's that tounge
Carrying a war of words
From your  tundra you bring lightning
My feline is hurt
Am I to prey
You let out a roar
Forsaken are the trees
The ground bellies up
In sync
Your words  
Carrying me lower in debt
Change will be  sparse
My pockets empty
Of heart
My eyes, like the mist
And wander away from you
We cried that night
The moon and stars having a front seat
The ushers of fate not to be
A buzz
With Cupid arrows
In the feet

Logan Robertson

Your writer loves to use play on words, homophones. For example mill-meal, thundra-thunder, feline-feeling, prey-pray, foresaken-shaken, debt-depth, sync-sink, like the mist-dismiss, not to be (a bee) a buzz, Cupid arrows in the feet-in defeat. I do remember that night. We both worked at a small hotel. It was the last face to face. It rained. It stormed. I sought better weather. When I look back, and my heart still thinks of her, maybe my thinking was clouded.
Logan Robertson Nov 2018
In a shoe box he sits
Quietly watching the darkness
Sitting forlorned
He's a sneaker
A loafer
Tied in laces
And hidden in shine
As his eyelets sag
With hopes the light peeks in
An envelope
Finding his leather
If only he could feel a touch
A foot
A women's toes that wiggle
On those cold and lonely nights
Where inhabitation brings comfort
If only
His shoes
It could be fitted and fulfilled
Tailored and shined
And not be a beaten path
With wishful thinking
Of a women's toes that wiggle
For now though
A shoe horn would be the panacea
His hope
From being shelved
In a shoebox he sits
Looking at the darkness
At the four walls corrugated
In lost time
Of walking

Logan Robertson

For some, life isn't roses. Red blossoms on sunny days. And others, him, sit watching the barren trees of the fall. In their obscurity they are torn.
Brenda Mukisa Nov 2018
what comes to your mind every time you think about tomorrow
is it some distant place you want to see
or some place you don't care about because apart of you knows what tomorrow will be like*.
reminder of loving him over and over knowing he cant love you back
another day
another sad reminder.

you do not want to love him
you have tried for so long to move on from the night mare
its killing you on the inside
but you are stuck

this is not a poem
this is a reminder
of how many times I have failed to not love
when all I want to do is stop loving

this is a sad note
from an empty soul with too much misplaced love
a note from someone who should stop but for some reason continues
a deadly cause that is eating my happiness
that is draining me slowly

I just want to stop
Please help me stop.
Let’s go to a place
Where we can hear the sharp ticking of the clock
Where we all know what’s happening
But no one wants to talk
As we stare at each other silently
Knowing what’s about to come
Until finally
Those words spill out of your mouth
‘I have something to tell you’
Strange, how can two sentences
Be so same yet so different
Once filled with sweet promises
Now all it contains are bitter endings
For we all know the time for us to say goodbye is long overdue
Fighting without any reason
Shouting cause no one wants to listen
The laughter has now turn to
We both know we’re driving without a license
And the car’s about to crash
But still we sit side by side
Holding on to hope that it’s not goodbye
Even that tiny hope has died
Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye but it's even worse to hold on. I know that it hurts and  no matter what has happened, you just keep hoping and thinking about 'what if?' However, we must look forward and keep on going. The pain and heart ache are not forever but the memories are. So to all the people who have just gone through a breakup, I sincerely hope this will help you feel better and know that you can relate.
©2018 AlessiaKoh All rights reserved.
written by Alessia on 17/9/18
Melili Jun 2018
One day,
I'll leave the world
and never, ever
come back.

You won't hear
my annoying voice
or laugh ever again.
Neither see my smile.

You will miss me
when everyone will leave you
and you are all alone.

Tears might fall out from
your beautiful eyes.
Drop by drop.
Drop of tears
falling from your face.
Tear by tears.

Everything will end
right there.
I will be gone.
No one can fix it.
I always think "May I die?". And my head answer "No". I want to die by all the pain I have right now. My Head thinking of you and my heart telling "Talk to him, get him back". I said to myself it all lost now.
Melili May 2018
Would you cry if I wasn't here anymore?
I always was waiting for you to come
and tell me that you love me.
But I think,
I waited to long for you
and now I am dead inside.
Man, I can't wait anymore my heart is breaking. I don;t thing I can;t take this any longer.
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