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Mercy May 12
I'm fine on my own,
I was fine on my own,
Won't stop doing so either way,
I'm halfway done almost a masterpiece,
Only if I give it my full attention to heal.

The breaking part is getting old,
I hate guessing, and been
Enlightened that con**-men give,
By earning trust, time and chance
But am on a timeline
Where it's better for nothing to be happening,
Than a download pending update

My patience I ran out
The day I realized I give
More than they deserve,
It's not why give that's eating me up,
But why consistently give when it's not something
That graces my lips to curve upwards as it crosses my mind.

If all you asking is for me to give,
Then I'll give you my regards
Sending you off to the next
Patient who has enough patience
To give you the chance to
Pull yourself together,
Time to prove your worth,
And enough time to earn each other's trust.

Am an ocean, I give beauty
And breath taking sceneries,
Smile to the sun whenever it
Smothers me with it's warmth,
Gracing me with it's glee
Brightening my core with its shine.
I give myself by embracing
My shores to it's least,
Closing-in to it's depth and surfacing my weak emotions with no weight.
That's how am built
As far as I have water and the void to fill,
Flowing will be me in waves
Through tides and against rocks.
I As the ocean accommodates the dead too
And live with it until someone
Picks out the rote in me.
As long as I have an inlet and an outlet
Expect me to give fresh water.
Remember a pin dropped in an ocean doesn't move waves.
I hate guessing and being in cycles. Overthinking dropped me in a depressions once and am not going back to that hellhole so God help me
TG Dec 2020
Only god can validate me,
Only god knows what I am going through,
Only god knows how bad it hurts,
Only god knows what i´ve been dealing with,
Only god knows what my weaknesses are,
And he is the only one who´ll keep me going
No one else matters,
Believe in god, trust in god, trust in the person who can heal and who heals. No one else will give u as much security as the power of god. He knows what ur needs are and he will protect you from going downhill. I know that I can count on god and do not have to worry about things that are out of my control. He is there with me and he will protect me, theres no need to be scared or to be anxious. I´ll hand my worries to god, because he has my back<3

Sweet people, keep your faith, believe in yourself, believe in god and the universe and you will find peace and happiness<3
Gabriela Cintron Jun 2020
You forgot who you are
You forgot what sets you apart
You forgot what makes you special
You forgot what you've been through
You forgot what prepared you for now
You forgot your victory over pain
You forgot you are chosen
You forgot you are set apart

You traded it for the pain of the world
The standards of the world
The pain of the world
The darkness of the world
The vices of the world
The pleasure of the world

And it made you forget

How amazing you are
How everytime you fall you get up
How determined you are to love
How excited you are to change
How beautiful your soul is
How you exhude life
How you came to do great things
How you are set apart

Self deceit is the worse kind of addiction...
Be as true to yourself as possible

...Break free
If you can’t truthfully analyze your self then how do you get better?
forestfaith Jul 2018
as if in(              )different stages, i act.
my costumes ready.
it sat quietly by the curtains.
i changed quickly.
from costume to costume.
i dont really know which one is real.
could have won an Oscar, for best acting and film,
directing the film-------co-directing the film.
i wasn't meant to be the one handling my (         )stages.
I wasn't meant to have so many.
i continue changing, stopping to realise i lost something, half between stage to stage i delay.
i felt it coming.
my feelings reaching out.
telling me real in this next act.
be real yall. I literally have different personas at any particular environment and that, to me, isnt really com had some problems, some is in italics i dont know why haha anyways, God bless yall. (fill in the blanks yall haha)
Erin Fitz Jun 2018
everything you said, I pray that you mean it
the skeptical approach makes me struggle to believe it
so spare me the details, don't feed me the lies
it was you I fell for, by surprise
when you don't want to get attached

— The End —