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Serena Mar 2021
You know when you feel alone
You always feeling down
Figuring how to change that frown
Putting a smile on that face
Knowing its fake
When others are happy about their self
You feel like you wanna drown
Days pass with a smile
You know your not the smile you are the pass
Pass your emotions by like its some trash
Self-esteem is low, feeling like things are going slow
Not even knowing how to feel happy
Happy is just a word to me
Looking in that mirror, thinking you got some figure
You know your lying when you somehow end up crying
No, it's not because I'm emotional many people think
People see me as pretty, but am I really
I share my advice, to be nice
I help people, that's who I am
It's funny because using my advice is the last thing I try to do
You gotta know how to love you!
Love yourself and all your flaws!
TG Feb 2021
I´d rather die alone, than settle for less...
If there is something that I learned these couple of years, is to see my worth. All these years I´d go for less, and accept to be treated badly, but why. I don´t deserve that, nobody deserves to be treated badly.
Marcus Belcher Nov 2020
I feel an energy
I need the synergy
I want the remedy
I heard the melody

Soul vibin
Cold riding
For my people
I can't have an equal

The pressure on my shoulders
Helps me lift boulders
All apart of the plan
Makes me a better man

I use the light to break the curse
Heaven's water quench the thirst
Digging in my mental purse
Searching for my own worth
This is for my nephew who is going through a lot right now. I see you and I'm hear for you.  More so than I ever been
Yashashvi Sep 2020
one can recognise souls not faces
the souls shining brightly diligently
beauty is not of eyes ; not of lips
the beauty in the soul of hearts
but lately it's fearsome
the soul which is meant to be
began to "cover to cover"
under the smile of face put on
from the society it can't run away
forgetting to be itself unique
and never knew,
when did the five magic words
became routine.
the five magic words
Raven Blue Jul 2020
Be a light that shines bright;
Be a mighty knight.
Be strong and fight;
And be a person that brings the world with delight.
Kevin Robert Mar 2020
So I Said To Him!
Laugh! Smile! And Hide Your Tears
Cause No Man Will Understand You For Years
Being Called A "Cry Baby" Is What He Fears
'Don't cry like a Girl!' Is All He Hears

I asked him why do you Cry?
He answered," I wanna be understood by every passserby"
I know what you thinking, 'His Expectations are Too High'
I told him, The only one who will ever understand you is Sitting up In The Sky.
All your Expectations Shall One Day Die

Are you wondering who is this guy?
If I said it isn't me It would be a Lie....
I’m sorry boo,
maybe I’m too much for you.

my mind keeps thinking too much
and you’re afraid of my touch

I’m too heavy, too intense
or maybe you’re too weak, no offense

I’m too smart, too elegant
don’t want to sound arrogant

I’m too emotional, too loud
and hell yes, I’m ******* proud

too this, too that
I don’t want to chitchat

so I’m sorry boo,
but maybe I’m just too much for you.

- gio, 22.03.2020
Why do you continue to justify their behavior?
You think someone who calls you stupid, is a potential savior?
He put up a front in the beginning.  
He made you believe that life with him, is winning.  
Now where do you find your heart?
In a bigger ditch than it was from the start.  
So stop and ask yourself one thing,
Are the lies, deciet and broken promises worth the pain?
I dont understand what the universe is trying to teach me here.
cfw Jul 2019
Please stop this hurting,
and this confusion.
Can't you see I'm breaking?
Are you really just an illusion?

This isn't a decision.
I'm being shoved,
making me lose vision
and questioning "am i really loved"?

I want to stay for my beloved,
but I need room.
Why won't you let me feel loved?
I just want to bloom.

Please won't you let me?
Please just set me free.
my fight..
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