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Why do you continue to justify their behavior?
You think someone who calls you stupid, is a potential savior?
He put up a front in the beginning.  
He made you believe that life with him, is winning.  
Now where do you find your heart?
In a bigger ditch than it was from the start.  
So stop and ask yourself one thing,
Are the lies, deciet and broken promises worth the pain?
I dont understand what the universe is trying to teach me here.
cfw Jul 2019
Please stop this hurting,
and this confusion.
Can't you see I'm breaking?
Are you really just an illusion?

This isn't a decision.
I'm being shoved,
making me lose vision
and questioning "am i really loved"?

I want to stay for my beloved,
but I need room.
Why won't you let me feel loved?
I just want to bloom.

Please won't you let me?
Please just set me free.
my fight..
I realized that
No matter how much you want someone
Or how hard you try to make it work
No matter how perfect you are
Or how beautiful
If it’s not you it’s not you

Don’t wait around hoping
waiting for scraps
You’ll only get hurt
You’re trying to be perfect,
giving it your all
your best
while you get nothing in return
Worse part is they make it seem like you want too much
Like you are too much
The next person will treat you better
Don’t be bitter he/she did you no wrong
It just wasn’t you
It was never you.

Hardest part of it is moving on
But you have to
Don’t be surprised
They’ll act better with the next person
They’ll be different
It’s not you
It was never you
It’s difficult to be in a one sided relationship, your heart will break over and over again till it’s out of shape... my advice : if you’ve tried your best, given it your all and all you get is pain, move on, choose yourself, you are perfect, you are everything, you are amazing... someone else will cherish you, will appreciate you, will know your worth and would never want to loose you. You are not the problem! You probably needed to hear this... be strong
Brandon Jan 2019
Set I
My closet is full of obscure sorrows
How do you give CPR to a heart that's hollow?
I wish I had the desire to care less about things
This inception came from people cutting my heartstrings
This monkey on my back won't loosen my grip on life
Its claws gnaw into my back like a corkscrew knife
I've made too many fumbles near the end zone
I doubt the success in my life with emotions I must condone
Once upon a time, I played life loosely
I cut off my ears and was deaf to the wise
Life's tsunami washed me away from paradise
Cutting off core friends sunk my heart acutely
I treated my life as a volleyball game
Kept everything weighing me down in the air
The risks, the lessons, bounced freely in the hands of others
It was only a matter of time before I was betrayed by my brothers
Before I blamed my failures on everyone else
Without examining my dysfunctional intellect myself
I tried to rely on others; I was left in the ocean to wallow
Learning from my actions I pieced together a fragment of sorrows
"the desire to care less about things—to loosen your grip on your life, to stop glancing behind you every few steps, afraid that someone will ****** it from you before you reach the end zone—rather to hold your life loosely and playfully, like a volleyball, keeping it in the air, with only quick fleeting interventions, ..."
Ameed Jan 2019
Hold your shattered pieces together,
Don’t let them go.
Don’t leave your mistakes behind; never forget them for they were there for a reason.
You must rise after every fall, just like a phoenix.
Dust yourself from the sadness and misery you put yourself in,
The fiery flames in your eyes should never dim despite the endless salty floods that strike them.
The confident smile you form should never relax or vanish.
You are strong; you will persist.
You are noticed; you shall resist.
Leave the ashes of the past behind; learn the lesson and just move on …
© 2019 Ameed Shehayeb All Rights Reserved
MissingKid Nov 2018
for the most of the time
yes, i often break down
in the middle of the night
when sleep invades me
and the past engulfs me
my heart torn in peices
by the burden of memories
but again, in the morning
the tears have all dried
and i clear up all the wreck
to become strong by daylight.
my advice is that it is okay to cry after a horrible breakup, but please be strong after it
Nitin Bisht Nov 2018
Thanks for telling me i am not perfect,
well noone is.
Thanks for making me cry,
well the sky does it too.
Thanks for the cherishing reveries in the past,
well i am slaked now
Thanks for leaving me without batting an eye,
well i was incognizant

Thanks for making me smile endlessly
even if you are the reason for my current misery
Nina Oct 2018
Whenever you feel like giving up,
Stop what you're doing and think.
Think carefully and look for a reason.
A reason to move forward
To keep on going

It's not the end
If you look hard enough,
You'll find the reason and will to stay.
Even if it's for a short while,
It's still a reason
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