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Raven Feels Jan 31
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, I'm well aware that nothing makes sense, including this poem :>

content is not something we give consent
you hold your pen yet the ink spills as it pleads
you are a walker of blood yet it sheds out when cut & bent
you have a brain yet the tongue blurts out the feels

content is not something we color
just an acceptance of the past
just a canvas you get to paint with limit bother
good for a day then a memory till it lasts

the kiss of a palm forehead & cheek
drafts in my head just to render a sleep
some greed never fed or a satisfaction to meet
yellow till it goes mustard & a shade deep

the saving of a night that would save the day
it's like it's gold but your swallowing the sand?
the desperation for a treasure at some bay
how would I even find content when out of the hand?

                                                         ­                         --------ravenfeeels
How could you pick me up
And put me together
Using your own hands
Without a single doubt

Only to push me back down
And break me apart
Using your own feet
Without a second glance

I shouldve known
After all,
Nothing good lasts forever
TG Aug 2020
Oh dear heart,
Tell me why do you get excited,
When nothing lasts,
Why do u want me to let anything in,
If it´ll only cause me hurt,
Why do you cheer for someone,
If you know there´ll be an end
It´s lovely when the heart craves something,
But terrible when that doesn´t last
underestimated Sep 2019
I want you to be
My last dance
My last kiss
My last chance
My last wish
My last love
My last laugh
My last hug
My last half
My last start
My last end
My last heart
My last mend
My last day
My last night
My last way
My last right
My last
Be my last forever and ever...
kevin Jul 2019
She is the best thing
My mind can see
Long amethyst waves
An unscarred wrist
Talking sometimes
I can hear her voice
In silent letters
Through the phone
And now what she is
Is a beautiful presence
A lovely evanescence
That sleeps with me
And guides my dreams
From miles away
With her blender fish tank
Someday I fear
All that she will be
Is a ghost of a dream
Forever lost to me
I've had two dreams about her now.
Jean Nov 2018
And she is spiraling
faster and faster
and the longer it lasts
the more she knows she’s falling down
and the less she can do to stop it-
-the less I can do to stop it.
Composed 11.2.18
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2017
Nothing ever lasts forever
the new height, the length greater
the chances all the slimmer
Winning is worse than ever
The very pressure all time higher
it is easier to fall over
but to forget and do what to be done
and fall down now than later
seems better.
tobi Oct 2017
nothing lasts forever, good or bad, so take in all the good, and don't sweat the bad
Another Poet Sep 2017
Our connection was intense
Our kiss was toxic but sweet
The colour of your eyes was like autumn
I was so keen
I was all in

Our bond was strong
Filled with pure alcohol
And when I got sober
I saw clearly the end
You pointed it out for me

I followed your arrow
I followed your footsteps
And you led me to the exit
Now I need a compass
To get the hell out of your soul

Nothing lasts forever, doesn't?
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