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This life is our present challenge,
We should learn something new,
Until the last breath, we take,
Always keep moving, our muscles, and joints,
Or they will become as stiff as boards on a crate,
While keeping our mind active, tinkering with something,
Or a new project to create,
Not sitting every day in the same spot,
As if we are wearing a body cast
We are not living today, if our stories,
Are about, the past,
No active daily plans for the future, no way,
How long will the human mind, and body last,
Look for signs of boredom, that mold your life until you pass,
If you talk about the weather, more than one time a day,
If the only thing you’re worried about coming,
Is the mail every day, or if, remember,
Is the first word, of every sentence that you say.

                                          The Original: Tom Maxwell © 3/13/2022 AD
                                                                           4:20 pm
Rick Warr Sep 2021
sure we are
collectively killing
the natural environment
and obsession with
economic growth
is in the hands
of those empowered
by money


my choice is to
be who is better
speak of good things
do that which is better
grow things and thoughts
that go to a better place
that manifest my ideal
that nurture and heal
without an apology
for sounding pollyanna
reality acknowledgement
with actions that speak
to a sorry establishment
undaunted and undeterred
never a sorry word
choosing active hope
never giving up
extolling the beauty
making merry
dancing with nature
celebrating sun shine
loving the loveable
singing songs of praise
to things that amaze
create the magic
that belief in the better
is the only soulful option

in a world of misery and splendour
absurdity is king
but love and hope
is my chosen thing
current thoughts
Andrew Rueter Apr 2021
The next movie you watch
consume it explicitly
thinking conceptually
consider what the writer is trying to convey
asking yourself
why is this story being told?

The answer lies in your own personal interpretation
considering the different aspects
like subject matter, plot, and aesthetic amongst others
along with more specific elements
like themes, humor, and symbolism
and how those relate you to
the world around you
that uses those to relate to you.
Man Mar 2021
olive green
tight fitting garbs
drab and mean
old men who jaw
we're a caravan
of death
we march to a beat
of bullets let
i'm running far first chance i get

christ, i'm in the army now
TG Jul 2020

Focus on what you can control,
Focus on your motives,
Focus on what you want,
Focus on who you want to be,
Focus on your passion,
Focus on your capabilities,
Focus on your qualities,
Life is too short to be sad,
Life it too short to cry,
Life is too short to worry,
Life is too short to overthink,
Focus on your lifelong possibilities
دema flutter Oct 2019
this heart of mine
grows simultaneously
weaker and stronger,
you see,
every time I try to
explain myself,
it flourishes,
but when
my voice is taken
for granted,
it withers away.
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