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Brianna Aug 2014
I want to be your sunset eyes, those blue skies, you're perfect starry night.
I want to be the shore kissed by the sea, I want to have everything causally, I want you and me.
I want to be the waves when they dance alone, the midnight tone, I want to be your back bone.
I want to be your perfect scent, your missed rent, those days you feel you need to repent.
I want you to listen to these cheesy rhymes, feeding me these sweet lines, be together all the time.
I want to be your dark brown hair, the place back when we didn't care, the memories only we share.

I want you in all the ways I can say.
I'll want you forever and always each and every day.
Alyssa Sunico Apr 2013
It was nothing like the movies
No cheesy pick up line
No accidental touch of hands
Not even and intense gazing.

Yet no movie or book can describe it
The moment when you notice things;
First, the tone of his voice
Second, the nonsensical gestures he makes.

These may be stupid and odd
But in that moment when “two” friends seriously talk
And suddenly look into each other’s eyes
Will you realize that shoot! You like him.
Marisa Hope Apr 2014
Throw rocks at my window,
Hold the boom box up high.
Send me on scavenger hunts,
Make me search far and wide.
Let me be your favorite song,
A tune you can never get out of your head.
Recall your fondest memories,
Those of when we first met.
Take me out to ball games,
Introduce me to all your friends.
I want to be your now and forever,
I want the cheesy moments to last a lifetime.
Take me in now and never look back,
We can have a life we create out of whack.
I know you love cheesy love songs
So here’s one for you my dear
You know who you are
So there’s no need to fear
How do you like it so far?

Cause girl you’re the reason that the sun shines
And why the flowers come out in spring
I don’t mind if you’re mine
But you’re the reason that I sing

Cause the first time I saw you
I knew it was love at first sight
Come on I know you feel it too
So move closer I won’t bite

You know you’ll always be my Hallmark Girl
And I’ll write you a proper song someday
I promise…
Only because you told me not to. :)
Hallmark Girl: http: //
Loxodes Dec 2015
You are like the rarest of metals,
found on Mars.
Bright green and deep purple
Like the most beautiful stars.
The boring affairs on planet Earth,
Left far behind.
Always moving our perception,
changing our states of mind.
Like all lovers,
we pretend the galaxy moves around us.
I'm Homerus and you be my Venus.
Loving you makes inspiration easy,
Maybe thats why i had to write something cheesy.
Rj Feb 2015
I hate to be cheesy or cliche
D Conors Jun 2010
Rise & shine,
I'm online...kisses good morning look so fine!

(Loving you is grand it seems,
I love you more than cheesy
D. Conors
c. 23 June 2010
Nina Feb 2015
Just because he says sweet things to you,
doesnt mean you should let your guard down,
always protect your heart.
'too bad i fall into cheesy words
and youre too good at it baby'.
Rosie Wisniewski Nov 2011
This is one of those cheesy things
One of those things about love that people can’t stand
It starts with “I miss you” and ends with “I love you”
In the middle comes “I always knew you were the one”
Later on comes “We’ll be together forever”
And it ends with “I love you”
But, now we are at the start
I miss you
I miss you terribly so
There are times I cannot bear it
There are times I think it’d be easier if I were to end it
Then I think of the next
I always knew you were the one
From day one, it was only you
Through the ups and the downs, lord knows we’ve had them
It has always been you, faithful and true
We’ve been going strong and showing no signs of slowing
We’ll be together forever
That’s it, that’s the next part
Pieces start to come together
Our life begins to form
That’s when the ending ties it all in
I love you, my darling
I always have and I always will
From start to finish and life to death
Forever, my darling
I love you
My Flutter
because a flutter is a group of butterflies
like you give me all the time
I really love your flutter smiles
your flutter eyes, your flutter ears
I've loved you flutter for a couple years
with a fluttery heart and a secret glance
and then we gave our love a chance
to fly, to flutter, and to soar
I want to flutter evermore
yes i know these words are cheesy
but i hope they flutter freely
In your heart and in your mind
as i sneak between your smiles
as i steal my path past grins
i hope that you'll remember them
a simple gift to you from me
I always want to make you happy
The smiles on your face
sweetly fluttering into place
evidence that i make
That butterfly in your chest
flutter quick and race
to your fluttery happy place

Arek Oct 2019
I'm a very cheesy fella
and i love a tasty platter
from stretchy mozzarella
through to cubes of feta

i like them very old
like Camembert and brie
i wait until they turn to mold
to be inside of me

i like them very smelly
crumbly soft or squeaking
at the supermarket deli
my lips already licking

then tasting can begin
with a few red wines
which release my cheesy grin
and cheesy pick up lines
Lily Jul 2018
I started with my dress,
The white one with the black flowery design.
I added my black scarf, draping it
Casually around my head,
Trying to stop my thoughts from drifting
To what I was dressing up for.
I slipped on my sandals and then
Slipped out the door,
Not slamming it because that felt like
An ending.
I didn’t want another ending.
Walking into the church,
The temperature went up 50 degrees,
And my anxiety went up 100.
I shook hands with the extended family,
Hugged your widow,
And comforted your grandchildren.
I made it through the opening liturgy,
Your favorite hymn, and the obituary.
I even stopped my tears from falling
During your granddaughter’s touching eulogy,
When she started sobbing up there on the altar.
Afterwards, I sat through the meal,
Everything tasting like cardboard in
My mouth as the temperature kept increasing.
Near the end of the night,
When the church was clearing out,
I went back to the food,
Craving a final bite of cheesy potato casserole
Before I could finally leave this night behind.
Yet when I get there,
The tray is cleaned out,
And there is no more cheesy potato casserole.
That’s when I finally break down and sob.
I didn’t get that last bite of
Cheesy potato casserole.
Sometimes the simplest things **** you.
Not Patty Nov 2015
It burns so much to think that his hands touched another girls' the way they touched me
I waited for him and he took advantage of me never being able to say no
and I couldn't smell the cinnamon whiskey on his breath because I was already drowning in it
but he could never touch me unless he threw a few back
Sean Schaeffer Sep 2014
Words are Power
Power is Money
Money Is Pizza
Pizza Is God
So give me your words and no one gets hurt

Pizza is all that I believe in
Pizza is me
I am Pizza
And if I take you words
Then I take you power
And I get your money
And with that money I buy pizza

Pizza solves everything
Its fills the hole in my heart
And it fills the holes in my Arteries

Clearly Pizza is God
For Without it
How can we Live?

The mighty cheese Overlords
Watching us from their Oven thrones
Bathing us with the sweet smell
Of pepperoni happiness
All Hail Pizza
All Bow Down to pizza
Curtsy to Pizza
Perform Choreographed dance numbers for Pizza
Kiss the trays that they sit upon

In fact I fail to understand
Why you’re listening to this poem
And not eating Pizza
What is wrong with you?

Have you ever met a person
That hates pizza?
No one hates pizza!

But if they do….
Don’t trust them
Don’t look at them
Don’t think about them
Don’t friend them on Facebook
Run away from this person
Do not trust this Pizza hater
For they do not deserve your love
Or your Pizza
For These cheesy pies of greatness
That comes in rectangular cubes of cardboard
Graciously land upon our doorsteps
And impart to us
The gift of happiness
It brings the whole family together
And makes everyday better

Pizza does not discriminate
No matter what you look like
Or what you like
Pizza will always be the same
Pizza lives on in every country
And in every ones hearts
We should thank our pizza overlords
For the awesomeness that they have brought us

Instead of dropping bombs
We should drop pizza
End all Wars
And solve world hunger!
Instead of having Congress sit there and do nothing
Have them sit there and eat pizza
We should make Papa John our President
And have a large deep crust as a flag
Land of the brave and home of the Pepperoni
Everything would be perfect

I like my pizza
Like I like my people
I don’t care what you look like
What you do
Or what you say
As long as you have
That gooey cheesy heart that makes everyone smile
I will love you forever
And I’m sure you taste delicious

………not that I'm advocating cannibalism
that would be crazy!

But….Imagine all the people tasting like pizza?

Befriending them
Getting to know them
Killing them
With a rolling pin or a frying pan
Sprinkling some cheese on them
Add some cilantro
Bake them in an oven on high at 450 degrees
Leave them in the oven for another ten minutes so they cool down
Sprinkle a little salt on top and some Tapatio
Slice them up and have them for movie night
I mean come on….
Imagine it!

Imagine how **** delicious some people would be!
I wrote this for a slam competition that i recently went to and I absolutley love reading this out loud and performing it.
Anonymous Dec 2014
"If I kissed you right now,
Would that be too cheesy?"

Oh my god yeah,
100% too cheesy...

Doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.

Aishwarya Dec 2011
Trying to find the words to make this sound right.
Trying to purge the burden of guilt by writing this at night.
Telling you how I'm feeling will make me feel a little light.
It's quite cheesy but just bear with me alright?

Remember those nights I wouldn't get any sleep?
Ever wondered what I would think about that was so deep?
Apart from thinking about the regular stuff,
I also think about the special someone who started out as a crush.

There are a few wounds that just aren't healing.
Its the first time I've even felt such a feeling.
Maybe its because I've never know someone this well before.
It's because of you that I've stopped being insecure.

I'm sorry for making promises I wasn't around to keep.
Saying that made me feel better. Tonight I'll get some sleep!
And when you say 'Its okay.' I know its really not.
I'm really sorry for all those times and I love you a lot!
Autumn Oct 2016
The essence of your being is here to stay
as it infuses with my skin and heart and eyes and touch
my skin has been tattooed through your caress
and my heart has been mended by the way your eyes peer into my soul you fill me with love and make me whole

in retrospect i truly thought i knew what love was
but this was all a lie until i had met you
masochistic obsession is all i was familiar with
blinking the past away
i am aware of you and our future and our present
and how i will never let that get away
She Writes May 2018
You asked me why I like you
But I didn’t want to tell
Some of my reasons are cheesy...
But here is why I fell

I love the way your lips curve
When I make you smile
It makes me want to pull you close
And kiss you for awhile

I love the way your eyes twinkle
When you talk about things you love
I truely believe
You are a gift from above

I love that you are compassionate
You have such a big heart
That was the first thing I noticed
Right from the start

I love the way it feels
When you hold me tight
I finally feel safe
Like I could sleep through the night

I love that you don’t judge me
For my less than perfect self
That is more attractive
Than any amount of wealth

There are so many more reasons
But I’ll start with just this few
Maybe someday
I’ll give this poem to you

SS Jan 2015
I want you to love me like the sun loves the sky at sunset. In beautiful hues of lavender and pink.

I want you to love me like the stars light the sky. Bright, everlasting, blinding and unreal.

I want you to love me. Like I love you.
I wish I could write a book
It would be about me and you
It wouldn't be perfect no book is
It will have fights
And arguments
Love scene that will make your heart sing

I wish we were a song
The lyrics would be cheesy
Because the way I feel
About you is so cheesy

I wish we could last forever
Our pages and lyrics grow and grow
If we were a book
We would have a happy ending
If we were a song
We would be that cheesy happy love song

But we aren't a book or a song
So its unwritten
I don't know where it will go
Or how it will end
Im just going to let our story write its self
And hope you feel the same
Erick Dec 2013
I like you, I really like you
You're smexy and wonderful, did I mention beautiful too?

Not a day goes by that I don't think if you
That's why I sleep heavily to let my dreams continue
Because I know that you will always be there

We are so alike in many aspects, but yet so different
This is my only hope of it being real someday

Is it possible that you're my Juliet, but I'm not your Romeo?
If so goodbye cruel world and I should go
Mr Bigglesworth Apr 2013
Man can't live on bread alone
Even magic'd from a stone
Jesus Christ said
"Cheese is nice!"
"Once a day or maybe twice"
"And as we're turning stones to bread
We'll make this water a glass of red"
Who'd of thought he'd be so fickle
The 'naughty boy' he conjured pickle
This did actually happen but it was omitted from the New Testament after Jesus apologised.
Poetic T Mar 2014
You have been with me from the start soft
Hard, never bothered which one you were
When I was young at heart.

I used to pull you my second brain, little soft
Then long and hard,as I grew, you grew with  
Me a friend that never left. Only in the cold I
Wondered where you are.

The years did pass and hair you grew, where
Once I had pulled, now you just went hard.
Embarrassed I was as always hard around
The girls, some laughed while others played
With it spitting at them when excitedly hard.

Age moved on my friend for life still with me
Still getting hard but when I wanted you no
More embarrassment on my face at random hard.

My second brain, getting wasted each day, never
Unclean as cheesy smell I do not want as girls would
Run a far.

We played in the wetness we have come so far letting
The children out in the damp park. My wife screamed
Harder deeper my god your big I love your hardness
Up me and the children were excited out of the umbrella
They went a bit to far.

You have been with me through the soft and the
Hard, got me in trouble, now three children later
I must end your spitting but you can still go hard.

***** your my friend to the end when we had no
One a palm and a video was are night in, then softly
You went as to sleep in my palm, from the beginning
Through the soft and the hard.
Thought I'd have some fun as last few have been darkish poems.
CJ lebron Aug 2015
Do you ever wonder why i call you sunshan?
No, not because it sounds funny
Its because just like the sunshine
You turn a cloudy day wonderful
You dry up all the sadness
You brighten everyone's day
You make people happy
and that's simply with a smile
There's no better name for you
Than sunshan
Her name is similar to sunshan. I won't say her name for privacy reasons
Oxytocin Aug 2015
Shaky breathing
Jelly legs
As I watch you from across the room
Laughter echoing
Your face lighting up like the sun

Oh the way you smile
Makes me go crazy
Eyes crinkling
Dimples showing
Tugging a string in my chest

You stop talking and turn your head
Our eyes meet
I hold my breath
Heart beat quickens
Hands start to get sweaty
You smile
Corners of my mouth start to twitch
I smile back
This is so cheesy and bad. I'm so sorry. I wrote it because this how every crush feels like, I think.
Hana Gabrielle Feb 2013
for your thoughts
for your wishes
for our distance
for your kisses
for clichés
for the comfort
for 365 days
for many more
for silly honesty
for seasons slipping by
a dozen, bright red roses
for a love that keeps us
Michelle Garcia Nov 2014
i used to write about him
in tattered journal pages
and in cheesy poems
but i didn't want to admit it

i didn't want to admit
the fact that he was gone
and writing him into paper
wasn't going to bring back
the person i once knew

i didn't want to admit
that i wasn't in love-
that instead, i was cold and lonely
for endless summer nights
in the pitch black vacuum of my room
when everyone else was sound asleep
and i should've been, too
i guess at that time
i just didn't want to admit
the fact that i was too busy writing
to realize i was just lying to myself

so this is me finally admitting it-
this is my apology letter
for blindly lying to myself,
for believing the miserable lie
that writing about him
would bring us back to life

because so far it hasn't worked
and i'm undeniably sick
of lying to myself
and ignorantly believing it will
Rune amergin Apr 2010
I love the way you make me feel
its as if time stops
it seems so surreal
i cant wait for the night
i can sleep by your side
if all be able to with
your heartbeat against mine.

when you played your guitar
it caught me by suprise
i laughed to myself
and then realized
i have the perfect guy
that all the girls dream of
and getting you
was not even rough

when you get upset
theres no need to apologize
or even analyze
ways you can compromise
just tell me you love me

i was always told
to second guess people
see things from different views
because they are evil
but when it comes to you
i know its unessesary
this dating buisness seemed hard
but now its preliminary
Johnny Huynh Jun 2015
Cheesy carnations
Her delicate dimples dream
She blushed, and said yes.
Ricki T Sep 2018
Does she sit on our bench?
Steal ketchup from your tray as you take her fries?
Does she make your eyes as ***** and moronically wide as they were when they met mine?
Do you play her our song?
Does she lay on your lap and hum along as you strum?
Does she laugh like I do, in the middle of a kiss for no apparent reason, except because she's having fun?
Does she taste like I do?
Like our packs of mints and spearmint gum?
Do you talk to her like you talked to me?
Recite lines from cheesy romantic comedy?
Do you roll around with her behind velvet curtains?
Does she look at you as if she's certain that...

She loves you?

Does she love you?
Do you love her too?
Do you love her like the way I loved you?
Did you love me too?

Did I sit on her bench?
Steal looks from your eyes as you took my fries?
Did you play me her song?
Did I steal her kisses, her laughter, her fun?
Did I taste like her gum?
Steal her cheesy lines?
Roll around with her man behind those curtains?
Did you ever feel as certain that...

You loved me?

Did you love me?

I loved you.

Does she sit on our bench?
I hope to God u never see this.
Gigi Tiji Mar 2015
I'll mind ya like a monsoon you hurricane gale force spirit wind, you!
Seems like you can't see past the eye of your silly storm seems like it's easy breezy bright light night sky lemon cheesy moon.

I'll mind ya like a monsoon of rabid baboons don't steal my life wine it's not mine same light same shimmer. Everything's every color but the one I see.

Oh jeeze oh jeeze
gimme a squeeze
nivek Oct 2014
you are my lightening bolt
the kind that can strike
in the same place
more than once
Higgs Feb 2013
I love you more than Camembert,
I love you more than Brie.
I crumble just like Cheshire,
When you're standing next to me.

I melt like toasted Cheddar,
When I have thoughts of you,
So let's pretend we're Stilton,
And both get really blue.
Sandra Macacua Apr 2019
I will let you drink native coffee
even though i know you only drink milk tea.

I will leave cheesy notes on your desk,
menthol candies in every bag you have,
books in your car so there's always a reason for you to see me.
I will say yes without a doubt if you ask me for a long walk.

I take a moment after reading a book or after watching a movie.
It's crazy but you have to cry with me or just deal with it.

I will love you the exact way I always wanted to be loved.

There will be hundreds of indie songs in your playlist.
More spicy foods to eat.
More hugs than you could
have ever imagined.

My hair tie on your wrist in case i lose one,
the smell of my relief rubs on your shirt,
hijab pins all over your car seat.

I make the best seaweed salad.
You'll be the food tasting king.

I can't drive a car.
But i kinda know how skateboard

I write down everything when i can't handle what's in my head,
and i'm out of words when you are in it.

I will randomly call you in the middle of the night just to say random things.
And you will say,
'I am the luckiest man to have you.'
But i will argue and say,
'No! I am because when you first laid your  eyes on me, i knew then, i found my home.'

And we'll end up meeting at a 24 hour pizza place or a japanese restaurant
nearby and make fun of our cheesiness.
Sierra Scanlan Dec 2014
Have you ever met someone and realize that their hand fits perfectly within yours and their body intertwined with yours gives you the kind of feeling they write cheesy poems about?
Nefelibata Nov 2013
There's a girl that I will never stop loving
She's my past and my future
I  believe that she's an unrealistic dream
I believe that she's my destiny
I earsed all the pages in my book to have clear white ones for her only
An ink won't describe
a soul won't breath
a clock won't tick
when her eyes meet mine
I die I die and I die
when I continuesly kiss the warmth of her lips
I swear that this is beyond description
poor words and letters when it comes to describe  her
She's my endless desire and obsession
Chuck Mar 2013
We can have fun if you lettuce.
Just tossing salad puns.
I'll try not to wilt.
For I'll try dressing these
Puns to your appetite.
If I promise to pepper my puns,
Maybe you won't throw salt.
I should leaf this alone
Because I'm no chef.
I am Caesar of salad puns!
You'd toss tomatoes at me if you could.
Are salad poems rotten yet?
I should compost these puns.
Is this like watching grass grow?
Salad puns can be cheesy.
How much green would you
Pay me to stop regurgitating
Food puns?
If you read this,
I owe you the rest of the meal,
Now that I wet your appetite.
I felt like writing a poem that is just silly. I feel I should apologies if you were expecting one of my serious poems. Sorry..... Dinner's on me. Haha

— The End —