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diaphanous Nov 2019
apostrophes when she smiles
he’d been driving for miles
her smile in his head
like bumps in the road
too many things unsaid
and things spoken he couldn’t decode
but he thought of her instead
and the way her smile glowed
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Him: She looked different, I hadn’t seen her face this bright in a really long time. In that moment she was the moon, the star, a luminous soul that stood before my eyes. She was like confetti, leaving sparkles where she stepped. It wasn’t like the happiness she plastered on her face or the smile that made dimples appear on the ends of her lips. This was different. I could feel the energy. 
Her cheeks swallowed her eyes whole and those hidden teeth behind her lips were exposed. It was just everything about her, how her voice was powerful and high-pitched just like a youngster. The way her pupils dilated and showed all her excitement. The way her soul radiated excitement and joy. It was everything about her, the way she moved, the way she spoke, the way she laughed. Happiness made her feel like she could do anything. Happiness was more than just beautiful on her. It was luminous and powerful.

Her: This happiness felt ineffable. It was more than just a star lighting up in the dark, it was more than the darkness fading away. It wasn’t the happiness that is supposed to be picture perfect or the commercially perfect of having pearly white teeth. It was the one that my soul roar and bursting away from the confinement. It was the happiness that made adrenaline rush through my veins and neurons spark every cell of mine. It was the happiness that made me not care about what others thought, whether I was too much or over-excited. I was happy, I was more than happy after a very long time. It didn’t matter to me. I felt fierce. I felt like a child. I felt everything beautiful and powerful. I didn’t want to lose it to others words or to anything in this world. I was going to protect it, guard it and hold on to it. I was going to shine and radiate.
Z Sep 2018
An imprint on your face and my mind,
Your dimples curved like gentle commas
demanding I pause to trace those lines
Between kisses of every genre
Matt Hews Sep 2016
I remember it like it was yesterday -
The sickly anti-septic smell,
The bright fluorescent-lit room.
The perpetual

Your eyes are closed;
Your face at ease.
But I know,
Under the immaculate facade
Of gentle freckles -
You are in so much pain.

I gently squeeze your hand.

Your eyes open:
A bewitching light-brown.
You smile one of your illuminating smiles -
The kind that would make stars envious.
Your dimples
A perfect compliment to your picturesque features.

Goodbye, my love
                 You whisper.

Your eyes close;
Your face at ease.

I will never forget that icy sound:
The sound of finality.
The undying

You are always in my heart, my Love. I can't wait to meet you on the other side again; where we can hold each other for eternity.
Peter Kiggin Sep 2016
Green dream .

It's all about you little child smiling with glee
It's all about me being bold and playing the drum out loud
Why can't we see why can't we see
We live on the ground and we wear shoes to move us around
We go to places that we've never seen and at night we might dream yes we might dream of where we have been
You know what you've seen
You know where you have been
But in your mind it's not how it seemed in your dream
It's all about you and what did it mean
It's all about me and my eyes are attracted to green attracted to green attracted to green.
Anita Daniel Jun 2016
I was coming from a prayer meeting with my aunt, sister, niece and nephew.
The car stopped waiting for our gate to open up
I looked out of the window
I had to for I heard laughter
As I looked closer I noticed that he has dimples
Beautiful smile I immediately wanted to see more
He was with his friends, but I noticed him only
I decided to go to the shop
That's where they were standing
I just wanted him to greet me nothing more
Little did I know that he was checking me out
I bought credit then turned to head back into our yard
But someone blocked my way
Hahaha Dimples stood right in front of me
He took my hand and shook it
"You have beautiful eyes" he said
From that moment I liked him so much
Him holding me and complimenting me got him my digits
Serendipity is what caused our encounter
Now we are deeply in love with each other
Nothing can ever break us
I swear everytime I think of that day it feels as though I'm reading a scene from one of my favorite Novels
I didn't know where we would end, but now I do
Alaska Feb 2016
I'm in love with
the most
handsomest man
with the most
breathtaking smile
and the cutest
Not to mention the
most mysterious
brown  eyes.
But wait there's a
He's not in love
with me...
TiReSooOmEe3 Sep 2015
Are simple
If watched
By red freckled ******'s.
sweet ridicule Aug 2015
kiss me with mango sherbet
in your mouth and sticky
orange tinted lips
these car tires are growing old
but I am young with three
dimples on my face
callouses on my fingertips
of my left hand
stop with the
'you're scared'
in which century does
refusal amount to fear
liberation by the pen drawings
on my hand consumes me
individuality is not dead I
am here
with fiery intent occasionally lost in
a girly figure with a small
waist and awkward ankles
don't dance alone dance a soliloquy
like the bruise on my neck

(labors of love are not
merely towards humans)
good night
Oxytocin Aug 2015
Shaky breathing
Jelly legs
As I watch you from across the room
Laughter echoing
Your face lighting up like the sun

Oh the way you smile
Makes me go crazy
Eyes crinkling
Dimples showing
Tugging a string in my chest

You stop talking and turn your head
Our eyes meet
I hold my breath
Heart beat quickens
Hands start to get sweaty
You smile
Corners of my mouth start to twitch
I smile back
This is so cheesy and bad. I'm so sorry. I wrote it because this how every crush feels like, I think.
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