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I feel like I'm drowning
Sinking to the bottom
Of the ocean
To heavy to stay a float
Screaming for help
My words drowning me
Panic shoots through my body
As I realize no one can save me
I'm fighting to stay a float
Tiring myself out
I'm dying faster
The more I struggle to stay alive
I'm killing myself trying to save myself
When we met I didn't know you were hiding behind a disguise
There was something dark deep inside
When I met the real you there was no turning back
I was in love with your disguise
The pain
Still lingers
It bubbles up inside
And out my eyes
Pouring down my cheeks
Aching the empty space in my chest
The left over memories
Overwhelming my mind
And takes my breath
I never got addicted to the drugs
Every time I snorted it
And felt the burn
the foggiest that over took my mind
It wasn't the drugs
It was the boy that introduced me
That was my addiction
My downward spiral
That's where I lost myself
In his arms
I craved his lips
Not his pills
I wanted his love
Not his drugs
I'm crumbling
Underneath all this pain
Like a historical building
After a hurricane
The devastation so dramatic
It's hard to rebuild
What you destroyed
Your words hit me
Like 150 miles per hour wind
Salty tears like ocean water
Taking over everything
Your hatred drowns me
My life completely changed
You destroyed something beautiful
In the matter of minutes
If I were a little white pill
You'd search for me
If I were something you could snort
You'd pay attention to me
If I were a drug dealer
You'd never leave me alone
If my lips were a crack pipe
Your lips would always crave me
But I'm not any of those things
I'm just a girl that loved you
And that wasn't enough for you
I Stopped loving you today
I Replayed all the memories
Confronted all the pain
With rain falling down
I let you go
And Found the parts
I had lost while loving you
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