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Joseph Loggi Oct 2018
I wish I had a lazy tongue
That would fault
And make it difficult
to blurt out my thoughts
And all my contradictions
In a hopeless posed way
like how leaves flutter
away and drift
Without a curious glance
or murmur.
Marcus Dave Jul 2017
Okay maybe I overreacted
I get that way when I feel isolated
Being out in the world all alone
Like before everyone had a phone
I didn't really mean what I said
I just get that way when I feel emotionally dead
I was feeling like no one understood me
It was breaking my heart internally
So naturally I lashed out at them with frustration
But now I know that was an overreaction.
So Josh(DaddyKiller), Holly and I made up and we're back to being friends. I was just having a whirlwind of mood swings in one setting.
I know you love cheesy love songs
So here’s one for you my dear
You know who you are
So there’s no need to fear
How do you like it so far?

Cause girl you’re the reason that the sun shines
And why the flowers come out in spring
I don’t mind if you’re mine
But you’re the reason that I sing

Cause the first time I saw you
I knew it was love at first sight
Come on I know you feel it too
So move closer I won’t bite

You know you’ll always be my Hallmark Girl
And I’ll write you a proper song someday
I promise…
Only because you told me not to. :)
Hallmark Girl: http: //

— The End —