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CJ lebron Oct 2015
I can move on
But I'll always compare the to you
No one will ever measure up
No one will be as good as you
CJ lebron Sep 2015
I know you see me hurting
Wanting you so badly
I want to be what you need
I wish I wasn't the only one
Who felt this way
I wish I wasn't the only one in love
CJ lebron Sep 2015
I could lay here with you forever
Kissing you like it's the last kiss I'll get
Holding you like you aren't coming back
Looking at you like you're the last thing I'll see
Smelling you like its then last time I'll breathe
CJ lebron Sep 2015
Why is it that every time
I picture myself happy
It's with no one else but you
CJ lebron Sep 2015
In all our time together
You’ve come to mean so much to me
You are my best friend
And I'll always be glad I met you
I know I can be a pain sometimes
Just know that I mean well
I'd probably be a mess
If i hadn't met you
as much as I've helped you
You've helped me too
So I'll repay you by letting you
Know how great you are
And know that I mean every word
The world is full of many people
But there is only one of you,
One perfect amazing beautiful you
CJ lebron Sep 2015
And here I wait
To find my whoever
Wherever she maybe
CJ lebron Sep 2015
Some people enjoy sleeping alone
I would rather sleep with someone
I don't care if it's hot or cold
I would hold them close
Feeling their warmth and their breathing
With a smell that leaves you wanting more
Getting to touch their soft skin
Knowing you're safe with that person
Knowing that person is yours
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