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The Vault Sep 2019
Do you see this?
The words I write online
Mixing and clashing in beautiful colors
A story for eyes who want to indulge

Do you see this?
Do you feel the emotions mix as I send them out.
Does it paint a picture in your mind
Bright colors of read and deep indigo

Do you?
Cause I hope you do.
Masha Yurkevich Mar 2019
You always
warm me up with your
sunny ways
and brighten all my
cloudy days!
Amanda Feb 2019
You make every bad day better
Every good day becomes the best
My whole perspective changes the instant
I lay my head on your chest
You know just how to make me smile
And laugh even through tears
I can only hope you'll remain by my side
As we grow throughout the years
I hope I bring you as much joy
As you bring me on my darkest days
I love you and I hope you know how much you mean to me
You brighten my world in a million different ways
Find someone who keeps you together when you are falling apart inside
Masha Yurkevich Jan 2019
Let me be forgiving
if someone is unkind.
Let me forgive them
and not keep it in my mind.
Let me smile to them
and send the anger right away.
For angry thoughts can darken
the brightest of the day.
Asante' Nov 2018
Somewhere there are stars
Even when they're out of sight.
They are shining in the Heavens
Making radiating light.
So even when it's cloudy
Or the world is feeling grey,
Remember somewhere there are stars
That can brighten up your day.
Poetic T Jun 2018
I never see myself as perfect,
           but perfection in my eyes,
           are the smaller footsteps
           that cling to my larger strides.

I'll never see myself as a shadow,
       as my children will always brighten
       the areas that seem dull. They are a beacon
       of resilience, always brightening my days.
lia jay May 2018
we speak them,
but do we always mean,
what we speak?

they can brighten,
but, they darken as well.

they are complicated.
is it easier just to not,
speak at all?

Mary-Eliz Apr 2018
if not to
make you pause
to catch your breath
or sigh

if not to
bring deep pleasure
a vivid scene
of sea or sky

if not to
open doors
your heart has never gone

if not to
to bring the colors
that brighten every dawn

if not to
flirt with music
on the dancing floor

if not all
this and more
what's a "meta-phor"?
Playing with words again.
Amanda Mar 2018
You brighten the dark days
With an enduring light
Keeping me aglow with love
Even in the blackest night
Another text sent to my boyfriend while he was at work. Even when life is bleak and looking dark he finds a way to shine through the difficulties like a ray of sunshine.  He is usually the only thing that keeps me going.
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