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tryhard Sep 2022
No other thing in this uncertain world
Tastes sweeter and surer
Than your name on my lips

A grace, undeserved
Bestowed upon me
For all the times you've held me

And I do not know what I did
In this life, or another
To be blessed by the heavens

Unsure if I was chosen somehow
Or by some stroke of luck
Came out from misfortunes

Given the sweetest grace
I am still somehow in doubt
If I am worthy

But deemed so by your touch
Igniting everything in me
And I am alive, living finally

Maybe it is true
That mercy changes you
Because now I have been renewed

And if this is a mistake
Against the world and all of nature
Then it is one I am willing to make

You have been named after fate
But in my mind
I call you sweeter things

You say that you cannot see it
And maybe so, maybe it is me
Because lately I have been realizing

I am the one who is lucky
Written for someone very close to my heart 🤗 I'm lucky you were born today 💝

*also alternatively titled, "The Lucky One"
Josephine Wilea Jun 2018
The way she smiles as she walks,
The way she jokes when she talks.
The serious expression her face takes on,
The way her eyes are never drawn.
The feeling when she hugs me to her chest,
And all my problems go to rest.
The nickname that she gave to me,
Always spoken so playfully.
The slight wrinkles on her forehead,
From life's problems that she was too early exposed.
This is the girl that I love,
A fighter,
A survivor,
A warrior.
Though we will never be together,
My love for her will never falter.
Jenny Ochoa Mar 2020
L  LovelySmilez he nick named her because

O* On her darkest days her smile shinned

V Very bright  like sunshine ray's

E Even though she doubted her own natural beauty

L Laughing with her you'd realize

Y You'd fall for that naturally smiling cutie

S She with held the perfect smile you know the type that

M Made you smile thru your pain and her smile

I Incredibly would stay imbedded in your brain

L Little did she know that the impact of her smile and

E Even her unique energy she gives out will

Z Zap you from hundreds of miles
Survived Jan 2019
She nicknamed me "Home"
I asked her why she chose it for me
but she never answered;
nor did I push.

Years passed and things worsened
She left me alone to feel all pain.
I thought she would return to her home;
but may be, she was in search of a new home.

The name troubled me again.
The voice inside me questioned
"Why is she not coming back
when she called you her home?"

My mind hated her for getting away,
And tried hard to forget her in every way.
While my heart had the mind of its own;
It knew she would come to me very soon.

And then, my eyes found her
Her old laughter rang in my ear,
the same old smile made my heart flutter
But this time, she smiled for a stranger.
I realized that I was the home
which she lounged around in, when she felt low.
A shoulder to cry on, that's all I was.

I was her old home,
But it still gave me hope.
One day, may be, she will be back
Wanting again to be in that old home
MacKenzie Warren Jul 2018
i called him sweet
for nectar dripped from his lips
and a pink tint stained his cheeks
looking away at every compliment made
he always knew what to say
dipping every word in honey
he was sweet
he had a sugar coated smile
but the aftertaste was not worth one's while
Thomas EG Sep 2015
And after all you've gone through
To obtain respect from your roots
You must tell your younger branches
That this is just the way it is...

You have to mislead the youth
And continue to hide the truth
For you cannot blossom just yet
You need to wait for the sun to set

Now now, empty your watering can
Do not nourish the flowers' minds
Thoughts of drowning scare the man
So you should let them droop behind

And when they ask you why
The tree's vocal chords have changed
You will lie to their green eyes
And say *"it is only a nickname."
(Family tree)
CJ lebron Aug 2015
Do you ever wonder why i call you sunshan?
No, not because it sounds funny
Its because just like the sunshine
You turn a cloudy day wonderful
You dry up all the sadness
You brighten everyone's day
You make people happy
and that's simply with a smile
There's no better name for you
Than sunshan
Her name is similar to sunshan. I won't say her name for privacy reasons
PS Sep 2014
Baby call me baby
When and if you want to tell me
You want me and want me to know
If I know about the way you hope
And I hope you know that I know that you want me and want me to know you can tell me when and if you want to...
Baby call me
I don't know but it's twisty.
Alyanne Cooper Jun 2014
My nickname for you was "broccoli".
I called you that because
Your hair is so curly
That one of our classmates
Tried to describe it and could only
Come up with "broccoli"
And somehow that name stuck in my heart.
To this day, I can't eat broccoli
Without thinking of you,
Picturing your curly brown hair
And kind green eyes
And strong yet tender fingers
And brilliant ear-to-ear smile
And smirk just for me.

I miss you. A lot.
I never told you I was in love with you,
And I regret that.
So I want to write a book of poems
And promote it far and wide
Just so I'll have the chance
To maybe catch your attention
And see you again.
Then, maybe I can tell you
"Thanks for the collection of Emerson
You so thoughtfully bought me...
That's what made me fall
Head over heels for you."

— The End —