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Mr Bigglesworth Apr 2019
Never cry, Never cry,  bottle it all in.
If you die before you cry you win!
Emotions are horrid. Leave them in.
Mr Bigglesworth Jul 2015
Be more dog.... and she was..... til the very end
An unplanned sleep...... in a heap...... Goodbye dear friend
I will miss you so very much. If I could have half your determination and fearlessness I would be twice the man but then again I am only human and in many ways you were so much more  xxxx
Mr Bigglesworth Jul 2015
He couldn't just use tracing paper to trace his father
Mr Bigglesworth Jul 2015
I don't want to seem like a barbecue **** but please won't you turn that meat!
If it wasn't bad enough you put it on early that chicken just won't stand the heat
Your confounding the issue by loading on bangers for the dripping fat's sure to ignite
With those flames getting higher and your steaks all on fire, you know you're not doing it right
Black on the outside and pink in the middle, is not how you're supposed to do chicken
And even revamped your bathroom's too cramped, for all of your guests to be sick in
"It's time" you declare, as you pull up a chair "is anyone ready for grub!?"
But with no contemplation, I'll ditch this cremation, I'm ******* off back down the pub!
Mr Bigglesworth Jun 2015
"Take my hand as planned" she said
Leaning from the precipice with outstretched arm
"But what if I slip your grip" I said
Fearing my heavy bones could pull us both to harm
"I won't let go!" she cried
"I know, I know!" I replied
"It's what I fear the most"

"Please just go on without me, you surely know the way"
But she didn't even answer and I knew my love would stay

It was all or nothing
Both free or dashed upon the rocks as one
But no more suffering

Again her hand dropped down above me
"Come on we'll soon be safe"
So I placed my hand in hers and took that leap of faith
Mr Bigglesworth Jun 2015
There's a cat on my street called Clive
Everyone loves that cat

He's slinky and sleek and so dignified
He wonders the street like the world's on his side
He simply won't fear the snarliest hounds, walking the wall as they jump by his feet
He simply won't carry any extra pounds, even after eating at every house on the street
He has always caught himself a bird
or a lizard
or sometimes a rat
He's so smug it's just absurd
And he'll break into a purr at the drop of a hat
He'll circle your legs and paw at your feet
and jump on your lap wherever you're sat

But I think he's a ****

Cos I ******* hate cats!
Mr Bigglesworth Jun 2015
Life should be simple, if not, you're doing it wrong
Ten words on a Tuesday
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