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Not Patty Aug 2020
It's been awhile since I picked up my pen and paper;
Get to know her before you start to hate her.

These other girls shakin and scared cause they dont wanna meet her
Wishing they could be golden and beat her
Put some quarters in the meter
Kitty stay tucked in like a bed and breakfast
Gotta make sure your intentions right before you get it
Send me a letter, hit my line, might invite you to come get high:
Get you so zoned you start to see the digits.
666, name me the beast, late night feels in your sheets
Because once you get me started I'll have you risin like yeast
Get a checkup, you gettin messed up, your ph balance awfully low
Yall ******* wondering why you below me, it's because I ain't a ***.
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  Aug 2020 Not Patty
My throat became a chimney
I used my feelings for the fuel
My mouth plumed my insides
Sent smoke signals with my heart
All to say to you the things
I could not put to words
  Aug 2020 Not Patty
Jorge L Echevarria
Can you see me in this sea of seemingly see through souls?

How I wish I could be a stranger to you again

Each encounter used to make me more human than I ever imagined

Every time our thoughts collided I wonder which were mine

I would travel the end of this world until it forgot about me

Just to see those looks so genuine and no one was used to who I am

Who I wanted to be you never had a chance to look

The first glance is always what sticks and it *****, I know

Every move I've made after was just out of character

I don't think anyone truly knows who or what I am

When I'm still learning how to tread on my own

The things I do know I'm years beyond these fish

The sea you see isn't the one where I swim

But it's the one you decided to release me in
  Aug 2020 Not Patty
Jorge L Echevarria
Gravity has me in its pull once again you see

Anytime I feel myself start to orbit and feel free

Newton's laws have no problem reminding me
  Aug 2020 Not Patty
Jorge L Echevarria
Always making the same mistakes

Gotta stop wearing my heart on my sleeve

All I know is how to give I forgot how to take

Taking a toll covering up while I bleed
  Aug 2020 Not Patty
Jorge L Echevarria
Every time I see your ghost

Is late at night when I'm thinking the most

I used to hate being on my own

Rather be haunted than to be alone

Now anytime I see your ghost

I feel myself losing control

Out with the new too used to the old

Never felt a touch so cold

Shivers reminding that I am alone
  Jul 2018 Not Patty
Jorge L Echevarria
If I had one wish I'd go back to the beginning none of this stealing kisses and mischievous sinning
  way back before I ever had feelings, for you now it's my problem, I'm dealing. I had it up to here with my emotions through the ceiling
you left a nasty sun burn and now I'm peeling. Your radiance overbearing and non concealing.
  I'm lost without you but I lack direction. I've spent too much time looking at my reflection. Hoping youd appear ever again was my misconception. I loved you in more ways then one, back when we were friends trying to have some fun.
I wont lie because I do miss you, the fact that I feel this way is not my issue.
Its that it came to an end so quick and abrupt cant you see I miss you, do you give a ****? Dejavu yes we meet again, another time another place for me to rewind yet another friend.
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