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Autumn 9h
I keep trying to come here to write how I feel
But I am at a loss of words
I begin
And delete
And I attempt and fail
Autumn 5d
I see you
And it reminds me that I was not good enough
And then my brain thinks and corrects itself
It reminds me that you were not ready to love me
It reminds me that if I want to keep a positive view of you that you simply need more time
It reminds me that you would rather be alone
Autumn May 3
What I care about the most
Is not fixing inequality
Or finding the solutions to our poverty
Or removing the institutionalized racism that America is built upon and continues to exacerbate and capitalize upon
Or demilitarizing the world
Or fixing the human rights violations in China, Ukraine, the global south, in your own back yard
The most
What I care about the most
Is helping you fall in love with being alive again
Is helping someone find their desire to live
Is helping someone not merely continue to exist but to find joy in their day
It is to see the smile and spark in someone’s eyes
It is to hear their laughter after seeing their heart and brain and mind and entire being want to be no more
For everything I care about
For everything I want to stomp and fight and change and remove from the system
What I want the most
Is for you to reach out your hand
and feel the warmth touch your soul
For you to feel the joy so deeply your eyes water
You feel gratitude in your breath
And you bask in the sun
You smile in the face of opportunity
You hug the meaning of content
You find peace
Autumn May 3
My eyes full with tears
The joy I feel
Reflects in my smile for days
I am so proud of you
For being brave enough to want to see another day
For being here with me
For facing the darkness and choosing to fight your way to see a glimmer of light
I am so proud of you for getting out of bed and coming to work and showing up and being able to sit here and laugh with me today
I am so proud of you for existing
Autumn Apr 27
I do not know
Which is harder for me to accept
That you do not miss me
Or that I miss you so much?
Autumn Apr 27
I don’t need you but I wanted you.
Autumn Apr 26
To be enough
It is an odd feeling
To feel enough
And not be enough for someone
To know that as great as I am
There is nothing that could change their heart
Or maybe there is
A person
A laugh
A breath
A moment
That could have changed their mind
I do not know
But it is evident
It will not be from me
In their own time perhaps
But not now
Not with me
And it is hard to accept that
To be there for myself
To hug myself
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