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Aleena May 8
Tears slowly roll down
the cheeks of some
While for the others
The don’t roll at all
But on the inside they do

An invisible tear is shed
Somewhere in the world, It falls
Onto the hard wood floor
Where no one watches
the heart as it cries in sorrow

this tear is like no other
It doesn’t draw attention
But still it is a tear of pain
A pain that aches on the inside
A pain like no other

This invisible pain requires an invisible tear

Thus thee cries the invisible tear
Because that’s the tear for thee
A tear not ment for anyone’s eyes
A tear that nobody
knows had shed
Because it did so in silence
This tear was designed to deceive

A tear looks like a smile on the outside
But inside it is grief and misery
Outside you see a cheery face
deep down the heart has broken
Every time the pain is forgotten
It comes right back, more painful then the last
After a moment of peace
Then the heart splits once more
Once it remembers the forgotten stab
That left its mark forever
Lisa Mar 24
Have them fall in love break their heart
Tell them lies
Say negative things to them 247\
Make them feel unwanted
Say i love u but don't mean it
Ignore them
Cheat on them and say sorry
Lily Jul 2018
I started with my dress,
The white one with the black flowery design.
I added my black scarf, draping it
Casually around my head,
Trying to stop my thoughts from drifting
To what I was dressing up for.
I slipped on my sandals and then
Slipped out the door,
Not slamming it because that felt like
An ending.
I didn’t want another ending.
Walking into the church,
The temperature went up 50 degrees,
And my anxiety went up 100.
I shook hands with the extended family,
Hugged your widow,
And comforted your grandchildren.
I made it through the opening liturgy,
Your favorite hymn, and the obituary.
I even stopped my tears from falling
During your granddaughter’s touching eulogy,
When she started sobbing up there on the altar.
Afterwards, I sat through the meal,
Everything tasting like cardboard in
My mouth as the temperature kept increasing.
Near the end of the night,
When the church was clearing out,
I went back to the food,
Craving a final bite of cheesy potato casserole
Before I could finally leave this night behind.
Yet when I get there,
The tray is cleaned out,
And there is no more cheesy potato casserole.
That’s when I finally break down and sob.
I didn’t get that last bite of
Cheesy potato casserole.
Sometimes the simplest things **** you.
Brandon Conway Jun 2018
My heart syncs with the ticking clock
You stepped through, our eyes locked
Eyebrows raised, a signal gave and
all time stopped.

Call an ambulance!

Thank you for saving my life
For if you haven't called
I would of died.
For I eat too much
processed food!
Just an attempt at humor :)
spiral-whirl Mar 2018
the walls they close in,
my breath seems to quicken,
my thoughts began to whirl,
i can't breath- i can't seem to grasp it,
did i forget?
i'm not forgetful,
am i?
ah, i can't think straight,
things began to slow down,
i can hear them yelling,
but i can't,
its drain out from my own breath,
the sirens blare loudly in my ears but they seem so distant,
my eyes began to close as i drift,
my breath steadies,
it slows,
then stops.
BC Jaime Mar 2018
is how long
it took the

the whole while
we breathed into

pumping your still
chest, counting

we brought you
back for a

our eyes met
you gave us

to let you
go but we’re

and never stopped
breathing, compressions

pupils dilated, stained
bed and us

[Note: This poem was originally published by Cadence Collective:]
© BC Jaime 2014 || IG: @B.C.Jaime

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit
Alaina Nov 2017
When I dial your number
my heart beats fast
When I see your face
i think i'll have a heart attack
When I hold your hand
my knees get weak
When you put your arm around me
i think i'll collapse
I'm so in love
Dark Jewel Feb 2016
What is this dread I feel?
That keeps me awake at night.
That haunts my dreams?

Who else am I to lose?
In this world of  Greed.
These nightmares need to halt their attack.

Before no sleep comes forever..
I can't take this pain anymore.
This heart may surrender..

The one I love may be lost,
By many ways..
*I refuse to lose him today.
Nightmares haunt my sleep and their attack is becoming stronger.. I'm afraid..
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