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Gigi Tiji Sep 2016
the bugs and the frogs sing a cacophonous tranquility
Gigi Tiji Sep 2016
To give up that which you thought you had is to allow yourself to become with that which is becoming
Gigi Tiji Jun 2016
Oh love
I wish I was a vinyl
that you could listen to whenever you wanted
just press play and let the needle do the work

I wish I was a vinyl
so you could gently lower the needle into my grooves
and feel the music flowing through you
that warm feeling that keeps you alive

but I am not a vinyl
and you are not listening to me
and the needle is flooding your veins
with that cold feeling

I wish I was a needle
that could numb your pain
I wish I was a shot of the purest *******
Oh love

there's nothing much to lose
and everything to gain, so please
let's put the needle down
and listen to the rain
Gigi Tiji Mar 2016
writhing in the void is good exercise
basking in existence is pure bliss
Gigi Tiji Mar 2016
oh! the way that smoke lingers and sways in the cracks of the burning log
Gigi Tiji Mar 2016
learn how to be patient,
learn how to be wild,
learn how to be hot, and
learn how to be mild,

learn how to love,
learn how to be loved,
learn how to stand for yourself
when push comes to shove,

learn to be your own parent,
learn to be your own child,
learn to be patient,
and learn to be wild,

learn how to receive,
learn how to give,
learn how to die, and
learn how to live
Gigi Tiji Feb 2016
hey, whatsup break me open and have a look inside
a suh dood check out these heady feels but like
whoa bruh they tell me
simmer down
you're harshin that mellow
yellow matter it's no matter tell me something new
find me something else to say I'm a
fried egg in a skull here's some banter
gallop trot and canter I'm just horsin' around
of course it's not finely ground buddy 'ol pal
you'll have to crush it up yourself
if ya wanna snort it
but hey let's abort that mission
I'm just tryin' to chill in the kitchen
all I want is a nice meal I don't want
anyone to steal these lasts wisps of my soul
let's smoke a bowl and forego the physical
maybe think about something quizzical
something that'll bring me elsewhere
anywhere but before
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