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Johnny Huynh Jun 2015
Cheesy carnations
Her delicate dimples dream
She blushed, and said yes.
Johnny Huynh Oct 2014
Diving under blue
When her life becomes askew
She can't stop sinking
Johnny Huynh Oct 2014
Remember the poems I used to write to you
Every night I used to be right with chu
Yeah, I  cherished the moments that we had
All the good times seemed to outweigh the bad
You were first to say I love you, you were the first to also leave me
But it's all good
I got some women that want me
Bought them flowers just to past the hours
I'm just wasting time to past what was ours
After a while these girls end like happy hours
With all this time it's hard to adjust to power
So I put away our picture
I've been out of focus
I'm lucky that you fixed the blur
Lucky, you wasn't her
I just need somebody that's for sure
Johnny Huynh Sep 2014
Sometimes I wonder
Brainstorming, thoughts start pouring
Her voice is thunder
Johnny Huynh Sep 2014
Alone, listening to sad music
Mellow voices, perfect lyrics
I can't stop thinking
My thoughts start sinking
Bullet to my head, acoustics
Johnny Huynh Jun 2014
Shivering, cold words
lost in her blinding blizzard
his heart is frozen.
Johnny Huynh May 2014
Holding back, he began to burn
Pride into ashes, the flaker turns.
Preconceived jealousy,
He broke mentally
He let past create the past return.
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