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Arek 2d
It's the memories we create
that's our biggest wealth
in the worst times and the great
when in sickness or in health

It's not the money in your account
or the value of your jewels
There is no amount
and the numbers are for fools

It's not about that dumb degree
or awards that you achieved
The best times in life aren't free
but how you richly through them lived
Arek 3d
There's an old man in the mirror
staring back at me
it's no longer getting clearer
what will our future be

Now we don't see eye to eye
we're on a different page
no longer best friends, him and I
since arrival of old age

We might need some time away
to our friendship find some pluses
and see an Optometrist today
because this old man might need glasses
Arek 4d
Tell the ones you love, you love them
say it, sing it, shout it
Tell them that you’re thinking of them
don’t just think about it

Tell them any time of day
or night when you're in bed
Tell them, let them hear you say
three words that must be said

Tell them and all will be better
and will be so sweet of you
Tell them, don’t write a poem or letter
but say it loud, I love you
Arek 6d
Don't forget to live a little
time is your only asset
before your bones become too brittle
and muscles become flaccid

Don't delay your hopes and dreams
leave now and head on out
before you are applying creams
to help you with your gout

Don't just sit there reading this
but live a life much greater
before the only thing you kiss
is a respirator
Arek Oct 11
Seeing old chaps exercising
gives me lots of hope
that as my years keep rising
not to ditch my skipping rope

and also have my dumbbells handy
by the liquor cabinet
so my hands can hold more than a brandy
and a cigarette

definitely I'll keep my running shoes
as a memory when i was thin
and to run to get a bit more *****
or from wife's rolling pin
Arek Oct 10
My favourite constellation was Orion
It's what i always felt
Through summer nights i've had my eye on
his shiny three star belt

He always was a poignant figure
in his huntsman possie
there was no dream that could be bigger
for a small young aussie

but years later boy became a man
and dreams came to an end
till i discovered rhyme from a pen
and found my hunting friend
Arek Oct 10
its not a lie but really
i sweat quite profusely
when im eating chili
but even if its muesli

and it gets much worse
when in an anxious state
i sweat then like a horse
at the starting gate

somewhere cold in Norway
early i'll retire
till then there is no escape doorway
from sweating like a liar
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