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Arek Dec 2021
All the doer's and the thinkers
have a little snooze
all the gamblers and the drinkers
put down your chips and *****

All the poets and the dreamers
time for a little break
all the plotters and the schemers
there's no move you must make

All the saints and the sinners
don't get on your knees
because we are already winners
just let us nap now, please
Arek Nov 2021
She loved to play with food
and bicarbonate soda
experimenting with meat, she would
while talking just like Yoda

Adding strange things to her tucker
like oregano, dill and thyme
then laughing like she was Chewbacca
which helped these words to rhyme

and all her dishes were a show
theatrical like a play
She performed a long long time ago
in a kitchen far far away
Arek Oct 2021
The paper is my silver shield
The pen in hand my sword
Behold the truth that ink will yield
with strike of every word

and each emotion in me rhymes
with each my heart will sever
A poet dies a thousand times
A poem lives forever
Arek Sep 2021
Knowledge is power ?
you should have told me that before
It's taken me over an hour
to fix that generator on the floor
Arek Sep 2021
Is that a cold sore on your lip ?
did you catch the flu again ?
No it's from our shopping trip
and suggesting my wife she try size ten
Arek Sep 2021
Women like to grow their nails
Why ? The answer's simple
It's because there's many males
with an itchy pimple
Arek Sep 2021
A diamond is forever
but Cubic Zirconia gives me the time that I need
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