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Erick Dec 2013
Never thought this day would come so soon
I care nothing for you
Frustration has taken over me, everything I do is so useless
You never seemed to cared either, so why must I?
I am done dealing with this nonsense
For now all I can say is goodbye
Maybe now my mind can relax
But now I pay the consequences of denying the facts
Seemingly I was in denial of rejection
Even though I pushed my self to total incomprehension
I never thought clearly on what would be after this  
For now all I can do is pretend I wasn't dissed
I am free after 7 months of emotional prison
You yourself changed me into a whole different  person
I sit alone in this dark,cold room thinking of what it could've been
Being not with me, but him
So it ends here
I hope you enjoy yourself next year.
Erick Dec 2013
Do you remember the way we used to feel
Before we changed, before our eyes were truly opened
I miss those days I miss the ignorance
Before we lost the light that's in our eyes
I miss the innocence I miss it all
I don't believe in hope I just believe in pain
Erick Dec 2013
Am I lost in another dimension?
Or is it just a mental detention?
My dear please stay I beg!
Before every memory we had together is dead
Your spirit sustains me and gives me warmth
The emptiness that I feel is indescribable
I just wish that before you left, I could've held you tighter
Just to relive the vivid aromas you left behind
Oh what I would do to go back in time
To lose my one true friend this way kills me
But don't worry my love for I'll join you soon my darling
Erick Dec 2013
I like you, I really like you
You're smexy and wonderful, did I mention beautiful too?

Not a day goes by that I don't think if you
That's why I sleep heavily to let my dreams continue
Because I know that you will always be there

We are so alike in many aspects, but yet so different
This is my only hope of it being real someday

Is it possible that you're my Juliet, but I'm not your Romeo?
If so goodbye cruel world and I should go

— The End —