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Brooke Olthouse Sep 2020
I ******* miss you
Wish I could kiss you
I'm furiously mad at you
Tried to be good for you
Feel ******* sad without you
Nothing but bad to me
Should have minded myself
Instead I blinded myself
Zack Ripley Apr 2019
I want to tell a story but I don't know where to start.
See, I've kept the words hidden.
Locked away inside my heart.
Waiting for the day that you come find me.
Waiting for the day you rescue me from the darkness in my heart. Yeah, I know you'll set me free.
Free from all the doubts and lies I thought I had to tell myself.
So worried about the thoughts and words from everybody else.
It took me years to understand that life is not a race.
If you make your own path and stay with it,
someday you'll find your place.
I don't want to wait anymore.
I don't want to feel I've wasted my life
waiting for a fantasy that may never be real.
I want to prove I can be happy without you by my side
so I'll give it one last shot and tell the story of the time I tried
sparklysnowflake Jul 2018
with sun-kissed cheekbones
and golden-red hair
fingertips brushing daisies
in the warm summer air

with freckles like stars
tears like silver prayers
don't stray too far
in the warm summer air

the sun's hugs feels like home
the daisies like angel hair
but when the sun sleeps
you can't stay
in the warm summer air

you've fled too far
in the warm summer air
shadows stain
your golden-red hair
raging hot stars
outshine your freckles
and I cannot answer
your helpless silver prayers

the night swallowed
your daisies without care
ashes cover
your golden-red hair
but promise me
you'll learn
to see through despair
to keep reaching
to keep dreaming
of your

summer air
Jordan Hudson Aug 2019
You were so fake
My time you take
My future at stake
You were the fish
I was the bait
I was never late
I was played
And I stayed
I should've left
Better off that way
You hurt my heart
You hurt my brain
I tried to heal your pain
You through in my face
Glad you gone
Moving on
I was always in the wrong
It went on too long
Moving on
This song
Will explain
And show you real pain
You caused
At my expense a cost
Messages we sent dreams lost
A future we had
But I'm glad
I stopped
I tried to end it twice
I didn't take advice
I sacrificed my time
And soon my whole life
I'm over you
I'm done
Never going back
I'll make stacks
None for you
I'll share with another
A better lover
A real lover too
None for you
You lied, I tried
You lied, I tried
Don't ever say
I wasn't there
I cared
Arke May 2019
I don't dance, I said
But my love for you is greater
Than my need to not embarrass myself
What is love without vulnerability
So I danced that night
As best as I could
Pretended we were the only ones
Left in that speakeasy
The live music echoing through my body
The alcohol moving through my veins
And I don't dance
But maybe for one night
I can be the kind of person who does
The kind of person who lets loose
Twirls without care and loves their body
Despite awkward hips
Legs that stall and ****
But tonight, I can become someone new
Who lets themselves go uninhibited
Who unapologetically twists and twirls
Who shakes out the day, so tonight,
I do dance - but maybe just with you
Tanya Louise Mar 2019
In that moment we are hopeless.

When we seek attention.

We are devoid of the fact that we'll never be seen.

We'll get to explore the unknown with thoughts that make us sin.

We expose us to gain.

In the end all we get is pain.

We seek attention.

Believing we'll be noticed.

Constantly wanting the fame.

We forget what we wanted to get noticed.

In the end, all respect is lost.
Maria Land Oct 2018
So I tried everything you asked,
I tried so hard I don't think I've ever tried this hard in my whole life,
I don't think I'm ever going to make it to where you want me, and I don't think it's fair that you only love me if I climb there,
At what point do I give up and accept that you're just an evil person?
Arke Jun 2018
we'll make love on the shore
beneath the trees of sycamore
a lilac scent in the air
my fingers run through your hair
your mouth leaves marks on my skin
I can't suppress a silly grin
I feel your hand run up my thigh
my legs open, your reply
and as the tide begins to shift
your mouth gives a splendid gift
all at once, I feel you tense
your love for me, too immense
once you have come inside
and after you are satisfied
I feel your tongue further down
in this pleasure, I could drown
I'll ride the waves and let go
my heart is now set aglow
so let's make love by the shore
and I'll feel you in me once more
I attempted rhyming **** with limited success.
everly Apr 2018
Is what you are
you drive me to the moon
I can’t stop thinking about you
inspired by APriCoT. Cinquain poem
Mirage Dec 2017
I turn to see a void
Past the darkness is a door
I hear faint laughter behind the door
I jump into the void in an attempt to gain access to the door
I hold my breath but its not enough
Now I sit here hearing the laughter behind my door
This was supposed to be about attempting to unlock someone's true personality hidden behind pain but instead you become consumed yourself,
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