I wish people could hear music the same way I do. I almost feel bad that people can't tap into my brain and hear the musical pulled apart into sections.

Each instrument going separately and yet all of the pieces coming together to create this...


I've tried to explain it to people.

And no matter how hard I try, nobody will ever truly understand it. And that's okay.

I wish this poem could tell you everything, but it can't.
rica Jan 18

she started vomiting
white pure daisies
that represents
innocent love;
but soon, they all
became roses
with crimson red
petals and thorns
that hurts her
throat and lungs—
she cried one last time
as she puked
another rose and said,
"I did not asked for this."

this was actually inspired by my friend's story (again) about the hanahaki disease and i really found it beautiful!!
Rosie Nov 2016

"I had to let go of us
to show myself what I could do"

And that just didn't sit right with you.
Geary evans Feb 2016

I tried to live
I tried to love
I tried to feel
I tried to breath
I feel like I tried so much nothing works
Do you see my attempts or just my failure

Brad Tuck Jan 2016

I drove past the place where we first met today.
I felt cold and fragile. I guess nothing has changed.
The discomfort overwhelmed my basic senses, and I couldn't see straight.
I pulled over to gather myself, I found it difficult to breathe
The past eight months has been denial personified, a constant false assurance that everything is alright and that I'm happy for you.
Happy that you're comfortable in life, but I'm still running away from mine.
I'm happy.

Shyanne Galvan Dec 2015

That moment when you feel like your slowing down and everything around you is replaced or misplaced or even just falling apart, because you don't know what else to believe or even think when that one person comes to your mind because it's been a while since you guys have talked and the last time you spoke was when that person decided to leave you for another person.

Copyright Shyanne Galvan

I've lost a lot of people for many reasons but mainly over another person ...
Oxytocin Aug 2015

Shaky breathing
Jelly legs
As I watch you from across the room
Laughter echoing
Your face lighting up like the sun

Oh the way you smile
Makes me go crazy
Eyes crinkling
Dimples showing
Tugging a string in my chest

You stop talking and turn your head
Our eyes meet
I hold my breath
Heart beat quickens
Hands start to get sweaty
You smile
Corners of my mouth start to twitch
I smile back

This is so cheesy and bad. I'm so sorry. I wrote it because this how every crush feels like, I think.
F Jul 2015

Your eyes
Your lips
Your touch
Your hair
Oh god, your hair
I love it so much you have no idea
Your smile
Your laugh
You have no flaws at all

I just want to confess
That you are the only one that make sense


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