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Trust, the madness
Doubt, the normality
Translate, the silence
Genre: Abstract
Theme: Everyday Wisdom
Where is the manual on life?
Is there one I wasn't informed of?
That says you have to be a certain way?

That you have to be
The same?

Because I didn't get one
Matthew Jan 13
Sometimes, when the pain is too much to handle...
My brain commands me to scream
My soul tells me to stop,
but my brain won't listen
I'm on the ground crying and screaming
Everyone is judging
Saying I can't handle my emotions
i need to stop, but i really can't
Why aren't other screaming like me?
I just want to be a normal teen
With the ability to do and say as I please
To not have to be dragged by the sleeve
To and from places I never wanted to be
Lumi Nov 2018
I have been told that I must remove,
Everything I've gathered as cold hard proof,
That I am indeed my own being, aside from you,
And now I must me normal, along with the few.
Bartholomew Oct 2018
I’m supposed to be strong for everyone including you. But whose supposed to be strong for me?
Guess I don’t need anyone’s help.
I cry but incognito, can’t allow anyone to see these tears.
I’ll wipe them away myself.

Push it to the back of my mind, all the way in the rear.
I’m afraid to share my emotions so I numb it all away, cage my depression, bury my fears.

Can’t trust anyone cuz one day they’ll be gone, they leave as they usually do, I tell myself I can’t be mad.
So sometimes I leave them before they leave me, Every man for himself right? I learned that from my dad.

My biological..... wherever he is in this reality
I’m on my own. A solitary mentality

The abnormal normality
Blake Jun 2018
Teach me our horrible histories.
But ask me to ignore?

That our country’s children are sobbing,
Mentally manipulated,
By a system that grades them on their intelligence instead of their moral understanding.

That our country’s children are aching,
Pre-determined and pressured,
By the part of society that they should belong in based on a test of numerical knowledge, family trees and the language that is spoken.

That our country’s children are supressed,
Demented and then cemented,
By a normality that you work to earn and fight to not fall out society brackets,
But if you do it’s your own fault... and if you do.... **** it up...and if you are hurt....don’t bother telling anyone!

Our country’s children!
Always remember that CCTVs are watching!... but don’t worry we follow your right to privacy... we just have a predetermined assumption that you will become one bad and deviant person!
Oh...but... I mean I’m sure you’ll pay your taxes on time and lose your virginity before 30!

Our country’s children......our country....
Just... just carry on with Henry the 8th history lesson.
Ranting is a passion
Dean Russell May 2018
If ancient Gods’ gaze upon me with judgement,
Judge evenly.
Judge not your errors,
Witness your loose fingers carving
Misery one whisper at a time.
Observe male and male actions of
Understanding; where does this burden carry you?

If tyranny is the call of man
The conscious invisibility murdered your perfection.
Call man a beast and watch beasts roam the earth.
To whom do you call in distress?
Darlings gone rogue,
Or was this foretold?
I cannot call upon you; I never have.

Call this a confession of poisoned sin:
In acquaintance, love and kin
I cannot trace your value.
So call onto me, oh merciful monster,
All the injustices of the world for us to fix.
For all we mortals can really do is understand,

Forgive and carry on with the great burden
Of self-destruction and
Inflicted preservation.
Brad post Apr 2018
What has happened to me,
to my social skills?
Frantic, and panicked,
are not conditionally ideal.

I want you to like me,
I want you to see.
To see through my awkwardness,
and help set me free.

I do talk too much,
my mouth won’t shut up.
It’s like the relay in my brain,
is broken, or corrupt.

I’m not usually like this,
I hear my mouth say.
Constantly apologizing,
and then you’ve gone away.

I want to explain,
the jumbled mess of my head.
But I don’t know how to do it,
without making it worse instead.

No I’m not weird,
I’ve just been alone.
Social skills need exercise,
and mine are skin and bones.

When you walk away,
another part of me dies.
Part of me wants to explain,
and part of me wants to cry.

Im turning into two people,
the oddball and the norm.
When they try to coexist,
it creates the perfect storm.

So no, I don’t blame you,
for walking away.
Just know that I’m sorry,
for being this way.
chloe Apr 2018
the sky turned black today.
everyone acted as if this was normal.
why? am i crazy or is the sky black?
i was the only one who noticed, the only one who cared.
i got lost.
no-one looks down corridors or stairways or dark alleys anymore.
as they no what happened.
as their own sky's turned black, they ran. they knew what type of person would pounce.
i didn't know.
i didn't run away from the black sky.
but i stayed. and now i have to.
i have no choice.
thats all i need.
give it to me. please.
dark alleys- use with caution
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