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Loxodes Mar 2016
Jasmin flower
i found you
beautiful in spring

strange power
together we danced
human contact is a funny thing

like the lightning
that struck the tree
your smile captured my mind
it used to be free
now your eyes
are the only thing i see

because you are the most
beautiful work of art, I've ever seen
and my head filled with you,
is the most gorgeous place i've ever been
  Mar 2016 Loxodes
Arielle Dawn
10 AM, train

How do you deal with other people if you don't know how to deal with yourself?
How are you supposed to tell someone you're broken?
How do you explain to people that you never meant to hurt them, and you know all too well how it feels to hurt the way they do?

How can you ever expect someone to understand?
Loxodes Feb 2016
Loads of asphalt
in the deserted orange desert
Three cans fuel, the road long
driving without a seatbelt
Its full of distraction
already used one third now

hey i wouldnt mind getting to my destination
maybe i'll get there sooner than I think
maybe i should just turn to the right here
maybe that helps
  Jan 2016 Loxodes
Winter Allen Jane
You used to look at me with ur heart
And you would fill mine with joy
Eventually your heart grew cold
And i would feel myself getting paralyzed
In the frost
And you left me behind

Where did you go
Our happy days seem so long ago
Yet we're still sleeping in the same sheets
Yet i still smoke to eliminate stress
But it's only a timekiller

It's just a waste. waste. waste.
I should walk away
But if you call for me
You know i'll come
But you're already gone
Just fearing one day soon
You'll be gone forever
And i'll sit there in silence
Smoking my last cigarettes
  Jan 2016 Loxodes
Rhet Toombs
There is now a bridge between us
But we still accumulate warnings
A fortune is now wasted in Winter
Nature is dying
Inside my wrist, again
I am still wishing for payment in heart
It seems you will haunt us for another night
Sleep in walls
Timid lust
Loxodes Jan 2016
I took some of your pills
Hoped you wouldn't mind
Made me feel good again
You were exactly my kind

It was fun as long as it lasted
But as fall passed, winter came
You were out of pills for me
Really made me go insane

You blended all my colours
Too late to turn it back
Mixed it all together
Now there's only black

And now im looking through my space
Looking at the bed that we ****** on
And the floor where you sat
Still craving for you makes me feel like a *****

But i guess i can understand myself

Because what's a life worth living,
when you know what you're missing?
Loxodes Jan 2016
The heart,
not what it used to be
Its chambers are diffrent since you left
There is no more art in the gallery
White walls, no light
Its not empty though
The space, filled with your absence
and whispers asking

*"Where did it go wrong?"
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