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Rj 1d
There was the death of the old
And the birth of the new
But the new carries the weight of the old
And more
  Jun 19 Rj
Aaron Michael Brown
I pretend
is sleeping
beside me
I lie
awake at
  Jun 19 Rj
Beautifully Broken
Rj Jun 19
Have you ever had TV static in your brain
That buzz that sounds like a thousand pieces of paper being crumpled into *****
And you wish you could just flush it down the drain
Or at least shove it into the tiniest box and then move it against the walls

But the only way to get rid of static is to change the channel
And we don't have a remote with a guide to our mind
There is no button to delete or hit cancel
And there's no way to run when it's on the inside

You could brave the noise and the web of glitching grey
Or you could simply turn the TV off, and throw it away
If there is no solution but to live with it or die
I wonder what we'll do
Can you see the static in my eyes?
Rj Jun 19
You try to **** it but it won't stop bleeding
Try to forget it but it won't stop killing you
You're running out of time
Yeah, you know you can't go back, it's too late
To say it's too late
You can't take back that you said nothing
How could you do nothing?
Start/End // Eden
Rj Jun 19
I don’t have any prayers left
Rj Jun 18
Withdrawing and flipping and
Flopping my way through the days
Nausea dizziness fatigue
Nausea dizziness fatigue
Nausea dizziness fatigue

He tells me it has a black box warning
He tells me it'll be over soon
Don't hesitate to call
Don't hesitate to call
Don't hesitate to call

Eyes that glaze over glassy and opaque
Will it be my hands or my voice
Everything shakes
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