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Rj Oct 2018
you doubt yourself
you grip the wheel
you turn it up
you scream, you squeal
you grit your teeth
you bang your head
you stop and park
you’re filled with dread
you gas it up
you hang up the phone
you take your time
to get back home
you yell at God
you apologize
you try to see
truth verses lies
you call your friend
you are alive
you pick her up
and make her drive
the lake is calm
but you are not
you try to breathe
it’s all you’ve got
Rj Oct 2018
she watches you fall apart on the edge of the water
she listens to your screams through the phone
she changes the music in the car to laughter
and she drives and brings you back home
Rj Oct 2018
She is gentle, she is kind
She knows me
And knows my mind
She walks past, and I'd rewind
To see the glow
She leaves behind
I love you.
Rj Oct 2018
I am afraid in time you'll see
I'm worse than what you think of me
And everyday you'll fantasize
Of life without my lifeless eyes
Honesty is hard to show
When I'm scared it will make you go
And if I learn to love like you
Would that possibly be enough too?
What if I was created to be
A person without any company

I want to think I was made for love
But when I look to the sky above
The clouds don't part and the sun doesn't shine
How could you possibly want to be mine
A reflection on doubts about my ability to be a person worthy of love. Most of the time I believe I am. It's only when I am going through an episode that I don't.
Rj Sep 2018
St. Charles Avenue           St Charles Avenue
Thirty minutes    Thirty Minutes
Sidewalk                                Sidewalk
Brick house     Brick house
South Carrolton                              South Carrolton
Camellia Grill          Camellia Grill
River Road    River Road
Headphones                     Headphones
Backpack                                                   Backpack
Water bottle      Water Bottle
Sweatshirt Sweatshirt
Sweatpants                               Sweatpants
Plastic Bag                                                              Plastic Bag
St. Charles  St .Charles  St. Charles
Rj Sep 2018
You stare down the same sidewalk
Only for second
And even that was too long

You will never find yourself
Along the way
It's the road or the sidewalk

You know them both well
Now, it's all you ever hear
It's what you'll never tell
Rj Sep 2018
He grabs me and pulls me upwards into the sky
I pretend to be surprised, but I knew he could fly
He wants us both to go together
And for a moment I think yes
It’s a ****** play off of an episode I saw
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