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Chuck Aug 2016
It's been a year since I dropped out
Been more than busy, there's no doubt
Didn't mean to step before I left somthin'
That lit your soul on fire and got your hearts pumpin'
I'll lay down words that get the rhythm bumpin'
Don't need music when the words are thumpin'

It's been a year since I dropped out
I'm back y'all so scream and shout
I still got the rhymes that make words hop
And the liguistic skills to make the beats drop
I hit bottom but now I'm back on top
I'm back for writin' and to talk shop

It's been a year since I dropped out
It made the women cry and my boys pout
Don't worry y'all, I'm back to lay em on ya
I missed y'all, especially you Rick, Bex, and Tonya
Though y'all didn't make the list, I'm still fond of ya
I left in a Limo and drove back in a Honda

It's been a year since I dropped out
Been more than busy, there's no doubt
I'm back y'all, so scream and shout
I'll make the women smile and show em all what I'm about
It been a year since I dropped out
Been more than busy' there's no doubt
Chuck Aug 2016
A year is long enough for the world to change
Some friends have passed away
Others have married and are now new parents

A year is short enough for nothing to change
I'm working at the same job and living in the same house
I might have changed my hair or lost weight, but my face is perfectly recognizable

Rather the former, the latter, or somewhere in between
My soul is my soul, my heart is my heart
As long as I have breath, you will be with me
For all of my HP friends
Chuck Aug 2015
I search through the haze
I smell your scent
But not even a ghost
Of whom you used to be
Chuck Aug 2015
Nobody loves
Her the way I do

Loves me

To love

Not written in my persona.
Chuck Aug 2015
Bile churns
Evil burns
Desires yearn
I never learn
Chuck Aug 2015
Tried to
Go home to
A place I loved
Taste the home cooking
And catch up with old friends
Some people will never change
But the food doesn't taste the same
It used to taste like love and respect
It leaves
A bitter
Taste in my mouth
Chuck Aug 2015
I once wrote a poem
About my addiction to poetry
I kicked my addiction
By freebasing life
Now I no longer crave poetry
But I do need a fix
Every now and then
Friends, I'm sorry I don't write or read as much as I use to.
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