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Aug 25 · 520
Seeking discomfort
zxn Aug 25
Attempting to be break from normalcy
Learning there is much more for me to see
The process may hurt
But there is no progress without work
Trying to break my shell
Jul 28 · 95
zxn Jul 28
Patience. Patience. Patience.
All my life I've been told to be patient.
Well maybe it's time to go make it happen.
Jul 14 · 67
zxn Jul 14
The title of this poem is a lie
I have a type
She’s blonde and beautiful

Crystal blue eyes a more brilliant blue than any diamond
Red rose lips and a smile that’ll make you say... ****

If god made more anything more perfect than her, I hope he kept it for himself

Flowers bloom at her footsteps and her voice is a perfectly tuned harp
That she plays on my heart

Next to her I can touch the sun
Run my fingers through it’s blinding
And not get burned
I wonder if she’ll ever find this wide open part of my heart

Or maybe I’ll just go back to dreaming

I don’t normally ask for love
I only know how to take it
So take all your frustrations to me
I promise to light the darkest parts of our heart
Jul 12 · 65
zxn Jul 12
She still makes my heart flutter
My words stutter and trip
My heart flip in my chest
My thoughts turn into a mess
Jul 5 · 196
Blue sky beauty
zxn Jul 5
It’s days like this that remind me of you
Look up and see a sky full of blue
Remembering a park and a lush green field
laughing, talking, wanting to tell you how I feel
It’s days like this that I really miss
These days make me miss your kiss
I just wish I could go back to this
So I wouldn’t feel alone anymore
Jul 5 · 151
Ankle weights
zxn Jul 5
It feels like I’m in an ocean
And I’ve forgotten how to swim
And all my fears are tied to my ankles
And I’m sinking, no drowning
Reaching towards the surface
But grabbing nothing but the air escaping from my lungs
Jun 30 · 254
Sun and moon
zxn Jun 30
I told her the moon was in her eyes
She said she hated the night light
I told her that her skin was made of sunlight
She told me the sun was blinding
I told her I knew that because all I could see was her
Jun 30 · 417
zxn Jun 30
She had the moon in her eyes
The ocean swaying to her will
A tidal wave of a presence in the room
Jun 25 · 173
Summer’s Freeze
zxn Jun 25
Your touch lights up the tracks of my frozen heart

You glide in like a summer breeze
I can’t help but freeze at the sight of you

Your lips a frosty blaze against mine
A single moment that transcends time
Fire and ice
Jun 24 · 82
Fearing seasons
zxn Jun 24
Emotions will always be misunderstood
You’re making seasons change without a fair warning  
Should I be ashamed for feeling the way I do
My hearts floods with emotions and pumps out sweet thoughts of you
But the words sit on the edge of my tongue
Not willing to take the leap, the risk, for fear of feeling rejection
Past lies leave me broken
Hard times have me hopeless
I’m so afraid of loving again
afraid of hurting again
3:43 am
Jun 8 · 176
zxn Jun 8
Another world where the sky is always purple and red and filled with cotton candy clouds
Where the air smells like vanilla
Where oceans are that perfect blue and beaches only have white sand
Where everybody wears their heart on their sleeve and feelings are always put into the open
Love is love for what we see it in movies
Imperfect but awesome just the way god intended
And as you travel this new world, rose petals bloom at your feet and seas part around you
The ocean stops crashing for a second just so it can remember this moment
May 30 · 102
Dreaming of Me
zxn May 30
Wanna know what it *****?
I still end up finding you in my dreams and in them you always seem so real.
It’s not even that it *****, these dreams are my favorite.
Your smile is the same, soft and warm.       I get lost into the corners of your mouth as they pull into a mischievous grin.
And I still remember every detail of the blue in your eyes.
Your warmth is still the same and I always find myself writing these pretty poems about you.
Memories playing like an afterimage in my mind.
Hoping one day you’ll come out of these words and be here next to me.
Been riding through the streets for weeks, fighting calling you.
Wondering if I run through your mind, like you do mine.
5:13 a.m.
May 14 · 313
The Introvert
zxn May 14
How quiet can one person be?
I'm an introvert, to put it nicely

Please don't talk to me is what my quietness may seem
But I'm probably just caught in another daydream

I fidget and squirm under watchful eyes
It might be because I'm scared you might lie

Friendship and trust come a dime a dozen
But you gotta earn mine, I'm shy but I'm loving

I'm nervous and stutter when put under pressure
But can bloom like a rose and have a smile like treasure

So I'm sorry when I am a little reserved
You just have to unfold me slowly to ease my nerves
courage in my heart and lightning in my hand
May 14 · 308
zxn May 14
God bless Her
God bless her voice
God bless the way she walks
And the way she talks
God bless her smile
God bless the way her hair falls
God bless cameras for trying to capture her beauty
God bless her for the light she brings in my life
God bless her even when she takes that away
God bless her
But she doesn’t care for me anymore
zxn May 6
fly towards the sun
Only to melt halfway and plummet to the earth
The flame of passion gone out in its hearth
Electric charges pass between fingertips
A fire burning between lips
A branch connecting souls
Entranced by the honey drip brown of her eyes
Feeling misunderstood
For once I can't read it like the lines of a book
I'm just trying to be clear, Read my feelings
Trying not to think, when all my thoughts point her way
Will I burn in the warmth of her embrace
or be able to face the sun of her heavenly light
At what moment might be my
melting point?
mind, body, and soul
Apr 15 · 224
zxn Apr 15
I used to tell myself that nothing could break me
But I've been feeling like I can be broken down lately
It's crazy how events have shaped me, changed me
Wrung me out and hanged me
You left and what you gave me?
A heart full of regret and lengthy scars
Shaky hands and a broken car
to be broken and to be together at once
Mar 16 · 58
zxn Mar 16
I’d fight a thousand wars just to be yours
Mar 8 · 189
Fools Love
zxn Mar 8
It’s true, Real love is for the fools
So hurt me, I know you want to
We’re better misunderstood
Mar 3 · 185
Hot and Cold
zxn Mar 3
I've written about you as a summer day
a winter night
a sunlit goddess
a queen of ice
a frostbitten kiss
A constellation of love
and I still don't think I've found words
good enough to summarize your beautiful light
Feb 24 · 735
Fragile Hearts
zxn Feb 24
When your fragile world comes crashing down around you, you realize your place.
For now, we're stuck in our endless loop, this endless race we face.

The shatter of your heart replays in your mind, leaving nothing but broken behind.
please handle with care,  fragile
Jan 30 · 331
Colorless World
zxn Jan 30
If I could I'd wash my skin off completely
drain it of all color
I'd do it to every person in this world
And then maybe we could all see each other for what we are
if only we could all understand one another
Jan 30 · 129
freedom of the stars
zxn Jan 30
Shackled and chained to this same place
My mind is stuck in a losing race
Wishing for adventure and love to be found
I'm shackled to this same town
Knowing I will never go far
Longing for the freedom of the stars
Dec 2018 · 149
Cloudless Dreams
zxn Dec 2018
Wide-eyed nights, exhausted mornings
Mourning the loss of my dreams
My dreams transform to nightmares
Dreams used to unfold like sweet candy
and vanish before you can get a real taste
Now they bleed all night long
An open wound, raw and real as nightmares
Nov 2018 · 247
Beautiful Infinity
zxn Nov 2018
Race me to infinity
Down the track of our lives
Lead me to a paradise
Trace the tracks of tears from my eyes
And whisper me beautiful and sweet goodbyes
i like this
Nov 2018 · 806
zxn Nov 2018
A warm hand caressing my cheek
The softest touch of light
A kiss filled with stardust
Whispering me golden words of love
This might be my favorite poem i've ever done
Nov 2018 · 751
Arrow To The Heart
zxn Nov 2018
I took an arrow to the heart

It kickstarted my mind falling apart

Stuck, lodged in my heart, you left it there

Left me in that undying nightmare

Left it buried in my chest

Burning with the memories you carved into it

Bleeding in the miseries of my numbness
im fine
Nov 2018 · 177
Not Enough Ink
zxn Nov 2018
There's not enough Ink in my pen to write love poems to you
Not enough love I can pour into each note
I'm sorry I'm not enough for you
I wish I was enough for you
Not enough ink for me to keep writing these pretty words for you
we are never enough
Oct 2018 · 564
tending to your stars
zxn Oct 2018
I whispered you shooting stars
I spoke to you in the language of roses
and laid rose petals at your feet with every step
I treated you as if you were the queen of the universe
and I would do it all over again if you asked
Always putting others before myself
Oct 2018 · 305
zxn Oct 2018
I've put courage in my heart and lightning in my hand
I strike the ground with enough force to topple buildings
My war cry is heard from every mountain
My spirit, an eternal flame burning as bright as the sun
And my tenacity, equal to a thousand lions
My war mask hides all fear
Any advice helps, I plan on rewriting this, thanks
Oct 2018 · 2.2k
zxn Oct 2018
I wanna scream professions of love.

Resounding exclamations of my infatuation for you.

I wanna tell the world the feelings I feel for you and kiss you like it's the last thing I'll ever do.

I wanna feel the sunlight from your skin as my heart burns while beating against yours.

I just wish I had the courage to tell you this.

I wish I could find the words when I'm with you.

I wish my lips could speak as well as apparently they can kiss.

I wish that I could tell you that you are what is missing from my heart, that you are the one part that makes my world able to revolve on its axis.

It's so hard being so in love with someone, frustrating, **** near exhausting and all I wanna do is hear the velvet of your voice as it drips like honey into the room and I can tell you I love you.

I been quiet for so long and it hurts.
Oct 2018 · 283
zxn Oct 2018
I don't want a shoulder to cry on anymore.
I want to tie my shoes and sprint forward, bounding, leaping towards my goals.
I will make every step with confidence.
I will run straight through every wall, every obstacle, every barrier set in my path.
Nothing will stop me, cause I am the Storm.
And with the speed of lightning and the raging boom of thunder, I won't be stopped.
Oct 2018 · 524
zxn Oct 2018
Your lips burn like the sun
You hold stars in your finger tips
The world is in your palm
You walk on asteroids guided by the constellations that are braided into your being
The planets ring out for you
The earth keeps spinning your tune
Aug 2018 · 157
Mind of Webs
zxn Aug 2018
My mind lately is a jumbled mess of thoughts.

A giant spider web sprawling into different directions.

This not so sturdy spider web wavers in the wind.

— The End —