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zxn 1d
I wanna kiss your ex’s name out of your mouth
Trace the lines of sunlight wrapping around your body in the mornings
I find pieces of your smile in the sky and your laugh in raindrops against my face
If I could bottle your voice and get drunk off of it every night I would
You’re a sunrise in a world that doesn’t know light
And a pulse to a heart that needs life
zxn 3d
I wrote this poem for you but you’ll never know it
My love runs true but I never show it
I sealed it in a bottle in hopes that it would find its way to you
Wishing that you’ll be able to read the love between the lines and through
I drowned trying to swim across the ocean that was you
zxn Aug 25
Attempting to be break from normalcy
Learning there is much more for me to see
The process may hurt
But there is no progress without work
Trying to break my shell
zxn Jul 28
Patience. Patience. Patience.
All my life I've been told to be patient.
Well maybe it's time to go make it happen.
zxn Jul 12
She still makes my heart flutter
My words stutter and trip
My heart flip in my chest
My thoughts turn into a mess
zxn Jul 5
It feels like I’m in an ocean
And I’ve forgotten how to swim
And all my fears are tied to my ankles
And I’m sinking, no drowning
Reaching towards the surface
But grabbing nothing but the air escaping from my lungs
zxn Jun 30
I told her the moon was in her eyes
She said she hated the night light
I told her that her skin was made of sunlight
She told me the sun was blinding
I told her I knew that because all I could see was her
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