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zxn 4d
I used to tell myself that nothing could break me
But I've been feeling like I can be broken down lately
It's crazy how events have shaped me, changed me
Wrung me out and hanged me
You left and what you gave me?
A heart full of regret and lengthy scars
Shaky hands and a broken car
to be broken and to be together at once
zxn Mar 31
I wish I could be a kid again
I wish I could look up at my mom and tug on her sides again
Or sit in her lap as she reads me a bedtime story
Telling me to sleep tight and not let the bed bugs bite
Everything was simpler when I was younger

Now I'm eighteen with far dreams
Ready to make mistakes
Falling into more heartbreaks
And wishing I could be a kid again
zxn Mar 16
I’d fight a thousand wars just to be yours
zxn Mar 8
It’s true, Real love is for the fools
So hurt me, I know you want to
We’re better misunderstood
zxn Mar 3
I've written about you as a summer day
a winter night
a sunlit goddess
a queen of ice
a frostbitten kiss
A constellation of love
and I still don't think I've found words
good enough to summarize your beautiful light
zxn Feb 24
When your fragile world comes crashing down around you, you realize your place.
For now, we're stuck in our endless loop, this endless race we face.

The shatter of your heart replays in your mind, leaving nothing but broken behind.
please handle with care,  fragile
  Feb 5 zxn
your worth is unmeasurable

its value is so high
yet so low

all it takes is
the right person
to determine
how much you’re worth

don’t let an unmeasurable soul
measure your worth.

don’t let one with an
unmeasurable worth
determine the value
of yours.
- don’t gift fragile hands with the power over your worth and be surprised of the repercussions.
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