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Watching the frozen water vapor,
Ice crystals, falling from the clouds,
Towards, the cold hard ground,
With a strong wind, blowing, in every direction,
Spinning them in circles, all around.
One of nature’s most beautiful sights,
As they arrive for their landing, so gently,
Never making a sound.
When the sun shines down, on everything,
Covered in white, it brings a hypnotizing, trance,
With it, in the air, everyone always stops,
Their day, taking a few minutes and stares.
A snowfall, slows the pace of life, for everyone,
To experience, enjoy, and see, as it covers, all
Generations, reminding us,
The most beautiful, wonderful feelings, in this life,
Come naturally, simple and free.

The original: Tom Maxwell © 02/17/2024 A.D.
Thinking too much, New ideas, interesting signs,
Sorting through the rules, ideas, of false prophets,
Who deem we should, all walk the same line.
One reason, so much mental craziness,
We are here, to discover our soul, help it grow,
Eternity, the ultimate find.
A challenging experience, in this life of materialism,
This journey, we carry our soul through, compared to eternity,
Each of us are only here, about one second, in time.
Believing and patience, time to think, plan, make decisions, now,
As we look for future signs.
The longer you are permitted to stay, you will see more souls,
Travel away, you meet fewer as you age, only remembering,
Very few, not because of their material things, or their wages,
They shared their time, knowledge, and skills,
Their soul touched yours, on this life’s stage.

                                      The original: Tom maxwell © 1/7/2023 AD
The longer you are permitted to stay, in this life, today,
Your thoughts change about people, and experience’s,
That crossed your trail, along the way.
Everyone, teaches, and learns from each other, in many ways,
A gentleman, came up to me, thanking me, a talk we had in the past,
He said he was down, on himself, and life, at that time, he said,
That he started exploring, some of my knowledge, I shared,
And his life, turned from bad to good at last.
I never remembered him, he was a stranger to me then,
And a stranger to me now.
I would have never known I helped this man, if he would,
Have not stopped me, and explained his life story,
In a few minutes, of this short life time.
Most everyone, knows others, they want to tell them,
They appreciate them, they just keep the thought,
In their mind.
At funerals, people cry and pray, because they know,
It’s to late, to tell the person, thanks,
You inspired me, during this life time.

                                          The Original: Tom Maxwell ©9/9/2023 AD
I'm honest with everyone I meet, some may not like what I tell them,
honesty is worth it, if your thoughts kept someone standing tall on their feet.
Dec 2023 · 206
One of my Favorite Memories
If anyone ever see’s that girl,
Tell her, I am doing fine,
It’s been forever since I saw her,
Feel like, I’ve been doing time,
She will always remember me,
The guy playing music, in the garage,
With the bright lights, and signs,
We touched each other’s heart,
It happened in such a short time,
There are no bad feelings,
I remember, those days, as special times,
If she ever needs a friend, my arms are open,
No late fees, or fines.
It was crazy the day we met,
She is half my age,
We shared a lot of fun nights,
I remember them, like yesterday,
She knows, if she is ever lost,
I would talk to her, any night or day,
She never gave a reason, to keep her true emotions in,
She just turned and walked away,
I hope sometime, I’ll see her again,
She will always be,
One of my favorite memories, that will always stay.
Song Lyrics by: The Original: Tom Maxwell ©12/14/2023 AD
The timing was perfect we both needed a friend...
Dec 2023 · 158
Christmas Turkey Dinners
Some of the memorable thoughts, and comments,
From The Holiday Season – What are they talking about ?
That is the biggest one I have ever seen
How long do I beat it before it is ready
Stop playing with your meat
You will know when it is ready, when it pops up
It is ready, it is ready
Just spread the legs open, and stuff it in
Stop licking your fingers
How long will it take, after you stick it in
Can you handle all these people, at one time
I did not expect everyone to come at the same time
It is a little dry, do you still want to eat it
Tying the legs together, will keep it moist inside
You still have a little bit on your chin and lips
Just wait till it is your turn, you will get some
I am in the mood for a little dark meat
Talk about some huge breast
Get a taste then pass it on
That is one terrific spread
If I do not undo my pants, I will bust them open
Are you ready for seconds
It is cool whip time
The Original: Tom Maxwell©11/16/2022 AD
Not actually a poem, just wanted to share, a little Holiday Humor!
The thought of past lives,
Ever pass through your mind,
Who you may have been, what you did,
Take notice when things come easy,
You must try, watch for special signs.
You are creating, another past life, today,
It will mix with your others,
When your soul journeys, from this life’s, stage.
There are old & new souls around, on planet Earth,
On their journey today, So many just compare,
Material things of others, in different ways,
A true soul mate, a soul yours new in past days,
Someone you instantly connect with, and totally trust,
They feel and act the same, right away,
Sharing stories and by actions, will help,
Both of you, discover your hidden talents,
From your past life’s, of yesterday’s

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 12/12/2023 AD 2:00 am
soul of the past ours remembers works both ways, ever meet someone right a way a bad feeling, you can not trust them, may be an foe from a past life
One, one-hundredth of a century, one tenth of a decade,
Eight thousand, seven hundred, and sixty hours,
Five hundred twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes,
Thirty one million, four hundred forty nine thousand,
Six hundred seconds, three hundred sixty five days,
You just traveled through, in the year, twenty, twenty three!
Everyone has their own ways to slice it, dice it, cut it up,
In any size or shape. We only are served a limited amount,
In this life, use it to be productive, do not waste any, clean your plate,
You can cut it like a pie, so much to think in quiet alone,
To find, and meet your soul, another piece, to discover,
Your hidden talents, God sent you to this life with, for this short stay,
Everyone’s, is a little different, every day, plan, a piece for fun,
Time outside, connecting with nature, for we are a part of everyday,
Stay away from, the modern mind controlling devices, that give,
More power and control, over your short life to strangers, making,
You tell, real people in your life, you do not have enough time, in a day.
As you open your door, and welcome in, twenty, twenty four,
Think positive, associate with those who do the same, do not listen,
To negative stories, or repeat the weather report, many times a day,
The times have changed, take charge of your life, before, your mind,
Is totally under control, to others, as many actions already are today.
How often, do you only look for messages, or phone calls, twice a day,
Then let the phone lay, or schedule, one hour of television, turn it off, a
Walk away … take your life back, on new year’s day, life is a very short stay!

The Original: Tom Maxwell c 12/17/2023 A.D.
Happy New Year to all of the wonderful poets on here!
ladies change during the Christmas season You can walk up to a lady and say ** *** ** and they smile.....try that on a hot July day...
Dec 2023 · 152
Mushrooms a Racoon and Me
I was walking through the woods,
As I was passing a pine tree,
I noticed in the needles on ground,
The cap’s of a few mushrooms, just staring at me
Realizing, it was late in the season, i moved some needles,
My curiosity, made me take a peek to see,
From my Shroomology experiences, of the past,
I could verify that these were edible mushrooms indeed.
I pulled a few from the ground, they were fresh,
The blanket of needles providing warmth,
Protecting them from a freeze,
I was getting a little hungry, so I took a sample taste,
Remembering, home grown vegetables were good for me.
I was sitting on a hollow log, watching a beautiful sun set,
To the west, waving goodbye, to me,
Enjoying the colorful streaks, in the sky,
Then I felt the log move, under me,
I heard some leaves making noise at the end, of the log,
As I turned my head to investigate, I saw,
Two of the biggest racoon eyes, you may ever see,
I then realized, I was an unexpected, house guest,
So to show appreciation, I shared some of the mushrooms,
I had with me, he nibbled on a few, then ran away,
Not having nothing important to do, I turned around on the log,
To watch the sun rise in the East,
Then I felt something, holding the back of, my jacket,
It felt like a crazy beast, to my surprise, it was the racoon,
His eyes, even larger, as if something scared him, off his feet,
I calmed him down, then he sat on the log, we watched,
The rising sun over the trees, to the East, then he started,
Crawling back into the log, he winked, I said, thanks for the feast.

The original: Tom Maxwell c 12/15/23 A.D.
Don't you just love mother nature
Dec 2023 · 230
Christmas Thoughts 2023
There is one thing most of us would agree,
We do not like those who are selfish, and live a life of greed.
Through most of the media outlets. evil, filtered through mind manipulation,
Is recruiting more followers, every day, slowly removing, Jesus Christ,
From his own birthday, Christmas Day.
I was at a local watering hole, on Friday night, a longtime friend,
Walked in, a fluffy white beard, red pants, black boots, Santa Clause, right,
The holiday, is to honor the birth of Jesus Christ.
If you were showing respect, and dressed up like Jesus, today,
Many would laugh, others may start a fight.
When asked, most people believe in God, Jesus is his son, he sent, To save our soul, our soul, that is who we are, how often today,
Do you hear, save my soul, compared to, save my ***?
Many like to gamble, a bad bet, if you think we would be here today,
Without the first Christmas day.
It’s been many moon’s ago, over 2023 years ago, where was your soul?
The populated, parts of the world, were at, what many are chasing,
Wanting today, one central government, that controls you, everything, you have, do, or say,
One fact, they want to eliminate, teaching history,
In schools today, It was so bad before Jesus, most everything is lost,
Everyone wanted to forget the past, they even changed the, calendar, to B.C.
Today people like to name drop, talking about famous people,
No one, comes close to Jesus, he and his father, God, they have,
In the past, and in the future, always will be the first, and second spots.

We see and hear about broken families today, Jesus was conceived,
By a ******, his mom Mary, Joseph, her man, right by her side,
A hard working carpenter, The world has been so turned around since then,
Still going on today, How many men would consider living, staying, with,
A ******, today, love has changed from feelings of the person, their soul, to what I can get, run around and show,
We, our souls, have past, and future life’s, Christmas, is a time, to think, pray and believe,
Many want the most expensive gifts, just for tell and show,
Find discover, your own soul, the gift God gave each of us, you want to be, popular, you will never forget someone, who took time,
To touch you with their soul! Those expensive, gifts, large amounts Of money, are chump change,
Compared to eternity, have patience, believe, help others,
Show appreciation, we are here to build our soul, to perfection, Through our, actions words and thoughts, from our mind.
Jesus is still around us, incognito today, there are also prophets, Teaching, angels, who watch over us, and help in our moments,
Of serious need. The word has been out there, for a long long time,
Jesus, will be back,
On center stage, a second time, to save his father’s creations,
Will the calendar, change again, with memories of us forgot,
Believe, live by what you say, Merry Christmas, AKA,
Happy Birthday Jesus, celebrate, the most wonderful holy day,
                                        Merry Christmas

                                      The Original: Tom Maxwell © 12/16/2023 A.D.
Dec 2023 · 301
Humans are a Part of Nature
Sitting at my desk, staring out the window,
Looking through the woods of leafless trees,
As the seasons change, there is always,
A new picture to, admire and see.
The green summer colors, have changed,
To the fall & winters, dormant brown,
The fallen seeds, waiting to germinate,
When the warm spring air, wakes them up,
They rise and grow, never making a sound.
The birds fly south, so patient, in a V,
They each wait their turn, flying in front as the lead.
As the squirrel’s, bury their nuts, to supply their winter feed.
Today’s, temperature is hovering around forty degrees.
About time to lay down my pencil, go outside, blow some leaves.
Humans are a part of nature,
Not as hard as the wood, of an old oak tree,
Mother nature, is a best friend, for without, we would not be,
Everyday, take time, visit outside nature, Thank God,
For the beautiful planet, he created for our soul to visit, and see.
One of many stops along our way, leave your toys inside,
Get your hands *****, listen to the peace, of nature’s sound,
Healthier than you realize, those items you cherish,
You constantly carry around, have many more germs,
Than in the dirt, that makes up the ground.
                                        The Original: Tom Maxwell © 12/09/2023 AD
Oct 2023 · 254
You Feel their Energy
There is an opposite, to everything,
In life this time, moments, you will make,
Mistakes, decisions in your mind,
Other days you will glow so bright,
Everything you touch or do, will,
Turn out right, be honest with yourself,
So much time can be wasted,
Trying to chase dreams, your soul and spirit,
Will let you know, they will never be in your sights.
I treat everyone the same, honest words, no games,
Life is to short, all the people, since the first two,
Adam & Eve, we each are equal to one drop of water,
In the largest sea, or one grain of sand on the beach,
You see, your words, stories, and made up excuses,
Are not as important as your actions every day.
Think of someone you loved that has passed away,
You do not picture, clothes, cars, or any other,
Material thing, You feel the energy, they shared,
And gave, while taking time from their short life,
Through actions, showing you, they truly cared.

                                               The Original Tom Maxwell  © 7/26/23 AD
The way you think, creates your attitude,
And how you react every day, when ideas,
Or suggestions, come to you in different ways,
Do you say that sounds like fun, or think of,
Something negative, to say.
Are you always looking for new activities, or do you always,
Sit in the same chair, facing the same way.

Never have a fear of failure, if you will not give something,
A fair try, and chance, excuses become a habit, it doesn’t,
Matter if you live in a box, or on a ranch, it’s having confidence,
In yourself, not worrying about what others will think, you never,
Know how long you will live, do not convince yourself, you had your,
Last dance.
If you enjoy watching people work their job, on TV,
You could take acting classes, to see how you would be,
If you enjoy nature and honey, you could start raising bees,
It’s your only chance at this life, you’re here to discover you’re,
Soul, and you never know, when the best day of your life may be.

                                       The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/9/23 AD
                                                              ­                                             6:15 am
Always keep searching
Oct 2023 · 187
What will your Future Be
This life is a learning experience, as we journey, on our way,
We each have a different finish line, never knowing our last day,
Everyone thinks, and acts, a little strange to others, in many ways,
New ideas, and messages arrive to us, we share every day.
Who, how and why, are the false prophets around, among us today,
Those who control your life, in person, not recognizing you in any way.
Respect, morals, sharing, with hard work,
Has kept human life alive on this planet, till today, control is the reason,
So many spend hours a day, inhaling, the negative hot topics, of each day,
Through, media, artificial intelligence, which can ruin anyone, in many ways.
After they program one like you, the false one’s can take everything, they started,
Eliminating who you are, your name, means nothing today, now you are an,
E-mail, pass word, then they still do not trust, you do not have any choice,
So they send an email with a code to return, you have no record, not even, the day,
If you jump through the hoops right, they might believe, it’s you.
Look ahead, the near future, robots, clones, looking like, acting, knowing everything,
You do, then at any moment, the false ones, can take every thing you own,
With your name, and possessions, who or what, are you?

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 10/4 /23 AD
every one addicted to screen staring, more time every day, our lives being taken away from the inside, and every month we pay.
Oct 2023 · 501
We Are All Spiritual Beings
True happiness, peace, and satisfaction,
Everyone has inside, society, makes people believe,
You have to have a lot of money, or a certain,
Special person, always by your side, many spend,
A life time, chasing what they think they need,
Never noticing, their life is passing them by.
There are so many excuses, to hide, from your reality,
Why you are here, your purpose, in this life, never,
Listening, or feeling, your soul and spirit inside,
Most just play, follow the leader, whoever, they think,
Is cool or popular, a social high.
We are all spiritual beings, traveling through,
This human experience, in our journey, at this time,
To discover our soul, listening to our spirit, as we,
Make decisions, in our mind, without the inner guidance,
We would always chase material rewards, and live a life,
Based on fear, and anxiety, following the evil, and unkind.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 10/29/23 AD  
4:20 am
Oct 2022 · 642
Do your dreams come true
Every thought idea or plan, for future days,
In reality, is a dream, no one knows their length,
Of time, in this life’s stay.
Experiences you will have in this life, some are,
Real dreams, that came true,  serious thoughts from your past,
When they are over, you may look back, and think,
Wow, I remember picturing this in my life,
It happened and was over as fast as a blink.
When a dream comes to reality, it’s usually perfect timing,
And place, the excitement of the moment, you put down,
Your guards, trust and enjoy the pace.
A few things about a real dream there is usually a hidden,
Message, for guidance and to make you think, you will,
Remember details, for years, also you have no notice of,
The time, place, or the other people’s faces.

                                   The Original: Tom Maxwell© 10/6/2022 AD
Aug 2022 · 664
Many Lost Miles
It’s twenty years ago, the end of August,
I was forty- five years old, by chance, I wrote,
My very first song/poem. I am sitting in the same room,
Like then all alone, When I received a sad call, on the telephone.
A drinking buddy, Randy, stumbling on the words, he had to say,
His buddy Jamie, fell off a cliff, his last step, his life,
Ended that day. I had never planned to write, a song or poem,
I could hear Randy’s voice, he was lost, so alone.
I remember, arguing with, a voice inside, of me,
Which kept, saying you can do it, just write you will see.
I gave it a try, I was probably high, Within about,
One hour, Jamie’s Song, I had printed in pencil, before my eyes.
To this date, I have around two thousand finished, with about,
Another four hundred started, I never finished those songs,
My siblings, parents, the lady I married, and Randy,
Left this life, they have all passed along. There is no happy ending,
At least for today, I do thank God, for the talent, of writing words,
In a special way, the ideas can arrive anytime night, or day I then try to arrange them, in an understanding way, then start another, and lay the finished one aside. A bittersweet feeling, I should feel proud inside,
I know there will be times in everyone’s life, we should have,
A beaming smile, which is washed away by tears from our,
lost miles.
                The Original: Tom Maxwell© 8/15/22 AD
Aug 2022 · 434
Priorities, we each have our own,
We each have a different list, we keep in our mind,
Certain events, around us, can change, one’s way,
Of life, fast, at various times.
It’s happened before, just look at history, of the past.
When the economy, money, is flowing slow, to keep,
What you own, and  spending habits, have to change fast.
Some retailers, and friends, may frown when you slow down,
It’s a must if you want, your lifestyle to last.
It’s harder on the older folks, unlike the younger generation,
They do not have, the time in years, to earn more, and turn,
Their life, back around. Society today, so many living their life,
Un–needed enjoyment spending, they never try to save.
Many will have to, adjust, their life, staying home more often,
Entertaining  themselves more, plan fewer trips each day,  and only,
Buying necessities, when they can get to town. How long,
Will it last, no set date, or time, our politicians,
The players, continue keeping their mindset, leading,
Everyone closer to insane, this life is real, not a game.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/28/22
Jul 2022 · 604
Everyone is the Same
As you cruise on planet Earth, your mother ship,
                  You  float, no one knows where exactly, in the universe, the sky,
Spinning in circles, circling the sun, as other planets, and stars,
Pass you by.
A perfect resort for human beings, your sun the perfect distance away,
Plants that re- produce, and create oxygen, for all to breathe each day,
Along with many varieties, of food, for you to survive, during this life stay.
There is so much around you and inside your planet, yet to be discovered,
Someday, every survival need you need is free, appreciation, your goal, to visit,
Other planets, millions of miles away. You  are creatures from many years,
By mixing families, genes, and cultures, you are all the same.
The free needs of a human being, are taken for granted, in every way,
Knowing at any time, your earthly figure could fade away, why are,
So many thoughts and actions, negative, greedy, and cruel,
You should all care about, and be happy with each other,
This life, a short one-time vacation, as your soul will travel on,
Searching for perfection, before the final judgment day.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/25/22 AD
4:19 am
Jul 2022 · 110
Never Pretend
This life is a constant search,
For answers to find,
Sorting the why’s and wishes, not by choice,
That were left behind,
Those gears are always turning,
In my mind.
The road is only paved, one breath at a time,
Tomorrow may never be,
Just a dream, in your mind.
There is a dead-end, sign, for each of us,
It’s not far around the bend,
Keep your pedal to the metal, and
Never pretend.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/7/2020
Jul 2022 · 836
Always Plan Ahead
You arrived in this life, with an open hand,
Everything to learn, no direction or plans,
Never knowing, what you will find,
Around the next turn, someone you never expected,
Is your true best friend, and those you thought,
Were so cool, we’re looking at you to burn.
As a child, everything so entertaining,
That enters your mind, then you learn, to separate,
What is good, and what will lead to binds.
Everything grew smaller, as you started standing,
Higher, on your feet, Your dreams started expanding,
As you planned, on reaching the tallest peak.
Dreams do come true, some you never even realize,
A different, person, time, and place, than the original vision,
That came to you. Always plan, look ahead a few years,
The material world can be fun, many end up with empty hands.
None of us know, until our last, how many we will have till our final day,
Angels and your spirit will guide you, to help lead your soul to perfection,
The only part of you, that will travel on, after this life’s stay.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/22/2022 AD
4:20 am
Jul 2022 · 80
They are Among us
Almost one-third of my life, I have been an author,
I never think of myself much that way,
Interesting thoughts flow, I print with a pencil in hand,
What, inspires me, I never start with an exact plan.
Writers, deep thinkers, and prophets, always related to the past,
They are among us, some reading this could be, delivering,
Messages, that will forever last.
They would have a special personality, able to mix with,
All types of people, depending on the situation, are capable of,
Delivering the messages, in many different ways, leaving,
Inspiring information, to others, they may use, will repeat,
While pondering about the impression, that was made,
For the rest of this life’s stay.
Society is hanging over a cliff, through ads, and many other ways,
Creating minds, that money, is so much talked about,
Altering how people think, they refuse to listen, or even believe,
Unless a famous rich person or money is in the conversation, some way.
Think about your thoughts, the messages you receive, and hopefully
The answer will come, for the original plan, and
Peace On Earth Will Be.
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/7/2022
Life attitude actions future
Jun 2022 · 319
Jun 2022 · 318
Yes it’s a lot of Work
A feeling that you can never totally explain,
Often confusing, although it always remains,
Often changing, from soft to smooth, to moments,
Of going insane. A business venture, working,
For common long term, goals, those involved,
Must share, and accept, give and receive, while,
Often switching to different role’s, often seeking,
Solutions, from within the soul. A project that needs,
Constant team work, and repair, along the way,
Enjoyment, a caring nature, emotions, are more reward,
Than any monetary pay. From patience, to times of hurry,
On any day, dedication, determination, resolving,
Issues, accepting behavior, just a short list, if you want,
Love in your life to stay.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 6/17/2022 AD
!:32 pm
May 2022 · 650
As far as my Eyes can See
As the morning sunlight rises,
In the East, behind my back,
To start this day, lighting everything,
The warm rays, touch along their way.
A few hours later, the dark nimbus cumulus clouds,
Start to cover the sky, blocking  the sunlight rays,
From my eyes, after a few rounds of thunder,
Raindrops start falling to the ground,
Nothing in its path stays dry, as the wind,
Starts blowing the falling moisture around.
The darkness continues to increase,
Looking towards, Schooley’s woods,
The white and yellow honeysuckle, I could normally see,
Across Maxwell’s creek, hiding in darkness, the only,
Light for a landmark, a lone light on, Schaubert’s bridge,
As I look downstream taking a peek.
The rain will slowly fade,
The sun will light the rest of the day,
The water in the creek will flow under the bridge,
Downstream on its, way.

The Original: Tom Maxwell  copyright 5/19/22 AD
2:00 pm
May 2022 · 346
Who, What, Why
Organizing our travels, subconsciously,
Or with intent, we confuse our own mind,
Different, ideas, plans, changing directions,
While not forgetting, the what if’s, and whys,
With the, I knew better than that, or I know,
I just can’t think of it now, I should have tried,
Now thinking about it, their story, was a big lie.
Then we head out in the world, acting like were,
Confident having life figured out, our **** together,
Knowing nothing last forever, soon clouds will form,
Drift our way, thunder, rain, called stormy weather.
Oh, we cannot forget the guessing, experimental,
Ideas, we are all inventors, on different days, then,
The story to praise our self, and often exaggerate, lines,
The final thought, we all have experience, answers come fast,
If things do not work out, like that simple picture, in our mind,
The three W’s, who, what, or why, messed it up for us, this time.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 5/18/22 AD
11:00 am
May 2022 · 659
Mother’s Day Memories
We never think much about,
Memories until something is over,
Every move we make, the words we say,
We are creating memories,
For ourselves, and others, for the rest,
Of this life’s stay. Why memories in my mind,
Today is the day to honor all Mothers,
It’s been four years since my mom’s soul,
Left this life, on it’s journey to perfection someday,
When I started writing, I never had, a thought, idea,
Or plan, I started, this coming August it will be 20 years.
Thousands of pieces of paper, one of the best feelings,
And always will be, each year, for about 15 years, I wrote,
My mom, a mother’s day poem, thanking her for everything,
How much I love her, and for bringing me into this life to see.
I had a good mom,  she always took care of me
If you are lucky enough, to still have your mom in your life,
Call her, go visit her, Write her a poem. None of us ever know,
When we will be a memory, to others, I just feel good,
I had the chance to write her poems telling her,
How much I appreciated her, Happy Mother’s Day.
The Original: Tom Maxwell ©  5/8/2022AD
May 2022 · 332
For the past few decades, life on this, planet,
Has slowly turned upside down,
How many more years will there be,
Knowledgeable humans, standing on the ground.
People use to be known for their good qualities,
Honesty, talents, and other personal ways,
Now almost everyone you meet, asks what you do,
How much money do you make, not much interest,
In the person that is you in any way. The internet,
Has almost eliminated, children’s outside  games,
While making their manners, and actions, rude to insane.
No one seems to have patience, they want it now or yesterday,
Most stories, in the media or you, hear on the streets, are,
Negative, it’s almost sad to say, if you are happy, Smile,
All of the time, others think you’re up to something,
In some suspicious way.
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 5/6/2022 AD
5:01 am
May 2022 · 366
Your Tears will Pass
There is nothing anyone can do or say,
To remove those empty hollow feelings,
Inside of you, It’s a part of this life’s journey,
Our soul leaves our current body, towards its,
Next challenge, different and new.
Always a harsh reminder, to listen to others,
Discover who they are inside, their soul,
Appreciate them, their money clothes,
Material things, just decorations,
We all carry on the outside.
We each will have our moment, we should,
Never know our exact time or way,
God made the rules, in Heaven, part of the original,
Plans on that very first day.
Your tears will pass, those dark clouds will fade,
The good memories will forever stay.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 5/6/2022 AD
3:36 am
May 2022 · 291
Many afraid of themselves
The thrill of always looking,
Can chase, true happiness away, often finding what we want,
Then we make up excuses, turn, and walk away.
Never knowing, if we will ever find another,
That will touch our soul in any special way.
Too much interference, all around, with more created,
All of the time, so many bad decisions from quick choices,
That pops up in our mind, everyone is trained to think of,
Or make up what is negative about their life,
And others, to pass on their faults, and personal binds,
complements, and praise, only if they were making,
Money, to help their bottom line, a simple kind act towards another, often is turned around, some will say they got over,
Or used you, to praise themselves, in their mind, all their stories no in-betweens, they are the hero, or a victim every time.
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 5/02/2022 AD
5:29 am
With a little patience, taking the time,
Writing a story that rhymes, then mixing in music,
A few people can create a song, thousands of people,
Without reading a verse, can sing along, with every line.
Everyone has a style they like, each generation, tweaks it,
Their way, the ones we enjoy, can pick up our energy,
During any slow day.
Music seems to have a direct route to our personal database,
We can live for years, without hearing, a certain song play,
As soon as we hear the first note, we start singing away,
Even moving our limbs, from playing air instruments to a crowd,
That sways!
Our society can learn to remember, many important things,
While having fun at the same time,
No one looked at it as work, or school, the first time,
We heard and sang, happy birthday, and the ABC song,
Now they are a perpetual fixture, memory in our minds.
As we age, many decide to stop listening to music,
And moving around, to a sit and stare, then sooner or later,
When you're talking, others are looking at each other,
Pointing at their head, he’s losing it up there.
Apr 2022 · 524
Small act’s become Habits
We often judge others, by what they do, and say,
Gossip about someone spreads like a sunlight ray,
You know when others, like and agree, with you,
Many say nothing, no recognition, or praise,
We should take time to examine ourselves,
Our life, words, and actions are the very same way.
Small things we do on any day, if we accept,
Keep and practice, they become a habit, every day,
The earth is our stage, we are the actors, today,
Like those before, our part will be eliminated,
As will our character, in this current life’s play,
Where next, practice positive now, learn to pray.

The Original: Tom Maxwell© 4/6/2022 AD
12:00 pm
Apr 2022 · 528
Is Praying Old Fashion ?
Is it a forever master plan,
Between every country, on planet earth,
As we circle around the sun every day,
The hate and evil patterns, wars, it seems,
No leaders want to work towards peace, in any way.
Are the majority, of the people, just pawns, in a game,
The Leaders play, they get their country in a war,
Pick and choose citizens, saying they are serving the country,
In reality, many will die, and others will never see life the same.
The media repeats the worst of the worst, children,
Learn how to hate, fight, and ****, from television, and video games.
Something is wrong, we hear of all the deaths, from covid 19,
Now Russia, attacking Ukraine, a physical war, no mention,
Praying to God could be a sign, that the end is not that far.

The Original: Tom Maxwell© 4/4/2022 AD
Apr 2022 · 612
Picked the final Hour
What news is being disguised
By the worlds, Dictators, & Hierarchy,
The tales the rest of us hear, each day,
Why wars, conflicts, each of us will die,
Soon enough anyway.
What’s the real urgent reason,
So many innocent people,
You **** along the way,
Why can’t us possible targets,
Know the truth, if you plan to make our day.
Being Rulers of countries A gig
Ninety-nine percent of us normal minded people,
Will never imagine or see, You, have money, power,
Or is it some crazy bet, and you have already,
Picked the final hour.

                                                The Original: Tom Maxwell © 3/7/22 AD
3:00 am
Apr 2022 · 245
Subconsciously Trained
Our brain, Our mind, our command center,
Without thinking, they control our breathing,
Heartbeat, while processing our vision, hearing,
So much more, always giving us signs.
We can look outside to rain, convincing ourselves,
It’s going to be a gloomy day, everything seems,
To go slow even the actual time.
Some people say no one can control them,
If we hear, read, see, somethings enough,
We even start doing them every day,
How did almost, everyone in the country,
All about the same time, decide they were,
Going to carry a bottle of water or something,
Every day even if not thirsty, habits born stay,
Cell phones the same, ever hear of people,
Leaving their kids in a car, their phone, no way.
The Original: Tom Maxwell© 3/16/22 A D
9:45 pm
Apr 2022 · 557
Has anyone survived, that remembers 1969,
Everyone, was experimenting with drugs,
You’re still alive, you were supposed, to die.
Peace & Love were the greetings, with,
Bright colorful flowers to brighten up each day,
Sharing, looking for the cool, positive in each other,
Giving hitchhiker’s a ride, no one in that extra seat anyway.
The Wood stock concert, held in muddy farm fields,
That season the farmers, lost some yield, as a pond,
Was their bath tub, they passed around, and shared meals,
Touching each other,
Showed love, sharing a sandwich, or ****, was no big deal.
Hundreds of thousands, left their homes, to protest,
Their feelings, and what they believed, they stood up proud,
The way Americans should be.
Protesting the politicians, for picking, shipping young people,
Across the seas, to fight in Viet Nam, they didn’t know why,
Or believe, the day they left, the last time for many of them,
Their homeland, they would ever see. Events that change history,
Marijuana legal today, politicians taxed it, so now it’s good, ok,
Those boys that came back, from war in body bags, they still lay.
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 3/30/2022 AD
It’s fun to Journey, inside my mind,
The more I search, the more I find,
Many Visions, messages, positive signs,
I collect, rearranging, into understandable lines,
What ever I’m thinking about, at that moment, in time.

The original: Tom Maxwell © 3/30/2022 AD
Mar 2022 · 264
Memories of my Journey
I’ve met a lot of people, as I travel, through life this time,
Searching, for my purpose, mixing the energy in my mind,
There are countless messages, and inspirations, at any moment,
In time, then I search, sort, and mix, to see what I find,
None of us should plan for a perfect grade, in life this time,
I thank God for this chance to discover and being so kind.
When my journey in this life ends, the smoke, from,
My cremation will rise up, like a dark cloud,
Floating towards the sky, and it will fade,
Only then my soul will travel on, more to discover, another stage.
My material possessions will be left, somewhere they will lay,
My poems/songs, read, learn, share, for now, and the future,
Change the worldwide negatives, to positives, harder each day,
In a few short moments, memories of me in this life will fade.
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 11/27/2022AD 4:20 am
Mar 2022 · 492
Soon the sun will be out of sight,
As it falls to the west, we begin our night,
Then, the street lights will shine so bright,
Later as everyone starts yawning, they say good night.
We just lived through, another day,
Never knowing, how many more, may come our way.
There is no rhyme or reason,
We each have a different length, to our personal season.
In this life no one, forever stays,
We each have an unknown time, place, and way,
Our reservations have been made.
Think positive, learn, teach, help others, every day.
No need to complain about things,
You have no power to advise or change,
Many times, in this life, we will have to rearrange,
Be thankful for this life’s short stay,
In the morning, the sun will rise, in the eastern sky,
Shining bright, to light our way, another day.

                              The original: Tom Maxwell © 3/15/22 AD
Mar 2022 · 217
Not the Slightest
Ingredient labels, on everything, from the,
Bottled tap water we drink, to processed food we eat,
Trying to be healthy, not tripping on our feet.
If we feel bad, grab a phone give a doctor a ring,
They have no guarantees, although they push drugs,
For almost everything. We risk our life, trusting,
The system, doctors buy licenses to deal, from,
Politicians, The Government, who keep our prescription,
Ingredient’s, hid under a rug. Many take medicines,
Normally adding more as we age, not having a clue,
Not the slightest, Drugs. In the media you may see,
What street drugs have inside, are they about the same,
Never a second thought, go right to the pharmacy,
Inhale whatever, strap yourself in, wait for the ride.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 3/14/2022 AD
4:20 pm
Mar 2022 · 253
This life is our present challenge,
We should learn something new,
Until the last breath, we take,
Always keep moving, our muscles, and joints,
Or they will become as stiff as boards on a crate,
While keeping our mind active, tinkering with something,
Or a new project to create,
Not sitting every day in the same spot,
As if we are wearing a body cast
We are not living today, if our stories,
Are about, the past,
No active daily plans for the future, no way,
How long will the human mind, and body last,
Look for signs of boredom, that mold your life until you pass,
If you talk about the weather, more than one time a day,
If the only thing you’re worried about coming,
Is the mail every day, or if, remember,
Is the first word, of every sentence that you say.

                                          The Original: Tom Maxwell © 3/13/2022 AD
                                                                           4:20 pm
Mar 2022 · 512
Nobody’s right, if everybody is wrong,
As people get warm under the collar,
Singing the continuous global warming song.
Planet Earth, hot lava inside, which builds,
Up steam over time, which needs to escape,
Every day, more asphalt, concrete, buildings,
Covering vents on the surface, creating internal binds.
More world - wide population, each person close to 100 degrees,
Then the sun, that burning out star in the sky,
the orange ball we see, as we circle it 24 hours a day,
These reasons, are never mentioned, in any way.
Rivers, waterways, rising, from melting ice burgs, far away,
Our planet, many voids, from coal mines, pumping of oil,
Sand, rock… always something being removed, some way,
Direct that rising water, into those empty spaces,
Which would help, cool off that inner fire, during our stay.
Fires in California, A flood on the East cost build a maze of,
PVC pipe, every time a utility, installed in ground, put pipe,
Along the side, eventually connecting, open valve in flooded areas,
Free water moved to the fire, connect to fire hydrants, farms for spraying,
Places we do not need to pay to treat water, to use
Saving money for towns, we need to take advantage, of situations,
Stop blaming the people giving them the run around.
The Original: Tom Maxwell© 3/13/2022 AD
Mar 2022 · 108
Our Mind needs Freedom
We are in this life on Earth,
To find our true self in our soul.
We are each an individual searching,
For our earthly survival roll.
This life is a dream, day, by day,
As it is to everyone else, floating on this planet,
Spinning, circling the sun, as time slips away.
Its up to each of us to keep focused, on ourselves, each day,
Mixed with negative and positive people, their habits, beliefs,
And attitudes, its easy to get pulled away from our own experiences,
Inspirations we feel we should live, in this short stay.
Everyone has different Ideas how to live each day,
Do not waste your life, expecting others to change
Our mind needs freedom, notice signs, do not waste time.

                                     The Original; Tom Maxwell © 3/10/22 AD
                                                         9;36 pm
Mar 2022 · 567
Is your Life one big Excuse
The more we practice, the effort we put in,
The better we get over time, then at some point,
We shape how old we are, in our life, and mind.
Keep putting the thought in the air, repeat it,
Convince yourself, your old, you will soon be there.
Age a number no attachment, connection to our body,
Many in their sixties, can outwork, and think many,
Half their age in years, that refuse to lay down the remote,
And stop adding to their mind, excuses and fears.
If you always think you need that extra couple snacks a day,
It becomes a daily routine, if you eat and believe you need,
Less at each meal, more time to get up move around,
It’s convincing yourself when you make the deal.
Many professional excuse-makers, around every day,
Convincing themselves they are fading away.
Most people you ask, say they do not want to die,
We are the only ones, that can motivate ourselves,
To think positive, keep active, eat right, be healthy,
For the few short years, we are alive.
                                          The Original: Tom Maxwell © 3/12/2020 AD
                                                                                                11:45 am
Mar 2022 · 118
Picked the final Hour
What news is being disguised
By the worlds, Dictators, & Hierarchy,
The tales the rest of us hear, each day,
Why wars, conflicts, each of us will die,
Soon enough anyway.
What’s the real urgent reason,
So many innocent people,
You **** along the way,
Why can’t us possible targets,
Know the truth, if you plan to make our day.
Being Rulers of countries A gig
Ninety-nine percent of us normal minded people,
Will never imagine or see, You, have money, power,
Or is it some crazy bet, and you have already,
Picked the final hour.

                                           The Original: Tom Maxwell © 3/7/22 AD
3:00 am
Mar 2022 · 958
People & pets
Humans love their pets,
In many different ways,
Building a bond that is strong,
Until either one dies, no matter how long.
People remember the good happy times,
With their pets, bragging every day,
They can make a mess in the house,
Their humans clean it up,
Forgotten, in a fast way,
Why can’t humans treat each other the same way,
If the toilet seat is left up, easy to put down,
From some, you hear complaining for days.

The original: Tom Maxwell© 3/6/22 AD
1:46 pm
Feb 2022 · 262
A Trippy Place to See
Sitting in my home, with a pencil in hand,
Thoughts to letters, then words is my plan,
Often interesting impressions, appear in my head,
Then I ramble on until the story fades to dead.
Inside I can feel myself floating, places, voices,
Sometimes, as if the words are handed to me,
A journey into my mind, a trippy place to see,
Everything, the highest mountains, to open valleys,
Always peaceful, like standing in the sand, staring at the sea.
The Original: Tom Maxwell© 2/27/2022 AD
7:30 pm
Feb 2022 · 600
Another thought to Ponder
People are one of the most important ingredients,
In each other’s life, to survive every day,
Many we never meet, although their work and services,
Keep us alive, and comfortable in this life, many ways.

We never know in the morning, how often plans will change,
We find ourselves in another place, at the end of the day,
Knowing anything can change, or happen, at any time,
Who we may need advice or help from, during this life’s stay.

We each should appreciate others, more than material things,
That we often save and collect, not knowing why with our time,
Hoarding objects, knowing we will never use again, in this life,
Then look for reasons, we do not want certain people around.
A thought to think about in our mind.

The Original; Tom Maxwell ©
2/22/2022 AD
4:20 pm
Feb 2022 · 510
Show Appreciation
Everyone likes to be noticed,
Appreciated for things they do,
It gives them courage, and confidence,
When they help another from turning blue.
Stay friends with thoughtful people,
And always try to pay back, what is due.
The pace of human life, get’s faster day by day,
A little recognition can go a long way.
When you make someone smile,
It is a reflection, back at you.

The Original; Tom Maxwell ©  02/21/2022AD
Feb 2022 · 475
Unplanned Obstacles
We make many decisions in this life,
Such an unperfect world we live in today,
Depending on what we value, at the moment,
Our plans can be rearranged, at any time, on any day.
Our schedule will often be altered,
As we approach new cross roads , unplanned obstacles,
Can suddenly, block our way.
We learn with time and age, that in this life greed, often changes,
Our ideas of values and needs,  sometimes we have to let free,
Our ego, beliefs, so a more positive future, our eyes will see.
Certain dreams we vision as foolproof,
As  our thoughts led us to believe,
Will change to past memories, out of our control,
We have no choice, but to let them be.
Our deepest feelings and emotions, we can reminisce
The what ifs and whys, as we journey through years,
With vital information that we lack,
All we can do is sit back, as we wipe another tear.
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 02/04/2022 AD  11:52 pm
Feb 2022 · 817
Hypnotizing Every Eye
I stare at the white ice crystals,
As they fall, so peacefully to the ground,
They travel so far, floating free,
When they land, never making a sound.

Like an artist painting a picture,
They are slowly turning everything, the color white,
They can shut down airports, and roadways,
With little effort or might.

The peaceful atmosphere they create,
Seems to catch and hypnotize, every eye around,
Bringing back memories to the older people,
As the children, run up the hill to slide back down.

The air temperature controls their destiny,
How long they will be in our town,
As the warmer rays of the sun, come our way,
They slowly melt, into the thawing ground.  

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 1/29/2022 AD
7:45 am
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