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s1mpl3po3t Mar 24
The original dream
Shared a vision of happiness,
Harmonious circumstances
Character witnesses to a life,
That flowed unerringly
Across a landscape
Of perfection.

Then came the descendants;
Other dreams,
Where illusions were introduced
And the landscape underwent
Subtle changes,
Twists and turns
Seemingly random, chaotic eddies
Fractal logic prevailing;
The dream deviated
Always pushing and swelling
At the edge of
Its ever-expanding territory.

Standing anywhere along that edge
One can see a little more or less
Of the horizon
Than at any other position,
Equilateral sight
Into the possibilities
Of the future,
And looking back
A seemingly random path,
And though chaotic
It clearly made sense,
At each individual instant.
Gateway of a black hole
Time stops at an "event horizon"
For distant watcher of the universe
If you could reach an "event horizon"
You would be dead for the world
For you, you would be alive
Time flow quite normal
May be things happening
As in "Interstellar"
In reality a  dream
In dream a reality
Time stops at an "event horizon"
Dead and alive relative
In general relativity
Life in disarray
Smile still intact
Symbol of hope
Symbol of strength
Talking at length,
With his shadow present
What life meant
He was innocent
She was decent
It was her life's last event
Life in disarray
Smile still intact
Symbol of hope
Symbol of strength
Ahmad Attr Dec 2020
It was a blessed night, when I heard footsteps
Creaking wood sounds, you were getting closer
I got perplexed and jumped out of my bed
You knocked on my door over and over
‘’come in’’ I said in most coquettish tone
It wasn’t a first but this time we felt truly alone
Wearing a turtleneck and hands in your jeans pocket
Glasses resting on your nose, looking down
Perhaps looking for a topic
And then you asked me a question
‘’what does it feel like to live here?’’
‘’terrible, awful, horrific’’ I said with aggression
You kept asking me more and more
I forgot almost all of them because I got lost in your voice
I haven’t heard you like this before
Sitting on floor, I answered everything you asked
Complaining, criticizing this life, throwing fits
And when you were finished you said
‘’you deserve better than this’’
It was over; just so quick
I realized you were just there to tell the whole world
‘’A Day in the Life of an Island School Girl’’
Bea Aguilar Dec 2020
Count the days
Before it begins
The most sought-after event
That we all await

It's the first day of December
But it's not Christmas that I refer

Starting today,
Count all the days
When you give and give
Even to those who forget

Proven and tested,
It will return to you
It will be more than what they received
More than you asked and view
Thomas Harvey Oct 2020
Hope can cheer you up and Hope can bring you down
Hope can take you all over town
The main question of hope is if it is helpful or harmful
If I hoped to be a judge I would never be appointed
Often times when we hope we find ourselves disappointed

A friend once told me Hope is like a downward *****
Having Hope alone does not bring a  new day
Just like not having it doesn't mean you don't get your way
So the question changes to: is Hope a blessing or a curse

A farmer hopes for a good season
But he doesn't plant his crops and say goodbye
He works as hard as eh can with good reason
And when a good or bad harvest comes around, he doesn't have to question why

Hope without the work is an effort lost, like fools gold
It can ease your mind and please your soul
But it can also turn you into a living ghoul
Hope is for the strong, Hope is for the weak, Hope is for those who dare to be bold.
reyftamayo Aug 2020
sentinel of forever
keeper of time
lie with me
in the forest sometime
let the droplets
of memory
**** the nerves
of my consciousness
along with the many
summer songs and
midnight rains therein
lover of infinity
timeless and prime
sigh with me
in a melodic mime
dampen my senses
denude my mind
free me from
the utopian paradise
of realistic sham
master of moments
endless and divine
Whitavius Jul 2020
A whole lot can happen in a second
Entire lives forever altered … and
The whole world is changed
every single minute…

Can you count the seconds
Of a baby's first breath?
Can you measure the interval
Transition between life and death?

How long does it take to die?
Caught off-guard by accident...
Or for total change of heart and mind,
By some unexpected, life-changing event?

How long is the "moment of victory"
Compared to the "hour of defeat?"
Both are decided in an instant
How much destiny is changed in a heart-beat?

Take the time you need...
Value your time indeed...
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Uzo Okoli Jun 2020
Lyrics of bounded intimacy gladdens her conquered mindset
Over the hills of Abeokuta, love flows like waterfall
Vying for the golden heart of  a conquered and bullied one
Eagerly waiting for the crown of love that's beyond

Hating speaks ill of emotions of her past dealings
Daunting cowards scare her of love scars and wonds
Brave hearts smile to her but she giggles and worries
Stepping forward to behold her angelic monster with vexation.

Bridegroom implores the mystic of time and imaginations
Smiling to the awaiting hands of her selfish fantasy and ego
Reminiscing to the high tune of affection and wander of the past
Aimlessly searching for a perfect-godly bride that is beyond her.

Recalling past timelines make her smile, angry, aloft and joyous
Searching for a warmth hands is all she dreams of her present
Not forgetting previous intimacies that weakens her nerves and heart
A diva in her youth as she beckons for unrealistic wishes.
The ground will testify our PAST when we fall asleep permanently.
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