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OpenWorldView Jun 16
“I’m dark”, she warned me.
Cross the event horizon.
Nothing can escape.
Tommy Randell May 27
one thought doesnt make a prayer
one impulse doesnt make a promise
one leaf doesnt make a layer
one smile doesnt make me honest

one thought doesnt make a memory
one cup doesnt make a drinker
one blow doesnt make an enemy
one echo doesnt make a whisper

asleep in the mirror my reflection
awake in the world my intent
a poem of dubious connections
a series of regrettable events
Sketcher May 17
You are so cute,
No matter what,
From head to toes,
To ***** to ****.

You are the little,
I’m the caregiver,
Just ask for anything,
And I will deliver.

You are so pretty,
Every single day,
Please take my hand,
And I’ll show you the way,
To a happier place,
Just you and me,
No matter where we’re at,
From land to sea,
I’ll be there for you,
And try my best,
I want nothing more,
Than your happiness,
I love my lovely little girl,
My everything, my entire world,
I love you, I love you, I love you so much,
To this terrible life, you’ve become my crutch,
I’ll try to learn to stand without you,
A dependent strong man I’ll be,
The future, together will be seen through,
Together, soon we’ll move in and marry,
And have a nice life with a house and money,
Always and forever, through crying and funny,
Things that we’ll do like eat each others chins,
And share our past stories onto our kin,
But before all that,
I have something to say,
Please hear me out,
This will probably sound ***,
A lovers ***,
The cheesy type,
That makes me want,
To maybe write,
A poem for you,
On our 92nd day,
Here I go,
What I was going to say:

Is that you are the sub,
And I am the dom,
Do me the honors,
Of letting me take you to prom.
She said yes :)
Kayla Hardy Apr 1
I remember when I asked you,
October 2, 2017
what if something happens tonight?

I remember when you,
rolled your annoyed eyes
there is zero chance that something will

I remember thinking,
anger flooding my brain
I bet that no one ever thinks it’ll be them

I remember mourning,
the 50 people who died
they never saw it coming

I remember the anxiety,
following me to every concert
maybe tonight someone snuck through

I remember praying,
looking around at all the strangers
I shouldn’t have to fear for my life

I remember shaking my head,
wanting you to listen
we need stricter laws

I remember our fight,
your exhausting arguments
guns don’t ****, people do
We had to write a political/protest poem
Kayla Hardy Feb 15
cheeks fill with the fiery heat of an embarrassing fire
eyes close so tightly a pounding ache sprouts from the skull
teeth lock together and lips bleed the more they fight to stay closed
hands press and are drenched in soaking salt as they hide the guilty pain
ears strain at the sound of stupid love songs mixed with **** cries
lungs struggle to catch a breathe feeling like they’re running faster than they should be
heart alone in its shallow shaft knowing that it shouldn’t be sad when it feels so much love

But the head knows it was better to suffer now than to bleed all over a white dress.
Poetic T Jan 28
The caterpillar,
slowly eating at the steam
of the leaf..

Knowing that it will fall,
           but eating never the less.

Were an extinction level event,
               slowly eating away at

And we will like the caterpillar fall...
s Willow Jan 4
The green fire dragon
Really a sight to see.
The green fire dragon
Isn’t something to describe.
You must witness it for yourself.
The event of the green fire dragon
Will come one day.
Everyone will experience it’s beauty and destruction.
Andrew Jul 2017
We all joined the party as friends
But the moment we were invited
We started being divided
Our agency we lose
To words heard in pews
Or shouted on the news
My once loyal glance
Becomes a soiled trance
As we put pettiness on the pedestal
And yearn to meddle in the petals
Of the roses that were frozen
For the sake of the chosen
By fate
To be the life of the event
But when strife is their intent
I find myself incensed
With problems I invent
My faults won't relent
My incessant repentance
Falls on deaf ears
Contempt it endears
But if we followed those apologies
Discoveries would be made
That'd somehow effect friendships
And their limits would be endless
But this party has a temptress
Wearing shiny things
Like expensive gold rings
We lust for the material
Forgetting the ethereal
Love becomes imperial
As we try to conquer each other
With kisses that feel like punches
And punches that feel like kisses
We want to break out of our solitude attendance
And our validation relies on another's dependence
When the music at the party
Is constant
Creating a craving for company
But the noises of social interaction
Never matched the beauty of the music
As life is weighed down by banality
We look to it's finality
And wonder if the party could've been different
Without the nuisance of the Devil's imprint

Last night I had a dream about you
We were at an event
Kissing passionately
And just as I was about to go down on you
You looked away
And saw other people watching
You pushed me away instinctively
And as you looked down at me
I could see the love of my only friend
Disappear behind an expression between disgust and pity
Right before I witnessed our friendship vanish completely
I woke up
Next to a cell phone
Conveying your invitation to an event
Unaware of the nightmare event I just attended with you
Unaware of all the other slumber parties we've been to
Unaware every moment I spend with you is the event
Anya Sep 2018
Before you know it
It’s over
And you’re left wondering
How did it start
How did it end
Is it really gone?
A suspicion of deception invades you
Until your rationality convinces you otherwise
Its really done
No more
And tomorrow
And the next
Your heart refuses to believe
For the longest time
As you gaze at your phone waiting
Until it gradually grows slow
And cold
And slower still
Till it stops all together
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