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There is an opposite, to everything,
In life this time, moments, you will make,
Mistakes, decisions in your mind,
Other days you will glow so bright,
Everything you touch or do, will,
Turn out right, be honest with yourself,
So much time can be wasted,
Trying to chase dreams, your soul and spirit,
Will let you know, they will never be in your sights.
I treat everyone the same, honest words, no games,
Life is to short, all the people, since the first two,
Adam & Eve, we each are equal to one drop of water,
In the largest sea, or one grain of sand on the beach,
You see, your words, stories, and made up excuses,
Are not as important as your actions every day.
Think of someone you loved that has passed away,
You do not picture, clothes, cars, or any other,
Material thing, You feel the energy, they shared,
And gave, while taking time from their short life,
Through actions, showing you, they truly cared.

                                               The Original Tom Maxwell  © 7/26/23 AD
The way you think, creates your attitude,
And how you react every day, when ideas,
Or suggestions, come to you in different ways,
Do you say that sounds like fun, or think of,
Something negative, to say.
Are you always looking for new activities, or do you always,
Sit in the same chair, facing the same way.

Never have a fear of failure, if you will not give something,
A fair try, and chance, excuses become a habit, it doesn’t,
Matter if you live in a box, or on a ranch, it’s having confidence,
In yourself, not worrying about what others will think, you never,
Know how long you will live, do not convince yourself, you had your,
Last dance.
If you enjoy watching people work their job, on TV,
You could take acting classes, to see how you would be,
If you enjoy nature and honey, you could start raising bees,
It’s your only chance at this life, you’re here to discover you’re,
Soul, and you never know, when the best day of your life may be.

                                       The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/9/23 AD
                                                              ­                                             6:15 am
Always keep searching
This life is a learning experience, as we journey, on our way,
We each have a different finish line, never knowing our last day,
Everyone thinks, and acts, a little strange to others, in many ways,
New ideas, and messages arrive to us, we share every day.
Who, how and why, are the false prophets around, among us today,
Those who control your life, in person, not recognizing you in any way.
Respect, morals, sharing, with hard work,
Has kept human life alive on this planet, till today, control is the reason,
So many spend hours a day, inhaling, the negative hot topics, of each day,
Through, media, artificial intelligence, which can ruin anyone, in many ways.
After they program one like you, the false one’s can take everything, they started,
Eliminating who you are, your name, means nothing today, now you are an,
E-mail, pass word, then they still do not trust, you do not have any choice,
So they send an email with a code to return, you have no record, not even, the day,
If you jump through the hoops right, they might believe, it’s you.
Look ahead, the near future, robots, clones, looking like, acting, knowing everything,
You do, then at any moment, the false ones, can take every thing you own,
With your name, and possessions, who or what, are you?

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 10/4 /23 AD
every one addicted to screen staring, more time every day, our lives being taken away from the inside, and every month we pay.
True happiness, peace, and satisfaction,
Everyone has inside, society, makes people believe,
You have to have a lot of money, or a certain,
Special person, always by your side, many spend,
A life time, chasing what they think they need,
Never noticing, their life is passing them by.
There are so many excuses, to hide, from your reality,
Why you are here, your purpose, in this life, never,
Listening, or feeling, your soul and spirit inside,
Most just play, follow the leader, whoever, they think,
Is cool or popular, a social high.
We are all spiritual beings, traveling through,
This human experience, in our journey, at this time,
To discover our soul, listening to our spirit, as we,
Make decisions, in our mind, without the inner guidance,
We would always chase material rewards, and live a life,
Based on fear, and anxiety, following the evil, and unkind.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 10/29/23 AD  
4:20 am
Every thought idea or plan, for future days,
In reality, is a dream, no one knows their length,
Of time, in this life’s stay.
Experiences you will have in this life, some are,
Real dreams, that came true,  serious thoughts from your past,
When they are over, you may look back, and think,
Wow, I remember picturing this in my life,
It happened and was over as fast as a blink.
When a dream comes to reality, it’s usually perfect timing,
And place, the excitement of the moment, you put down,
Your guards, trust and enjoy the pace.
A few things about a real dream there is usually a hidden,
Message, for guidance and to make you think, you will,
Remember details, for years, also you have no notice of,
The time, place, or the other people’s faces.

                                   The Original: Tom Maxwell© 10/6/2022 AD
It’s twenty years ago, the end of August,
I was forty- five years old, by chance, I wrote,
My very first song/poem. I am sitting in the same room,
Like then all alone, When I received a sad call, on the telephone.
A drinking buddy, Randy, stumbling on the words, he had to say,
His buddy Jamie, fell off a cliff, his last step, his life,
Ended that day. I had never planned to write, a song or poem,
I could hear Randy’s voice, he was lost, so alone.
I remember, arguing with, a voice inside, of me,
Which kept, saying you can do it, just write you will see.
I gave it a try, I was probably high, Within about,
One hour, Jamie’s Song, I had printed in pencil, before my eyes.
To this date, I have around two thousand finished, with about,
Another four hundred started, I never finished those songs,
My siblings, parents, the lady I married, and Randy,
Left this life, they have all passed along. There is no happy ending,
At least for today, I do thank God, for the talent, of writing words,
In a special way, the ideas can arrive anytime night, or day I then try to arrange them, in an understanding way, then start another, and lay the finished one aside. A bittersweet feeling, I should feel proud inside,
I know there will be times in everyone’s life, we should have,
A beaming smile, which is washed away by tears from our,
lost miles.
                The Original: Tom Maxwell© 8/15/22 AD
Priorities, we each have our own,
We each have a different list, we keep in our mind,
Certain events, around us, can change, one’s way,
Of life, fast, at various times.
It’s happened before, just look at history, of the past.
When the economy, money, is flowing slow, to keep,
What you own, and  spending habits, have to change fast.
Some retailers, and friends, may frown when you slow down,
It’s a must if you want, your lifestyle to last.
It’s harder on the older folks, unlike the younger generation,
They do not have, the time in years, to earn more, and turn,
Their life, back around. Society today, so many living their life,
Un–needed enjoyment spending, they never try to save.
Many will have to, adjust, their life, staying home more often,
Entertaining  themselves more, plan fewer trips each day,  and only,
Buying necessities, when they can get to town. How long,
Will it last, no set date, or time, our politicians,
The players, continue keeping their mindset, leading,
Everyone closer to insane, this life is real, not a game.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 7/28/22
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