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Organizing our travels, subconsciously,
Or with intent, we confuse our own mind,
Different, ideas, plans, changing directions,
While not forgetting, the what if’s, and whys,
With the, I knew better than that, or I know,
I just can’t think of it now, I should have tried,
Now thinking about it, their story, was a big lie.
Then we head out in the world, acting like were,
Confident having life figured out, our **** together,
Knowing nothing last forever, soon clouds will form,
Drift our way, thunder, rain, called stormy weather.
Oh, we cannot forget the guessing, experimental,
Ideas, we are all inventors, on different days, then,
The story to praise our self, and often exaggerate, lines,
The final thought, we all have experience, answers come fast,
If things do not work out, like that simple picture, in our mind,
The three W’s, who, what, or why, messed it up for us, this time.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 5/18/22 AD
11:00 am
We never think much about,
Memories until something is over,
Every move we make, the words we say,
We are creating memories,
For ourselves, and others, for the rest,
Of this life’s stay. Why memories in my mind,
Today is the day to honor all Mothers,
It’s been four years since my mom’s soul,
Left this life, on it’s journey to perfection someday,
When I started writing, I never had, a thought, idea,
Or plan, I started, this coming August it will be 20 years.
Thousands of pieces of paper, one of the best feelings,
And always will be, each year, for about 15 years, I wrote,
My mom, a mother’s day poem, thanking her for everything,
How much I love her, and for bringing me into this life to see.
I had a good mom,  she always took care of me
If you are lucky enough, to still have your mom in your life,
Call her, go visit her, Write her a poem. None of us ever know,
When we will be a memory, to others, I just feel good,
I had the chance to write her poems telling her,
How much I appreciated her, Happy Mother’s Day.
The Original: Tom Maxwell ©  5/8/2022AD
For the past few decades, life on this, planet,
Has slowly turned upside down,
How many more years will there be,
Knowledgeable humans, standing on the ground.
People use to be known for their good qualities,
Honesty, talents, and other personal ways,
Now almost everyone you meet, asks what you do,
How much money do you make, not much interest,
In the person that is you in any way. The internet,
Has almost eliminated, children’s outside  games,
While making their manners, and actions, rude to insane.
No one seems to have patience, they want it now or yesterday,
Most stories, in the media or you, hear on the streets, are,
Negative, it’s almost sad to say, if you are happy, Smile,
All of the time, others think you’re up to something,
In some suspicious way.
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 5/6/2022 AD
5:01 am
There is nothing anyone can do or say,
To remove those empty hollow feelings,
Inside of you, It’s a part of this life’s journey,
Our soul leaves our current body, towards its,
Next challenge, different and new.
Always a harsh reminder, to listen to others,
Discover who they are inside, their soul,
Appreciate them, their money clothes,
Material things, just decorations,
We all carry on the outside.
We each will have our moment, we should,
Never know our exact time or way,
God made the rules, in Heaven, part of the original,
Plans on that very first day.
Your tears will pass, those dark clouds will fade,
The good memories will forever stay.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 5/6/2022 AD
3:36 am
The thrill of always looking,
Can chase, true happiness away, often finding what we want,
Then we make up excuses, turn, and walk away.
Never knowing, if we will ever find another,
That will touch our soul in any special way.
Too much interference, all around, with more created,
All of the time, so many bad decisions from quick choices,
That pops up in our mind, everyone is trained to think of,
Or make up what is negative about their life,
And others, to pass on their faults, and personal binds,
complements, and praise, only if they were making,
Money, to help their bottom line, a simple kind act towards another, often is turned around, some will say they got over,
Or used you, to praise themselves, in their mind, all their stories no in-betweens, they are the hero, or a victim every time.
The Original: Tom Maxwell © 5/02/2022 AD
5:29 am
With a little patience, taking the time,
Writing a story that rhymes, then mixing in music,
A few people can create a song, thousands of people,
Without reading a verse, can sing along, with every line.
Everyone has a style they like, each generation, tweaks it,
Their way, the ones we enjoy, can pick up our energy,
During any slow day.
Music seems to have a direct route to our personal database,
We can live for years, without hearing, a certain song play,
As soon as we hear the first note, we start singing away,
Even moving our limbs, from playing air instruments to a crowd,
That sways!
Our society can learn to remember, many important things,
While having fun at the same time,
No one looked at it as work, or school, the first time,
We heard and sang, happy birthday, and the ABC song,
Now they are a perpetual fixture, memory in our minds.
As we age, many decide to stop listening to music,
And moving around, to a sit and stare, then sooner or later,
When you're talking, others are looking at each other,
Pointing at their head, he’s losing it up there.
We often judge others, by what they do, and say,
Gossip about someone spreads like a sunlight ray,
You know when others, like and agree, with you,
Many say nothing, no recognition, or praise,
We should take time to examine ourselves,
Our life, words, and actions are the very same way.
Small things we do on any day, if we accept,
Keep and practice, they become a habit, every day,
The earth is our stage, we are the actors, today,
Like those before, our part will be eliminated,
As will our character, in this current life’s play,
Where next, practice positive now, learn to pray.

The Original: Tom Maxwell© 4/6/2022 AD
12:00 pm
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