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Watching the frozen water vapor,
Ice crystals, falling from the clouds,
Towards, the cold hard ground,
With a strong wind, blowing, in every direction,
Spinning them in circles, all around.
One of nature’s most beautiful sights,
As they arrive for their landing, so gently,
Never making a sound.
When the sun shines down, on everything,
Covered in white, it brings a hypnotizing, trance,
With it, in the air, everyone always stops,
Their day, taking a few minutes and stares.
A snowfall, slows the pace of life, for everyone,
To experience, enjoy, and see, as it covers, all
Generations, reminding us,
The most beautiful, wonderful feelings, in this life,
Come naturally, simple and free.

The original: Tom Maxwell © 02/17/2024 A.D.
Thinking too much, New ideas, interesting signs,
Sorting through the rules, ideas, of false prophets,
Who deem we should, all walk the same line.
One reason, so much mental craziness,
We are here, to discover our soul, help it grow,
Eternity, the ultimate find.
A challenging experience, in this life of materialism,
This journey, we carry our soul through, compared to eternity,
Each of us are only here, about one second, in time.
Believing and patience, time to think, plan, make decisions, now,
As we look for future signs.
The longer you are permitted to stay, you will see more souls,
Travel away, you meet fewer as you age, only remembering,
Very few, not because of their material things, or their wages,
They shared their time, knowledge, and skills,
Their soul touched yours, on this life’s stage.

                                      The original: Tom maxwell © 1/7/2023 AD
The longer you are permitted to stay, in this life, today,
Your thoughts change about people, and experience’s,
That crossed your trail, along the way.
Everyone, teaches, and learns from each other, in many ways,
A gentleman, came up to me, thanking me, a talk we had in the past,
He said he was down, on himself, and life, at that time, he said,
That he started exploring, some of my knowledge, I shared,
And his life, turned from bad to good at last.
I never remembered him, he was a stranger to me then,
And a stranger to me now.
I would have never known I helped this man, if he would,
Have not stopped me, and explained his life story,
In a few minutes, of this short life time.
Most everyone, knows others, they want to tell them,
They appreciate them, they just keep the thought,
In their mind.
At funerals, people cry and pray, because they know,
It’s to late, to tell the person, thanks,
You inspired me, during this life time.

                                          The Original: Tom Maxwell ©9/9/2023 AD
I'm honest with everyone I meet, some may not like what I tell them,
honesty is worth it, if your thoughts kept someone standing tall on their feet.
If anyone ever see’s that girl,
Tell her, I am doing fine,
It’s been forever since I saw her,
Feel like, I’ve been doing time,
She will always remember me,
The guy playing music, in the garage,
With the bright lights, and signs,
We touched each other’s heart,
It happened in such a short time,
There are no bad feelings,
I remember, those days, as special times,
If she ever needs a friend, my arms are open,
No late fees, or fines.
It was crazy the day we met,
She is half my age,
We shared a lot of fun nights,
I remember them, like yesterday,
She knows, if she is ever lost,
I would talk to her, any night or day,
She never gave a reason, to keep her true emotions in,
She just turned and walked away,
I hope sometime, I’ll see her again,
She will always be,
One of my favorite memories, that will always stay.
Song Lyrics by: The Original: Tom Maxwell ©12/14/2023 AD
The timing was perfect we both needed a friend...
Some of the memorable thoughts, and comments,
From The Holiday Season – What are they talking about ?
That is the biggest one I have ever seen
How long do I beat it before it is ready
Stop playing with your meat
You will know when it is ready, when it pops up
It is ready, it is ready
Just spread the legs open, and stuff it in
Stop licking your fingers
How long will it take, after you stick it in
Can you handle all these people, at one time
I did not expect everyone to come at the same time
It is a little dry, do you still want to eat it
Tying the legs together, will keep it moist inside
You still have a little bit on your chin and lips
Just wait till it is your turn, you will get some
I am in the mood for a little dark meat
Talk about some huge breast
Get a taste then pass it on
That is one terrific spread
If I do not undo my pants, I will bust them open
Are you ready for seconds
It is cool whip time
The Original: Tom Maxwell©11/16/2022 AD
Not actually a poem, just wanted to share, a little Holiday Humor!
The thought of past lives,
Ever pass through your mind,
Who you may have been, what you did,
Take notice when things come easy,
You must try, watch for special signs.
You are creating, another past life, today,
It will mix with your others,
When your soul journeys, from this life’s, stage.
There are old & new souls around, on planet Earth,
On their journey today, So many just compare,
Material things of others, in different ways,
A true soul mate, a soul yours new in past days,
Someone you instantly connect with, and totally trust,
They feel and act the same, right away,
Sharing stories and by actions, will help,
Both of you, discover your hidden talents,
From your past life’s, of yesterday’s

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 12/12/2023 AD 2:00 am
soul of the past ours remembers works both ways, ever meet someone right a way a bad feeling, you can not trust them, may be an foe from a past life
One, one-hundredth of a century, one tenth of a decade,
Eight thousand, seven hundred, and sixty hours,
Five hundred twenty five thousand, six hundred minutes,
Thirty one million, four hundred forty nine thousand,
Six hundred seconds, three hundred sixty five days,
You just traveled through, in the year, twenty, twenty three!
Everyone has their own ways to slice it, dice it, cut it up,
In any size or shape. We only are served a limited amount,
In this life, use it to be productive, do not waste any, clean your plate,
You can cut it like a pie, so much to think in quiet alone,
To find, and meet your soul, another piece, to discover,
Your hidden talents, God sent you to this life with, for this short stay,
Everyone’s, is a little different, every day, plan, a piece for fun,
Time outside, connecting with nature, for we are a part of everyday,
Stay away from, the modern mind controlling devices, that give,
More power and control, over your short life to strangers, making,
You tell, real people in your life, you do not have enough time, in a day.
As you open your door, and welcome in, twenty, twenty four,
Think positive, associate with those who do the same, do not listen,
To negative stories, or repeat the weather report, many times a day,
The times have changed, take charge of your life, before, your mind,
Is totally under control, to others, as many actions already are today.
How often, do you only look for messages, or phone calls, twice a day,
Then let the phone lay, or schedule, one hour of television, turn it off, a
Walk away … take your life back, on new year’s day, life is a very short stay!

The Original: Tom Maxwell c 12/17/2023 A.D.
Happy New Year to all of the wonderful poets on here!
ladies change during the Christmas season You can walk up to a lady and say ** *** ** and they smile.....try that on a hot July day...
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