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As we float in space, riding on our planet,
We will have to make choices, many times,
For the wrong reasons, at the moment,
We think is ok, in our mind,
Are you a positive or negative, thinker?
Our you, an open, honest, sharing person,
That would help a stranger, on the street,
Or you always on the move, looking for,
Another victim, to try to defeat?
Everything, we say or do, depends,
On our personal attitude, in our mind,
Which can change, often very fast,
When making decisions, watch, listen for signs.
The Original: Tom Maxwell© 12/01/2021AD  3:45am
Tomorrow, will soon be yesterday,
It won’t be shorter, or longer, than any other day,
When your thoughts drift, to the future,
After the excitement is over, what do you see,
Straight up honest friends, and security,
Or hanging from a broken branch, falling free.
We can change, adjust to any situation, if we try,
This negative society, everyone, looks, judges,
For the worst, what is not perfect in their mind,
We cannot pick, who will be in our dreams,
When or how, they may come true,
Remembering nothing is perfect, in this life time.
Never walk pass an open door,
Your true purpose, and happiness,
May be there for you to explore.
The Original: Tom Maxwell 11/29/2021 AD 7:00am
2d · 54
Time & Memories
The life we are in today,
Keeps moving at a steady pace,
None of us can change time,
Not even if your thoughts, do race.
Time is all we have,
Memories, is all we leave,
We are all the same
With different thoughts, we believe.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 11/29/2021 AD 2:00 am
We all have moments of confusion,
The right answer, direction, we search to find,
There is no perfect trail, through this life,
With an unknown, amount of time,
Situations, give messages, look, listen, for signs.
Often, we can forget, we are individuals,
Caring a soul inside, during this short stay,
Our spirit and angels, guide us to certain people,
To teach, help our soul to grow, in different ways,
We often make the wrong decisions, choices,
Worrying, what others may think, on different days,
We end up judging many, by clothes, race, age…,
With the right people our soul, gives us the feeling,  
Peace, security, in line, positive vibes, remember,
Never knowing, we must keep exploring, for,
Some live long, others short, lives,
We each, have a limited time.
The Original : Tom Maxwell © 11/25/2021 AD 4:20am
I am sitting, at my table,
Armed with a pencil, in my hand,
Making words, out of letters, that is my basic plan.
Then my thoughts, started to appear,
One word, at a time, as I search through my files,
So many memories, in my mind.
The subject, can be about anything, from rain, to a sunny day,
To an all-night party, years ago, or the special words, I do Pray.
Never knowing, what will inspire me, I can’t, just plan to write,
Ideas flow in from every direction,
It could be morning, noon, or night.
Thoughts come, and go in a fast way
, Many writings, I have started,
May never see, their final day. never planning ahead,
watching for signs, then at one moment, I decide,
This will be the last line.

                                                          ­The Original: Tom Maxwell © 11/21/21 AD 8:20 am
A dream is a fantasy,
They can come true, at any time,
Often, not at the moment planned.
Usually, we never noticed, when they arrived,
We had different ideas, and projects, at hand,
Later in our journey, we look back, and understand.
Real dreams come naturally,
Not those greedy, I want thoughts, in our mind,
They are personal, for us to learn,
As we never know, when they will fade in time.
The same as when A dream starts, or when their over,
We will always remember, those moments, and signs.
I’ve seen myself, in a dream, one night,
A calendar, mirror or clock, never in sight.
Original Tom Maxwell © 11/21/2021AD
Nov 8 · 56
?? How are You ??
Do you accept others, for who they are,
Along with things they do, you ever think,
How would you be, walking in their shoes.
Have you ever disrespected, anyone, owing,
Them an apology, in some way, any old friends,
You would like to contact, what’s stopping you, today.
Do you pressure, yourself, and others, why,
Are you happy with your relationship, with God,
Are you spiritually connected, or need to try.
Do you hold in anger, you should release from your heart,
If you could begin this life over, how would you start.
If you had an extra hour every day, how would you,
Spend the time, are your priorities in order, what are,
You neglecting, inside your mind.
Do you think, why did God, give you this life, are you,
Working, to get near, are you healthy, and active,
Do you love who you are, so dear.
Who do you look up to, as a hero, why,
Are you considered a hero, to others,
Do you help, or even try.
Do you waste a lot of your time, worrying,
About things, you cannot change, control,
Or understand, what, is the best part of you,
No one ever talks about, or seems to notice,
How do you share it, what, is your plan.

Give it a thought?
This is our only turn, in this life,
We cannot renew, our reservations’,
Live, Learn, Leave, good memories…


The Original: Tom Maxwell© 11/08/2021AD 1:00am
Nov 7 · 233
You Decide
The longer we are allowed,
To live, in this life time,
There are many decisions,
We will make, for reasons, in our mind.
Some we will investigate, and explore,
Before we finally decide, others so fast,
Not thinking, into the future, what may,
Flow back to us, later like a high tide.
Some decisions happen for unknown reasons,
Time with a friend, has faded away, no reason,
You both head different directions, never realizing,
Your last visit, was your final day.
The decisions we make, each day,
create memories, of us after our stay!
The original: Tom Maxwell © AD 11/07/2021 6:50am
Nov 2 · 108
Some Dreams Fade Away
Before we realize, the possibility,
We may be close, to a dream,
There is fantasy, in our mind,
We think in many directions,
Trying to perfect it, for when our dream,
Begins, to appear, in real time.
Sometimes, no fault of our own,
They disappear, one cloudy day,
At first, we are saddened, like, a lost puppy,
A stray, still carrying emotions, feelings,
We wanted to share, live and stay,
Always, keeping, an open door,
So many thoughts, pass through,
As we sit under a tree, in the shade, confused.
Why our dream, faded away.
The Original: Tom Maxwell 11/01/2021 AD
We hear about
The warming of our planet,
The rising water in the seas,
Pollution, in the air,
It must be A mystery,
That we can breathe, or see,
Everything, for survival
Earth reproduces, for free,
Oxygen, water, and food,
Our three basic needs,
Fear, is A way to control, people,
The gift, of this onetime life,
We should all be thankful for,
And happy, as we can be.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 9/20/2021 AD 5:00 am
Nov 2 · 180
The Warmth of the sun
A round ball of fire,
Our planet earth,
Revolves around daily,
The bright sun, in the sky,
Without its warmth,
We would, quickly die,
We take the sun for granted,
Never stare, at the sun to long,
’Within A few minutes,
It would blind our eyes.

The Original: Tom Maxwell 10/01/2021AD
I've known her for many years, I have made her laugh, and wiped,
Oh so many tears, from her dreams, that disappeared.
She always comes to me when she's down, because I've never,
Played her love, like all of those other men in town,
That give her the run around.
She never has stayed long with me, her safe place, with everything,
She wants, all of her needs, her eyes, never seem to see.
She always goes back to the ranch, finds another tree,
Hangs on from a broken branch, she might see tomorrow, by chance.
Only when the branch starts to break, she'll give me a call,
Before it's to late, I'm the only one who ever catches her falls,
And makes her feel so tall.
She always feel's safe, when she's with me, my spirit inside,
Makes hers feel free, that's what she craves, and needs, is the,
Feeling of her spirit, to be free...
Nov 2 · 146
Lost Virtues
We have traveled to this life,
More clues, to discover our soul,
Also, to make the human being,
Smarter, wiser, in this earthly roll.
People complain, global warming,
Pollutions, experiments, at a fast pace,
In schools, computers, teaching children,
Not to think, will that better, the human race.
The important virtues, Love, trust, caring...,
That helped, bring our society
To these modern times,
Lost today,
They are priceless,
It seems today, no one cares,
Unless something has,
A large dollar sign, that stares.
The Original Tom Maxwell © 10/24/21 AD  8:00 am
Nov 2 · 61
My Last Family Memory
The day light was getting shorter,
A beautiful October day,
It was after dark, I was at the cemetery,
At my dad & moms, and my brother’s graves,
My sister and the lady I married, are buried,
In cemetery’s, about 80 miles, different ways.
I was there for my final, last family function,
Burying, the ashes of my parents, yellow lab, Ginger,
Mom’s final request, before she passed away.
Thirty- four & thirty- three years, the last time,
I saw my sister & brother, ten for dad and four,
For my mother. After burying the ashes, I spread,
Grass seed on the graves, including mine,
Where my ashes, will lay.
I look at people different, than most,
Who just take those who love them, for granted,
Every day. I know I’m next in line, everyone.
Who truly loved me, passed, when I die,
No one left, to pray, or cry.
                                            Tom Maxwell 10/12/2021 AD
honestly this is true, I just have to keep pushing on...
Nov 2 · 135
The Beauty of Leaves
I sit on the deck, staring in A trance,
Watching the leaves, take their last dance.
They twist and turn, as they fall to the ground,
Landing so gently, never bouncing, up and down.
A few, still hanging on branches, with beauty, so bright,
Showing true colors, as our days, grow longer at night.
They have all turned, red, yellow, gold, or brown,
As the wind blows, they fall, one by one, to the ground.
Leaves provide shade, from the suns bright ray’s,
Breaking the wind, on A breezy day.
Each one different, in shape and size,
They show us their shadow, when the moon light, rises,
Leaves stay, for only one growing season,
So much beauty, in such A short time,
Leaving colorful memories, Pictures, in our mind.
So, fast we forget, the beauty they gave,
We all have choice words,
As we rake, them away.

© Tom Maxwell 12/13/02
Oct 22 · 150
A lesson Learned
No one has a perfect life, on planet Earth,
During this journey; period of time,
For our Soul, is here to learn, many lessons,
As we travel, through good, and bad signs,
We have to look at, negative situation,
As one of life’s experiences, when were in a bind,
A mistake, we repeat, at least twice,
If we change after the first,
It was a lesson learned, within our mind.

                        The Original: Tom Maxwell ©
                                                    10/22/2021 AD
Oct 21 · 84
Ideas, Ideas
A big part of who we are,
A major ingredient of our life,
Without, ideas, we would always be the same,
Something needs to be adjusted, in our life
Only ideas, with plans, and the right resources,
Can create, positive change, we never know,
The value of our ideas, until we release them,
Take action, play with them, like a game,
As we examine a situation, with an
Attitude, to rearrange.

                                                               The Original: Tom Maxwell ©
                                                               10/21/2021 AD 4:20 am
I had an idea, wrote about it..
Oct 16 · 462
A Journey of our Soul
No one knows for sure,
Where we are, in our journey today,
A puzzle for our soul, along the way,
Some live under lights, others, in the darkness of night.
Life, is all about our soul, making it perfect,
Like snow at night, falling under a street light.
Most roads we explore, have been traveled down before
We are to discover, creating, learning, and seeing new sights.
We each are here for a purpose, our roll,
To find, Peace, Happiness, & love, for our Soul,
None of us are to know, before, our time to go,
This life, one short stop of our travels,
As we prepare our soul, for our final goal.

                                                          ­                                                                 ­                            Tom Maxwell ©
                                                               ­                                                                 ­                         10/14/2021
Oct 12 · 207
Love and Life
True love is like this current life, we are in,
Our hearts will beat, until the end,
It's real, do not be a fake, or pretend.

Each of us have a soul, we can not totally explain,
It's easy to loose touch, in a world, of evil games.

Be yourself, honestly try, away from life's lies,
Work to discover, true love, your soul, before you die.
Sep 3 · 593
Follow your Direction
We often have to choose between things,
At different times, for the wrong reason,
We twist it around, convincing ourselves,
Confusing our emotions, that it’s right, in our mind.
A stranger waving, the right candy, in front of,
The right persons, face, can change A persons,
Direction, in life, for A very long time,
Follow your gut feelings, special signs,
The path may, not seem as fun, or exciting,
In this life, we are to learn, and share,
As we prepare our soul, for eternity,
And it’s final journey there.

                                                                                                                          The Original: Tom Maxwell ©
                                                                                                                   09/03/2021 AD 6:09am
Aug 31 · 228
Share your Dreams…
The people, we vision, in dreams,  Are the strength,
That keeps us alive,
For without their guidance,
Why would we try,
People are the reason,
We work to create dreams,
Finding your dreams, all alone,
Will create, tears, in your eyes.

                                                                                                                          Tom Maxwell ©
                                                                                                       11/13/2019 AD
                                                                                                      10:30 AM
Aug 30 · 309
Looking towards the West
A blue sky, as a backdrop,
From up high, Hanging down,
Behind, the leafless trees,
The rays of the sun,
Provide, heat, and light,
To warm my skin, for my eyes to see,
The third day, in this month of March,
As I glance at the calendar, next to me,
Still the season of winter,
The buds slowly, start rising, on tree branches,
Waiting to be next seasons, leaves,
Looking out my window, to the west,
Across the old, Junction City, Glenridge,
Coal mine pond, The beauty of nature,
As for as my eyes, can see.

                                           The Original ; Tom Maxwell© 3/3/2021 AD
Aug 29 · 41
One Of Many Thoughts
Our body is controlled, by the thoughts, in our mind,
Negative thoughts, about one’s self,
Bring negative responses, by our body, over time,
Being lazy, convincing, ourselves we can’t
Before we make an effort, to try.
Then we think, what if, often, wandering why,
Peace, happiness, love, no purchase, can buy,
some decisions, we made, bring tears to our eyes,
We age, our positives, by others, pushed aside,
Life of decisions, excuses, final event in life, we die.

                                                                  The Original : Tom Maxwell © 8/29/21 AD
This life, part of many different situations,
To build our soul, to move on, after, this journey,
To our next role.
There are young, old, good, and bad influences,
Around us everywhere, our choice moving forward,
Giving life, ourselves A dare, or just hanging out,
Always wondering, what if, standing in A stare.
Some souls are very old, past prophets, old friends of, Jesus,
In this life to guide, lead, may be A total stranger, on A street,
That said A few words, you now follow,
Repeating them often, to everyone, you know and meet.
Everyone has energy, we can feel,
learn, teach with each other, pass the good on,
As knowledge, or A healing process, to someone, in need.
Everything, takes, time patience, in this world of greed.

The Original: Tom Maxwell © 8/20/2021 AD 11:00am
I looked out my window in morning, two small deer playing like puppies, then I saw two eyes of the mother deer staring at me, I got idea sat down wrote entire poem. is there a relation, or just a tory to tell?
Aug 11 · 377
When Love Drifts Away
The feeling, when someone we love, drifts away
Like A balloon, Loose floating to the sky,
To A destination, who knows where,
I’ll always have colorful memories,
As I travel alone, and stare.

The original: Tom Maxwell ©8/9/2021AD
Aug 5 · 131
Live your Dreams
As each of us walk,
Down the lonely streets, of life,
Carrying our dreams in our pockets,
Many people & side shows, we see,
Trying to compete in society,
Holding inside, dreams where we want to be.
Time never rests, day or night,
Caught up in life, years passing,
Will those dreams, ever come to sight.
Dreams in our life, do come true,
We may be older than we imagined,
A different person, by our side,
dreams or short, live every one,
That may have, A chance to be true,
You must, add time and effort, in this life,
To find true peace & happiness, inside of you.

                                                                                                                                   The original: Tom Maxwell ©
                                                                                                                                   08/04/2021AD 11:00pm
Jul 31 · 239
The Reflection of light
The light of the sun,
It’s after midnight,
Reflects, off of the, moon,
A white color, so bright in the sky,
So still, above the leafless trees,
A fresh coating of snow on the ground,
As far as I can see,
With my glasses on, or off,
There appears to be,
A smaller nickel, dime size, moon,
Hovering, out side my window, in front, of me

The original Tom Maxwell© 2021AD
My life this time, is still moving,
For now, everything is up to me,
The directions, I decide to travel,
No certain place, where I have to be.
In my sixth decade, all alone,
My siblings, parents, the lady, I married,
Now all resting in cemeteries,
Never fathering any children,
No one to plan, make memories with,
Or hold my hand, happy or sad,
It’s up to me.
Surviving ok, many of my past journeys,
Led me to A brighter light,
When your always alone, you always feel,
You have one foot, in the darkness, of night.

Tom Maxwell ©7/24/2021 AD 1:50pm
I’m still on A journey, in this body,
Over A half century, of earthly time,
Our age is just A number, as our soul grows,
From information, we pass through, our mind.
I learned, that dreams, do come true,
Some end, in A very short time, many pass un-noticed,
Our thoughts are confused, we do not catch the signs.
Everyone, talks about love, you hear the Four-letter word,
Used, for many reasons, and ways,
If you love someone, and they don’t love you,
There is nothing, you can do, there is nothing, you can say.

                                           The original: Tom Maxwell© 07/23/21 AD 5:30am
Jul 19 · 49
Pieces of Life
Searching, A journey, experiments,
Changes, thoughts, beliefs, times,
Attitude, reactions, wishes, wants,
Needs, sharing, caring, binds,
Greed, work, play, analyzing,
Understanding, accepting, finds,
Friends, hate, Love, decisions,
Grief, sins, prayers, signs.
A few of the chapters, we travel through,
We will all leave, with confusion, questions, in our mind.


Tom Maxwell © 7/19/2021 AD 1:08 pm
Jul 18 · 77
Treasures & Relics
Treasures & relic’s,
Of our time and past,
Hold many answers and guidance,
So future generations,
Survive, keep positive, and last.

Who is the recorder, of the history records,
During, this period, were living today
Will it all be about politicians, will any of it be true,
We all need to bury, our real thoughts,
About The planet earth, and ourselves,
For the future to discover, and learn,
How we lived, each day.

Tom Maxwell© o7/17/2021 AD 3:45 am
Jul 10 · 52
Life’s Train
We each got aboard, life’s train,
Different years, times, and stations,
Never knowing for sure, our direction, or way,
As we ride on our journey, we choose,
Needs, wants, our values, hopefully, good relations.

There are times, everything, rolls smooth and fast,
Others, we will stop and go, slow like a snail,
Realizing, every plan can change,
Much patience, luck, needed in all decisions,
Honesty in all communications, hoping our wheels, stay on the rail.

Everyone’s ticket will expire, we never know, how or when,
As we pass much scenery, beautiful, fun, to sad, confusing times,
As our miles see, many faces, they arrive, and leave each day,
We cherish those who cared, knowing, one day we will hear,
God, the head conductor, say this is the end of the line.

                                                                                                                  The original: Tom Maxwell © 7/9/21 AD 12:20 pm
Jun 30 · 100
Paranoia in our Life
Paranoia, can mess with your mind,
So much confusion, we sort through,
During this short, limited life time.
Each of us only live in this passing,
A few short moments, compared to eternity.
We are here to stimulate, our brain,
AS we try to discover, our purpose,
Being creative, understanding, while staying sane.
The biggest cause of paranoia in life today,
Leaders forcing us to live, or life,
Based on their systematic delusions,
That they are right, our thoughts are invalid,
We must follow them, or be removed out of the way.

                                                                                                                                    The Original :Tom Maxwell ©
                                                                                                                                        6/11/20 AD
                                                                                                                                            6:55 PM
Jun 30 · 199
We will Never See…
I hear a light sound,
Outside, in the air,
I can stare out the window,
Never, seeing it there.

The wind,
An act of nature,
None of us, will ever see,
The wind,
It can knock over, large trees,
Sometimes, the wind is cool,
When it shares, A summer breeze.

Our life, is about belief,
Be strong, and care,
Life changes, like the wind,
The best part, of your life,
Might still, be out there,
Some moments, in between,
May leave you, in A stare.

                                         Tom Maxwell ©
                                                 2/24/2019 10:45AM
Our visions, that we see,
Never are the same,
Mine are realistic,
Yours are just a game.

We can see the beauty,
The stars, bring at night,
Stare at them for hours
Never seeing, the light.

The moon appears,
So big, bold, and bright,
It’s the suns reflection’
Illuminating, our
evening nights.

The trees are swaying,
Are they waving, at you and me,
The force behind them,
The wind we will never see.

Our life this time,
Not a rehearsal for a play,
It could end, at any moment,
Then you will look, at those wasted days.

Those lost years, are gone,
You can not go back, and change,
For the time that’s left,
You can start to rearrange.

There will always be things,
That are different than what we see,
Why add more confusion,
Saying words, you do not believe.

Tom Maxwell © 01/03/2004 AD
Jun 21 · 104
Happy Fathers Day
As I grow older I often think of you in my mind, everything you have done for me, over the years of my time.
I am so lucky to have you in my life today, for I have so many friends, who have lost their fathers, years ago along the way.
I have learned a lot, watching how, you survived, over three quarters of a century, so many changes, you are a hero,  to still be healthy and alive.
I could not imagine all of the changes, you’ve had to live with,  from the outside, separate reading room, to modern day plumbing, with a telephone in the bathroom.
You are one of the lucky ones, to make it to the summit in your life, your retired, healthy, do what you want everyday, might sound like a dream, you had, fifty or sixty years ago, on a long hard day.
Enjoy life, and make it easier on yourself in every way, you’ve earned the best, and most of all I love you, Happy Fathers Day.

Think its a hassle to hang around dad, you think different when you know , never again! RIP DAD  2011
Jun 15 · 46
Enjoying moments alone,
Having fun by yourself,
Just entertaining, your mind,
Not thinking of, anyone else,
Your enjoying personal time,
Exploring spontaneous thoughts,
That appear, in your mind.
Not worrying about your troubles,
Keeping visions, on positive signs,
Searching, through your stuff,
Seeing what treasures,
You may find.
A period of relaxation,
Forgetting, all your binds,
While keeping your lips, wet
With a glass of your favorite wine

The Original : Tom Maxwell 6/14/AD 2:45 PM
Jun 10 · 102
Use Your Time Wisely !
I woke up this morning, you were on my mind,
A lost dream, that keeps giving me, special signs,
So many ideas, and dreams, knowing someday,
I will run out of time.
We spend A lot of time, in this life, dreaming,
How many hours, do we waste,
If you live to be, eighty, sleep eight hours a day,
Watch television, for four, along with the other time we waste,
Give or take, half our life away.
We all have different vices, to spend, our time, on being positive,
Or wasting it away, Remember, this is our only chance,
I’ve never seen anyone, come back, after their final dance.
Keep A positive attitude, enjoy A dream, when one comes your way,
Use your time wisely, your time is counting down,
Each second, of every day.

                                                           ­                                                        The original Tom Maxwell © 06/07/2021 10:47pm
A one-of-A-kind planet,
In A universe of space,
The only one known,
With life, the human race.

Many countries divide,
Planet Earth, our place,
Different cultures, and religions,
Along with colors and race.

This globe, of land and water,
Reproduces, all survival needs,
Slowly being destroyed,
By the people, and their greed

© Tom Maxwell 06/22/07
We use to be close together, shared good times,
Helped each other through, bad weather.
There were few days, you would see us apart,
We had A friendship that connected,
Right from the start.
We could feel each other’s emotions,
As if we shared the same mind,
We would guide each other through, lonely times.
Our last time together, was just A normal day,
Then for reasons unknown, our friendship,
Just drifted away.
Over the years we cross paths, it’s just like the old days,
Then we part again, journey our separate ways.
We all have friends, we hold so close in our mind,
When we think of them,
A feeling of peace, happiness, comes every time.
During this life, most friendships, will drift apart,
We will only have A few, we keep as memories,
Close to our heart.
                                                          ­                                                                 ­   Tom Maxwell©
To write Poetry ,
One must relax,
let, their mind slip away,
Discovering, feelings, emotions,
Then writing, what the thoughts say.
It can not be forced, A certain day or time,
Any unplanned situation, can bring the writer A rhyme,
A lost art in society, today, deep thinking, in one’s own mind.

                                                         ­                                                        Tom Maxwell © 1/25/2021 11:15 A.M.
There are accidents to diseases,
With countless other, obstacle’s, in between,
If we always worry about everyone, of them,
We can miss the life; we should have seen.
Our mind controls our body, every breath, heartbeat,
Down to each word we say, look towards the future,
Think positive, your body will flow the same way.
When A person always says, I can’t right A way,
Could it be they are too lazy, or afraid to try,
Your better, to give it your best first,
Then, convince your mind, your ready to give up, and die.
When you talk about the weather, more than twice, A day,
Are you using your mind to think,
When you have to look outside, A window, for something to say?

                                                           ­         Tom Maxwell 04/21/2021 AD
                                                              ­                                                      9:00PM
Many things combined together,
Create how we feel every day,
The conversations we hear, what we believe,
Our attitude, the weather, A few that come into play.
Our willingness to accept changes, thinking positive,
Trying different things, in our own way,
Working towards, even a small goal, something to do,
Changing our routines, often during this life’s stay.

                                                         ­                                                                 ­                                  
                              ­                                                         Tom Maxwell ©
                                                               ­                               5/13/2021 AD
                                                              ­                             7:30am
May 26 · 87
We all have to Believe,
During, our life this time,
Everyone, makes different choices,
We often change, in our mind.

What to Believe,
From what we see, or hear,
Always sorting ideas,
Some seem so far, others touch us near.

Somethings, are hard to Believe,
Hearing them often, in many way’s,
If actions, don’t follow the words,
Change directions, for better day’s.

In your future, always Believe,
Not for tomorrow, after this life’s stay,
Be prepared, you can’t wait A minute,
The call could come, anytime, on any day.
                                            Tom Maxwell ©
Looking ahead, as far as my eyes can see,
The beauty, of the ocean, brings A peaceful feeling to me.
Walking across the dirt, balancing on rocks, with my hands,
As my step’s approach, I start to feel, the warmth of the sand.
I can feel A warm breeze, from the wind upon my face,
As I watch the waves, coming to shore,
As if they were having A race.
Such a powerful force, as the moon controls, the tide,
I can see some brave souls, on their thin boards,
Trying to catch A ride.
During the day, the glare of the sun, so blinding, and bright,
In the evening, the reflection, of the moon,
Creates, A romantic night.

                                                        ­                                                          Tom Maxwell © 03/11/2006 A.D.
May 23 · 98
What is Love…
Feelings, emotions, smiles, and tears,
Someone, you can count on, to be there,
Whenever, life brings you, fears.
A person, who won’t run,
From the unexpected times,
As you share ideas, for future plans,
They will listen, while giving comfort,
Even if, it’s just holding your hand.
You cannot create true love,
As if you were planning a meal,
Shopping, at A mart,
Just looking for a certain,
Age, wealth, and looks,
That is trying to create, a situation,
A reason, many relationships,
Fall apart.
                                  Tom Maxwell 5/22/2021 AD 8:15 pm
Many things combined together,
Create how we feel every day,
The conversations we hear, what we believe,
Our attitude, the weather, A few that come into play.
Our willingness to accept changes, thinking positive,
Trying different things, in our own way,
Working towards, even a small goal, something to do,
Changing our routines, often during this life’s stay.

                                                                                             Tom Maxwell ©
                                                                                              5/13/2021 AD
May 10 · 267
The Beauty of the Ocean
Looking ahead, as far as my eyes can see,
The beauty, of the ocean, brings A peaceful feeling to me.
Walking across the dirt, balancing on rocks, with my hands,
As my step’s approach, I start to feel, the warmth of the sand.
I can feel A warm breeze, from the wind upon my face,
As I watch the waves, coming to shore,
As if they were having A race.
Such a powerful force, as the moon controls, the tide,
I can see some brave souls, on their thin boards,
Trying to catch A ride.
During the day, the glare of the sun, so blinding, and bright,
In the evening, the reflection, of the moon,
Creates, A romantic night.

                                                                                                           Tom Maxwell © 03/11/2006 A.D.
Apr 29 · 126
A Hidden Message
For years, I was always there,
Under any conditions, always supportive,
Caring, always sharing,
Keeping you safe, in times of fear,
Your only true friend,
Opening my home, if you needed to rest,
Understanding your problems,
Believing your stories,
Interested, in your ideas & plans,
Teaching you how to carry on,
Celebrating the good times,
Holding you in my arms, when you needed a hug.

                                                                       Tom Maxwell ©
                                                                                                9/27/2019 AD
                                                                                                   12/35/19 am
We never know, how, when our, in what way,
Every one will leave this life,
We are passing through today, A short stop over,
When you compare it to eternity,
Part of Gods plans, from the very first day.
Death, the one thing in this life
No one in the end, will survive.
Our soul inside, must go on another Journey,  
Until it is perfect, in every way.
A reality check, that can stop us, in our tracks,
Any moment, on any day,
Each of us have, limited reservations,
We can not extend our visit, in any way.
One of life’s lessons,
A moment, we always remember,
Where we were, when the message, came,
Of A person we loved, passing away.
We turn away from our daily routine,
As if we are in a trance
Then we think of our self, our soul
Our we giving it, life, our best, trying to find,
Discover our purpose, why we were given this time.
We each have A soul, that sees,
Through our eye’s, then guides us, from inside.
There is A power we cannot control
We start feeling weak, the tears, begin to flow,
We can not make our selves cry,
Some day out with friends, having fun,
Do not hurt yourself, just stop try to cry.
Why will often appear, in our, mind,
Certain things we will never know,
During our time.
Take time away, from what you
Waste time doing, go visit,
Call, those people you think about,
Their, in your thoughts, for A reason, a way,
Every year, more people you know
Will become, A memory of, yesterday.
Tom Maxwell © 4/25/2021AD  3:30am
A old friend ask me to write something for his brothers funeral   is it any good   Thanks
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