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I S A A C Dec 2021
making beats, making art
losing you was just the start
to my rise, oh I thank divine
I would've kept these feelings inside a year ago
now you will hear my words on the radio
I do not care anymore, the rain cannot ruin me like before
it nourishes me and my creations, empress with no limitations
I am so happy to be me, so happy to be free
no longer tending to the broken birds
rather focusing on my own concerns
halfmoonprincess Nov 2020
Dedicated to my work
Eager to create things others will love
Thrilled about a satisfying finished product
An ambitious woman
Insecure sometimes
Lively about my creations
Each element created with perfection
Didactic about my passions.
An acrostic poem I wrote for my class about how dedicated I am to make a great creative product. This applies to writing, art, crochet, and anything else that is creative! I like to make things other people can enjoy.
Jay M Mar 2020
My pigeon army
Made of paper
Some big
Some small
You'll never count them all

I make them when I'm empty
I make them when I'm weak
I make them when I'm running on little sleep for a week
I make them when I'm unhappy
I make them when I can't feel
Anything good or real

Blank or lined
I use what paper I can find
Then I fold
Then; behold!
A pigeon of paper
Some big
Some small
You'll never count them all

I fold and fold
My arms are filled as I hold
My little creations
Bringing me a slight smile
But they just sit with me for a while

So, I do what makes me truly happy;
I give them away
To others who could use something to brighten their day
And what better way
Than a gift
Of a small, little pigeon

How many I've made,
I'll never know
All I know is
This pigeon army will grow
And spread a smile
All the while
I still make more
And I never bore.

- Jay M
March 10, 2020
Whenever I'm not doing so great, I fold origami pigeons and give them away to people. Whoever seems like they could use something to brighten their day.
miracle Apr 2019
Creations. Delete
Friends. Delete
Toughts. Delete
Feelings. Delete
Life. Delete
i don't breath anymore
i just let air pass through me
i am a vessel through which it travels
and becomes something else
something new
something it was always meant to be
i am its beginning and end
and it is the material with which i create
and form new creations
that couldn't have been without its life giving powers

we need each other
to be
and to become
Mary-Eliz Apr 2018
artful creations

colors, charcoals


stone and clay

wood and paper

bringing life


can the artist choose?
garden creations

shades of green


fern, forest

mint, moss

tea, olive

a multitude
of blooming

can the gardener decide on one?
kitchen creations

sweets and treats

savories and piquants

cakes and pies

meats, stews

butter, garlic



onions caramelized
to sweet


tamarind, turmeric

combined in
joy and

can the chef say which is best?

and thus
I challenge any poet

can you choose your favorite "child"?
I made myself hungry in that one part!
Lyn-Purcell Nov 2017
So many words unspoken from various flowers,
but they live and thrive.
They are tender creations of God with radiant souls.
For in a world so muddled, they are rays of beauty.
Currently in a park, surrounded by flowers.
They remind me that the world is still beautiful...
There is a little red bird sitting on a tree
I then tried to catch him but it suddenly flee
I want that little red bird but then I see
I think it will be better if I let him free.

There is a little red fox on the side of the bay
I then tried to chase him but he ran away
I want that little red fox but then I say
I think it will be better if I just let him play.

There is a little red hamster crawling on the grass,
I then tried to hunt him but he hide so fast
I want that little red hamster but then at last,
I think it will be better if he stay where he was.

There is a little red frog jumping on the shore
I then tried to grab him but he hops even more
I want that little red frog but then I recall
I think it will be better to let him jump and crawl.

There are this little red ones singing together
I’m glad to see them happy and live with each other
I hope we understand their words and laughter
For these little red ones should be valued forever.

©2013 John Vincent Obiena. All rights reserved.
This poem is suppose to be publish in one magazine but problem occur that it failed to reach the final submission, but still this is one of my favorite poem I made.
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