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Khushi Patel Apr 21
I am humble on my right

that can turn arrogant at night

the next card is not known

like ways, my next emotion is thrown

Years came and years gone

where is the end I do not know

the fun was hanging on a branch

that can collapse at any part

Weather was warm and pleasing

the dejected face was freezing

this expression was never shown

it's the nature that always heals

All emotions are complex

what threatens is Short living anger

killing some good vibes

that tucked with us the whole time
Ink in water
A dark rolls
In the invisible
Like light at night

As the candle warns
Forlornly to wage
Quiet battle

against defends
and Unseen deploys

A shadow dances
Rising silent
Defined by denial

The glowing quill
Lifted, weilded
Strokes such ink well

To borne a truth
To what end shown
from hence within.
Poetic truth of the depressed type of mind.
solEmn oaSis Nov 2020
Nakabibingi ang tunog ng katahimikan
Katahimikang pumapaimbulog sa karimlan
BinaLi ang sungay... buntot ay nabahag....
NakasisiLaw na tila maLiyab na sunog etong Liwanag
Liwanag na magbibigay linaw sa iniwang bakas ng alingawngaw
Puwing na hinipan... Hagip pati ang tahip na tinalupan !

©Pag-ibig, Pag-asa at Pananampalataya
if we truly can see what was good in the bad,
we surely could learned our lesson behind and beyond  !
dailythoughts Oct 2020
Neutrality / n.

absence of decided views, expressions, or strong feelings

"I am in all sorts of neutrality."
the easy way
Sovit Pokhrel May 2020
I don't speak much,
But have a lot, to say.
I don't express much,
But have a lot, to show.
This is why i write.
I write, to fight.
Fight, with all that i store.
Expressions are meant to be expressed not bottled !
EP Robles Mar 2020
IF you follow me bring the dead along for all the children have suffered and all madmen pollute || ~~ IS GAME OVER “? between sun-beating down & STARS beating
psychotic clowns/ the pogo clown has died forever.
If you could you might adjust your eyes against all monsters that follow
…kiss me if you survive \perishing is a buildingGRACE of reSKINNING the Soul
(oh whoa oh whoa oh wow oh no oh hey)
…just say the hardest price to pay //
are the things for free // eat and drink
remain my memory deeply between crimson &
sun-baked lips (music stretches thinner
e a c h & e v e r y d a y
carry on even if the stars extinguish
the very hurt you receive time &
space str e t c h ed pass a threshold of
mortal pain…you see and creation is reversed forward
God have mercy upon our weakened hearts
shame shame it’s the only world we have
and each other — there ain’t no denying (OH mother! No denying LIFE is a THORN against my eyes; as i bend down i try to find my BEING within a deeply yelled moan; i’m dying i’m dying i’m rolling round a desert stream — shambhala come again against trail dust and kasmir
i am waiting i am decaying i am a mote of Poet
t r aveling inside OPEN space considered: static syntax
and congealed moments upon the professional grace of unspoken
words. whoa…whoa…it’s the hardest price to pay when things
so expensive are for free.

:: 03.03.2020 ::
B Sonia K Mar 2020
The sightless sight
Of a wounded soul
Captured in a rays of blinding darkness
All optical senses a quivering mess
Overshadowed by the pain of being
And of not

Loneliness grips at my heart
Tearing it up with unending tears
Enraptured by future unknown
And beautiful ones never to be had

Set me free!
That I may fill up this empty space
With the unacceptable
I must now accept as a part of me
And willful expressions
I must now acknowledge?

Oh ****!
All complications
The implications of our actions
Done or left undone
Knocking furiously
At the nearly visible doors of our mind

How pointless this must seem
Whatever will be will be
Live and let live.
Sovit Pokhrel Apr 2019
I sit and i think.
Think, and then i think some more.
Think, until there is no more.
Nothing else but to pour.

I sit, and i pour.
Words, lines, paragraphs and more.
I sit, and i pour.
Lines, up-down, straight, curved and more.
I sit, and i pour.
Bitter, Sweet and Sour.
Pour and i pour,
Pour until there is no more.

Empty and vacant,
Nothing to do now, but recieve,
Chip up & shoulders back, i smile.
Dust my self & prepare,
To be filled with,
And be fueled by,
Evidence of Existence !!!!
Life is simply flling, emptying, refilling and repeating.
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