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Feb 2020 · 385
be-no-one Feb 2020
"Positive attitude must be backed by a reason not the result."
It must be based upon your action not the result.
Jul 2019 · 601
be-no-one Jul 2019
in the night lonely children cry
scorched by treachery
even angels weep
endlessly skies bleed black
tomorrow dies
have you a dream to cling to
i am listening
never mind your lack of faith
god hears your prayers
serve her well.
Jul 2019 · 380
be-no-one Jul 2019
I live in a series of perpetual moments
this is not a choice
I was born this way
So when I miss someone
every moment feels like eternity
on the other hand
I could not see someone for many years
and I can continue our last conversation
as if it were yesterday.❤️
May 2019 · 313
be-no-one May 2019
I wanted to teach you
how to fly
after I showed you
how to swim.
May 2019 · 469
be-no-one May 2019
the sun finds the solace
as she meets the sea
so the night begins
still waters reflect the sky
the wind blows
starlight dances delicately
upon the ripples and so shall we
before dawn
she will know peace.
She was the flower
that made the sun want to rise.
May 2019 · 538
be-no-one May 2019
a field of daises
and I see only you
not every flower is the same
May 2019 · 579
be-no-one May 2019
for you today I may be the light
meet me in the night
tremble as you're fulfilled
you have not begun to glimpse
the borders of your darkness.
May 2019 · 265
be-no-one May 2019
You're not just in my prayers
You are my prayer.
May 2019 · 647
be-no-one May 2019
If you are lost in the darkness
look for a beacon
let her light guide you home
when you arrive at your destination
you'll realize
you were never really lost at all.
Apr 2019 · 366
be-no-one Apr 2019
As the body becomes more flexible
So does the mind
this enables the spirit to grow.
Apr 2019 · 27.5k
be-no-one Apr 2019
it wasn't until the sun rose
that I realized
just how much
I was in love with the moon
Mar 2019 · 515
be-no-one Mar 2019
I have seen paradise
your eyes are the gateway to heaven
I can never look away.
Mar 2019 · 814
be-no-one Mar 2019
Morning light rises
yawning and stretching its way
above the skyline.
Mar 2019 · 4.4k
Stands Out
be-no-one Mar 2019
My sunset is lit
Like a fire
So is your stars lighten up
The blue sky
My heart is bright
Like a moon
So  your smile radiants life
My universe is infinite
So your world stands out.
The things you do to please someone
The sacrifice you take to make someone happy .
Enough would be an underestimated word to please someone .
Putting yourself first isn’t selfishness
Mar 2019 · 328
Note it down
be-no-one Mar 2019
And lies don't last longer.....
Mar 2019 · 417
be-no-one Mar 2019
We're like day and night ,they say.
And we will never meet, they say.
       But they forget day and night,
    Meet each other during twilight.
Mar 2019 · 428
Will you ?
be-no-one Mar 2019
You have put yourself out there
as a teacher
will you be my guru
Mar 2019 · 367
Burn it down
be-no-one Mar 2019
You buried me in the sea.
I resurrected from the water
that runs through my veins.
Earth is 71%water ,your body is 76%water..
You are water...Be like water
Mar 2019 · 499
I pray
be-no-one Mar 2019
I pray
that beings
learn to love beings
instead of things.
Mar 2019 · 371
be-no-one Mar 2019
don't let your fear of love
teach you how to hate.
Mar 2019 · 508
The bond
be-no-one Mar 2019
I have no doubt
that I will live many more years
as a result of knowing you
this is good
for it will give me more time
to spend with you
and more patience
as I wait for you
Mar 2019 · 222
be-no-one Mar 2019
You have to drag it out of yourself,
Beg it into the light and in front of the mirror.
You have to bribe it, and lie to it.
Until it agress with you.
Mar 2019 · 205
be-no-one Mar 2019
Beauty is in everything and everyone.
Beauty is you,
And you are beautiful.
Human kind is beautiful,
But human nature?
It's the one that ruins everything.
Mar 2019 · 287
Let go
be-no-one Mar 2019
I let sadness go away from my life
So joy can enter my life
I let anger stay away from my life
So calm can reign my life
I let you walk away from my life
So peace can rule my life
When you let go of being right things will eventually unfold .
When you let go of proving something to someone evidence will come out .
The more you let go and the more flexibility you chose the easier your life becomes , it’s about the peace of mind remember that .
So let go of what’s shackling your mind.
Mar 2019 · 191
be-no-one Mar 2019
let me believe
what I need to believe
to stay alive
even if you believe
it is a lie
Mar 2019 · 541
be-no-one Mar 2019
the night
will always do it's best
to separate
dusk from dawn
but I have faith that twin stars
will always be
Mar 2019 · 405
be-no-one Mar 2019
Your hunger grows
a flame fanned
by desire
An instable voice
in your head
No sleep ,restless
Never present
running to stay a few
steps ahead
The more you see,you know
the praise is cheap
it doesn't translate
But now you've begun
they're watching
Prove it ! Prove it!
Burn it down.
Mar 2019 · 256
Don't blame
be-no-one Mar 2019
Don't blame my flaws,
Life is no fairytale.
There are laws
When you're pouring a cocktail.
Mar 2019 · 185
Fight no more
be-no-one Mar 2019
Fists up
If your body hurting
Then shout
Scream with your eyes
Enough with the lies
Even the truth was a lie
Just stay down
Because I'm too tired
Too tired to lift you up anymore
Mar 2019 · 735
be-no-one Mar 2019
I can take you to the limit as x tends to infinity as you're the homogeneous solution to my infinitely many equations!
Mar 2019 · 418
be-no-one Mar 2019
You maybe out of my range, but I'd love to show you my domain.
Mar 2019 · 199
be-no-one Mar 2019
Lost in my train of thoughts..
Mar 2019 · 227
To a super woman.
be-no-one Mar 2019
Your wroth is not in the things you do
Your wroth lies in your care and through
You go beyond your limit in life
You sacrifice for that one smile
You smile and makes hearts melt
And have a smile through you grieve
You are there for people you love all the while
You are as perfect as you can be
You are an inspiration one can see
And a big salute to you in life
Happiesttt women's day to you!
Being so pure and true!
Mar 2019 · 155
be-no-one Mar 2019
Some people are so stuck on who I was
that who I am never even had a chance.
Mar 2019 · 146
be-no-one Mar 2019
Earth hides
Introvets those who
hide more
than the Earth in them.
Not every spoken introvert is introvert.
Mar 2019 · 2.3k
Awareness is light
be-no-one Mar 2019
I think of you as me
I think of you my whole world
I consider you part of me
I consider all that you told
You are all I have
You are all things fab
You told me to be me
so I let you in
You enticed me
Excited me
I followed you till the end
You ****** me alive
toss me to an empty land
but I survived.
You're gonna survive regardless of all the pain and damage you might go through or someone caused you, you will survive.
Mar 2019 · 318
be-no-one Mar 2019
Because I learnt that I could never forget my roots and they were found coerced in my unimaginable patience.
It is all done and you have nothing to prove but give light to your unheard self!!
Mar 2019 · 394
Born to stand out.
be-no-one Mar 2019
Spread your hand
Look at your fingers
Are they the same
Yet you want someone
That looks exactly like you
Embrace differences
Not similarities.
We all born to stand out, not to blend in.
Mar 2019 · 1.9k
Don't shut your eyes.
be-no-one Mar 2019
They try to burry your smile when
They hear your laughter
They try to dim your lights when
They see your eyes
They try to sorrow your spirit when
They see feel your energy
They try to get in your head when
They see you zen
They say things,
They make things up
They turbenlence your peace when
They see you calm
Just like Irma before it hit West Palm
They do things
They cook things up
Don't let them steal your lights
Don't let them take your spark
Don't let them in your head
Don't shut your eyes! .

— The End —