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Veronica Ingram Dec 2019
I miss screaming at the top of our lungs in the car at 3am with YOU
I miss laughing until our sides hurt with YOU
I miss kissing on my bed in the dark with YOU
I miss drinking way too much with YOU
I miss confiding in YOU
I miss sipping coffee on cold, crisp afternoons with YOU
I miss sharing oversized hoodies with YOU
I miss being melodramatic with YOU
I miss climbing mountains with YOU
I miss paddling choppy sea with YOU
I miss my friends

- VI -
I am so ready to go back to uni now!
It is but for once a while
Stars align
A destiny only said as divine
And can be reached through trial
By fire

My life already strung
By but a single wire
For what battles already waged
My breath still hung
In memories seemed staged
Through the eyes of the blind
Obsessed in fights without valor
Just to enact a house divided
Forgotten to what is kind
And guarded without armor

Wandered alone in desert
My thirst substantial to wither
What strength I remain
Held to the light by the Seraphim
So I may ever be alert
To one day be with her
No matter how far I go insane
No matter how big I dream

For it was she that helped me see
What I was becoming
For it was she that saw
The potential for it all
And allowed my strength to build
To handle the life that is upcoming
With energy vigorous and raw
Unshaken by the ethereal brawl
So my demons would finally be killed

As the final war let out its cry
The storms that came shook
With every roar
She found reason to hide
Aching my heart to look
As my lungs ran sore
Pleading with every thought
To comfort her yet again
Too afraid I left her
So she ran for another

I tried to do the same
Spreading lies with claim
To cloud what I saw as love
With mere disdain
But in time I realized
The words she said to me during it all were true
So I took steps to begin anew
To undo all hatred I had wrought
And keep the losing flame
Running high
No matter my reach in fame
For I may be burned
When I work the courage to say
I am still in love with you
Sadia May 2019
Drifting downwards on the stony hills, only to be picked up by the breeze,
I can hear my lover's voice echo off on the lonely landscape.
Where are you, my love? Your voice plays like a sadden tune,
It sinks into the chambers of my heart.
I am unsettled; I search for you aimlessly.
Wisps of dark clouds form, a gush of wind picks up, I am caught in the midst of a storm.
Again, distance and time conspire to separate us.  
Unable to see, I can hear only raucous roars of thunder and lighting.
Your voice fades away.
As the wretched winds push me, I try despairingly to hold on to something.
The storm gently ceases. My eyes open, I see my arms wrapped around you.
Two lovers lost finally come together forever.
Holding hands ​down the paths we walk,
As the splendent ​sun slowly sinks in the hills,
a new chapter awaits where love finally blooms
Please let me know if any lines should be changed. Your suggestions will be helpful for me to become a better writer.
Madhumita Apr 2019
Two lovers lost from each other
fell into deep despair;
parted after a brief embrace
after morning prayer.

They could not come together, yet  
were never far away.
Sundry errands kept them busy
with duties of the day.

Twice, they stole away to unite,
their compulsion was such.
Their agitated longing grew
with every glancing touch.

Evening brought with it a reprieve
from their despondent plight.
They rested peacefully at last,
entwined all through the night.
Na/GloPoWriMo Day #3
Poetry form: Common metre
be-no-one Mar 2019
the night
will always do it's best
to separate
dusk from dawn
but I have faith that twin stars
will always be
Christina Maria Mar 2019
This one man gave her everything she needed
He gave her laughter, comfort, strength, and piece of mind

He is her knight in shining armor
He makes her feel like a queen

Even when she is low
The sound of his voice raises her higher

He is her light in the darkness
He is her rock, her missing piece

Her soul had found the one she has been looking for

Bri Nov 2018
In our past life,
you said you'll back to me.
Back into each other's arms once again, ready to start a new journey.
When I saw you for the first time,
I knew it was you.
Did you realize it was me too?
Finally after all these years,
back together.
But now you shy from me.
Why do you hesitate?
I guess I have to show you that it's time, that we're reunited again...
To the shy girl and shy boy
We run together
You kick off the stilettos
Bounding through heather-filled fields
Boundless meadows

I lie next to you
Enamored, obsessed
Time stops as you steal
My heart and my breath

You lay your head gently
Across my chest
We release inhibitions
Let go of the stress

Our lips lock
Bodies intertwine
Passion burns
Beauty shines

Joy erupts in my soul
Reunited at last
Unrequited love
My blast from the past

My deepest longing
Clasping my hand
Too bad I know
It's all in dreamland

I sleep next to her
While I'm here by your side
Yearning to find you
As I drift off each night

She's not you
That makes my heart break
So trap me here in my dreams
Don't let me awake
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