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be-no-one May 26
I wanted to teach you
how to fly
after I showed you
how to swim.
  May 22 be-no-one
Carmen Jane
I used to wait for you,
Right here in this corner
And when I felt quite blue
Your hug would make me warmer

But now the days have changed,
I step big steps on my own  path
I feel we've got estranged
It's really done, I've done the math

That one time when you didn't hear me
Followed by the other time you didn't see me
I'm telling you one plus one is two, my friend
I've done the math, we've reached the end.
be-no-one May 20
the sun finds the solace
as she meets the sea
so the night begins
still waters reflect the sky
the wind blows
starlight dances delicately
upon the ripples and so shall we
before dawn
she will know peace.
She was the flower
that made the sun want to rise.
be-no-one May 7
a field of daises
and I see only you
not every flower is the same
be-no-one May 5
for you today I may be the light
meet me in the night
tremble as you're fulfilled
you have not begun to glimpse
the borders of your darkness.
be-no-one May 4
You're not just in my prayers
You are my prayer.
be-no-one May 4
If you are lost in the darkness
look for a beacon
let her light guide you home
when you arrive at your destination
you'll realize
you were never really lost at all.
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