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The lightning in the sky reminds me of you

Just the nights we spent and the fun we had as two

The rainy days where we stayed home and shared our love

How we made up things better even though they were tough

I might’ve just felt so lonely when u left

It was as surprising as the our sun rising from the west

At last just wanted to say that everything reminds me of the time we spent

And the way you passed me leaving those beautiful trails of scent
this poem is about a person who had a lovely time with his loved one and how that loved one had once left him without any trails and without any reason, as a surprise.
annh Aug 2019
Tendrils of drowsy pleasure entice and hypnotise,
As daybreak storms; a rapturous collision,
Of distorted cadences and scintillating harmonies,
Between discarded blue-sky sheets.

‘I love to feel the temperature drop and the wind increase just before a thunderstorm. Then I climb in bed with the thunder.’
- Amanda Mosher, Better To Be Able To Love Than To Be Loveable
JT Nelson Jun 2019
Delicious hues of blue
Behind linen clouds
From horizon
To horizon
As swirling calls of birds
Cheer them on.
I love that I get to witness moments of nature. We should feel privileged to be sharing this earth.
be-no-one Mar 2019
My sunset is lit
Like a fire
So is your stars lighten up
The blue sky
My heart is bright
Like a moon
So  your smile radiants life
My universe is infinite
So your world stands out.
The things you do to please someone
The sacrifice you take to make someone happy .
Enough would be an underestimated word to please someone .
Putting yourself first isn’t selfishness
What's up Mr. Blue Sky!
I thought you're not okay in the eye
It's okay if you let that flow to cry
No reason for being shy
It's not good if hiding in a lie
Even it's just a fake smile
Please, don't ask me why
Cause eveyone was born to fly
Silver Feb 2019
not a bird in earsight,
but the wind is quite insistent

as the leaves rustle and chatter in
conversation every instant

the sky is blue, the sun elsewhere
your eyes are dry, face bare.

the clouds are few but lazy as ever!
hope to stand and watch forever,

the perfect wind that flips your hair but it's
welcome as home, the
silence that fills your head with talk.

a beautiful day!
look at the small things and you will find happy hiding away
Luthfi Annisa Apr 2018
Crave a blue yet shady sky
and a sense of calm
as you admire
the beauty of sunset

those bright brown eyes
staring at me deeply
without a word
that is difficult to express

a smile that attracted me
to smile too
and your laugh,
I'll put my life
to keep it bloom.
Donna Apr 2018
The wind blows gently
The sky is beautiful blue
Springtime is lovely
It's a most beautiful day today :)
Onomatopiyya Dec 2017
Not alone
Cause they're around
Not lonely
Chooses not to be

Wasn't fake
Felt the sincerity
Apple of my eye
That's what you are

Clearer sight
When we're together
Very comfortable yet
Some envy us

Soft and lovely
Like sand and waves
Calm and warm
Picture you as the blue sky

Truly no harm
Wish you're mine

In the heavens
Jair Graham Jun 2017
He's sandstone in the desert, I'm the blue sky wrapped tight around him.
I kiss him with raindrops and in return he makes flowers grow.
We are like a lion and a nightingale; nothing alike but our marriage is the truest union.
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