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Andy Hewitt Mar 26
Barbed, twisted roots,
gnarled with bitter bile.

Cutting, stabbing tendrils,
snagging purchase with cruel guile.

Winded, wounded outrage,
stumbling, sagging, overloaded.

Doubting, nagging insults,
confidence imploded.
Andy Hewitt Mar 25
People like to vent their spleen.
On social media, you can come clean.
Express thoughts, opinions
without consequence?
For what it's worth,
give your two-pence.

It’s a right of course, to have one’s say.
But surely we can do it with civility?
Cruel words can sting, and wound and stab;
we’re not all equipped to slip the verbal jab!
So take some time before you send your words abroad,
and remember - the pen is mightier than the sword.
Why do people disagree
With such fire in their voice
When a disagreement can be punctuated
With a handshake and pleasant goodbye?
Like, share thoughts and try to understand each other's points of view.  No reason you can't disagree on a topic and still have a candid, pleasant, and lively discussion about it.
I've contemplated it, wrote it, pondered it
Cried out for it, and attempted it you see

I keep all my ropes now in the garage
There they are of greater use to me

I moved the radio from the bathroom
I now prefer classic melodies

I put my razors behind the mirror
I'm gonna let my hair get shaggy

And all my pills went down the toilet
And there they can't bother me

I used to lock away these horrid thoughts
But to heal I must set them free

I won't lie and say the thought doesn't still come
Like a quiet thief in the night with a loaded gun
There will always be this darkest part of me
But now I try to share my thoughts in forms of poetry

And I hope there is no end to the line for us
Not much I wanna say about this.  I figure you guys get the point.
she calls herself
darkness because
she refuses the
world (society)
to set her up on fire
lets uplift the women we love around us lets sprinkle the world with kindness lots and lots of it
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