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erik diskin Oct 2020
so much i learned about love from people who don't know how to love. has learned from lost souls, unhealed fears, saints to sinners. love is not a holy father but a confusing religion yet to unravel.
the way i finally learned to see is to be completely blind. that holding too much saturation in front of your eyes caused you color-blind.
that i can't fix someone who is too comfortable at the state of being broken.
falling in love with a poet like me meaning i'm gonna remember your tiniest speckles. your blurriest memories. your brightest hues. packed them into a fine story that i can re-read and then write again.
from great california to meaningless banka. or a ***** like jakarta. with you, i prayed to the right God but with a wrong religion. so instead, He changed the current. that my faith is re-new and flesh-fresh. that, He keeps making it hurt until i numb enough to know that it was not meant to be. so i let go. of any claims but my worth.
you taught me that even it was love that you had offered, love is not enough reason. to hell about your "oh, the grass is greener on the other side" because it'll decay. the next morning, the silence already too loud. the oceans already too vast.
but i'll show you what is that to have a heart.
as messy as it is, as grande as what it capable of.

here i am, far from your grasp. a story you no longer can hear because deaf makes it way to your ear. blame it on our parents. the difference is, i'm no longer listening to them anymore. they too made of distorted glass and wrongdoings. the difference is, no matter what was the time and place, i chose you from any other things. but now, i ******* choose me.

the rest, it'll fall in the most sensible and right way.
for love is not perfect but this home deserves spotless love.
a purified love, the same amount of fight.
a light guiding every lost bird in the uneasy night.
deeplyhollowed Oct 2020
Whatever you do,
I have so much respect for you.
This year may be a bit harder,
but you’re awesome for keeping it together.
It’s okay to get tired even with simple things.
Rest and then keep going.
Year 2020 is chaotic for everyone. Hope you become kinder to everyone you encounter.
Nylee Aug 2020
We don't trust a kind person
they are always under suspicion,
Nobody has been kind to me
without any reason,
their ulterior motive be some kind.
It seems that kindness be
An extinct breed indeed.
Not a call in which,
it is purely for asking of well being,
what follows concern, is the real deal.
The world has toughen, sharpen each edges,
distrust is all time high, cutting up inches
You are one of them, I am not putting the blame,
I have turned just the same
By not trusting everybody,
I am just being kind to me.
Ijaazat Aug 2020
When love dies,
It is not always hatred that takes its place,
Sometimes it is nothingness and void showing their ugly face.

When bravery dies,
It is not always cowardice blowing its horn,
Sometimes acceptance of the fear is born.

When kindness you used to receive dies,
It is not always that cruelty looks promising and grand,
Sometimes self protection and love come forward to hold your hand.

But when humanity dies,
It is always melancholy and destruction making their way,
No good or constructive feeling ever gets a say.
Be kind. Be human. Love everyone. Smile more often.. Count your blessings.
Nylee Jul 2020
Everything is coming to an end.
          I whisper to my self
The tears show up, so unexpected.
          The world goes blurred

In the morning the sirens will be heard
           One more no more
Then deafening silence passes
            Is it a win or a defeat score

Put on a mask, blend in
              Who can tell now who is breathing
No warning, but there were signs
              It is little too late to listen now

How unexpected tables can turn
               it is a sequence of slow burns
Now sour limes turn sweet buns
                "How unexpected indeed"

A picture on the table,
               Not a person on the sidewalk
Found a place in the house now
               it is about time too late.
Trinity Rivera Jun 2020
i haven’t thought about that the earth and i will one day be entwined and entombed in each other’s arms. while we’re holding each other tight, one of us or both of us will be reduced to cosmic dust. a substance so fine it’ll get lost in time...while my body had breath was anything truly mine? or was it just His design to eventually make my soul and His creations bind? maybe all that time i was simply stumbling around blind, not knowing what i’ll find, perhaps it’s a sign i should step out of line and continue to be kind because this world is slowly turning ugly and it’s layering with grime. but why? why do we have to tell lies and why do we have to commit crimes? you could fix the things you say you hate so much if only you just tried...then maybe the stars would align and begin to shine but the world isn’t perfect and some of us won’t think changing is worth it. maybe “perfect” is a hopeless idea and we just don’t deserve it. what is perfect? we won’t ever get there but we can get close we just have to earn it. perfection is deception and our minds are infected, we’ve all been affected but don’t completely reject it because love has been detected so do the world a favor and spread it...before you and ground grow more connected.
Dayda Jun 2020
What have become of us
How will we ever grow
What will our future be
What have become of us

We say what we want to say
Without even thinking of how that person will feel
The freedom we thought we owned
Has really made us into virtual bullies

The words and thoughts we once only dared to keep inside
We now type away furiously on our little keyboards
Vile, angry, evil words flood the tiny screen
Leaving the other person feel their world is really ending

Bullies, we are, we have turned to be
Leaving emotional scars trailing everywhere we go
No guilt whatsoever which makes it so much worse
Our inner self is really deep dark and cruel

What have become of us
Why are we like that
How did we turn out this way
What have become of us
Used to encounter bullies physically and usually someone we know. Now, there are so many cyber  bullies who think their are entitled and worse thing is, we don't even know them.
Dayda Jun 2020
Hello there little fella
Why do you look so awfully glum
Is there a reason behind that tiny little frown
Why are your eyes so glassy and bright
What can be the reason you look so down

Where is that huge smile I used to see on you
Where is that loud laugh which fills up the room
Where is that tiny little hops in your steady walk
Where is that cheeky glint of mischief shining in your eyes

Hey there, hey there little dear fella
Come now come here and let yourself free
Don't sit gloomily there in that dark dusty corner
Let me be the ears to whatever your heart dismays

No. No. That can't be true
You're wrong. It can't be. No. No
You're imagining it. Its never true
You don't know what you're saying. No. No. No

Don't cry now little fella. There, there
There, there. Do wipe those poor tears
Don't let them fall. Don't let them flow
This too shall pass. This too shall go

You will be fine now little fella
You will be ok
You will get through this
You will be walking your way

This hug you are in now, it will always remain
This strength you feel now, it will always be there
This courage you hold now, it will always stay
This love you have now, it will always be yours

Even the toughest person crumbles deep inside.
And Jun 2020
Kindness makes us human
For without it we are only a vessel
Just a lonely twitching carcass
Dull, hard, metal
Be kind
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