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Alio May 4
A storm rages on
Trees thrash and break
Windows and ears split from the roar of thunder
Colossal building shake and bend
Rain floods the road
Seeps in basements and cars and the earth
Waves throw their full weight at the beach
Birds and Foxes have long since burrowed
Sensing the coming storm

Yet at the same time
Not far away
A gentle breeze hushly moves the tall grasses in fields
Tickles the leaves of blooming trees
Weaves its way through the towns and over the waters
The people roam the beaches and streets with smiles on their faces and the sun on their skin

Everywhere has its own storm in its own time
And everyone has their own battle at their own time
Thrilled, wrapt, beguiled,
bruised, broken, lost,
tempest toss’d
or star-sky smitten,
it’s your heart we love alone

even if it feels so,
you never are x
Hi Nov 2021
“ you can’t go back and
Change the beginning,
But you can start
Where you are and
Change the ending”
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Hi Nov 2021
“The worst kind of
Pain is when you’re
Smiling just to
Stop the tears
From falling”
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Hi Nov 2021
“I am trying my hardest
To not
Act how I feel”
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Hi Nov 2021
“The prettiest smile hides the deepest secrets,
The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears,
And the kindest hearts have felt the most pain”
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Be kind you never know if someone lost a friend
Be kind you never know if someone lost a pet
Be kind you never know if someone lost a job
Be kind you never know if someone had a bad day
Take time for yourself
Talk before it before it's words that's never said
Pause but not to long before it becomes a memory
Be sad
Be happy
Be angry
Be frustrated
Be kind you never know if some just lost a friend
Be kind you never know if someone just lost a pet
Be kind you never know if someone just lost a job
Be kind you never know if someone just lost had a bad day
Be kind there's enough hate in the world
Be kind.
Dave Robertson Aug 2021
As teachers,
(and I know some are back already, sorry)
we are doing the equivalent
of sportsfolk psyching up

Our judo coach is shaking and slapping
while we, in denial, are still mowing lawns
and planning actual meals from recipes

In our dreams, the Bueller…?
Bueller…? Bueller…?
reels are already playing
with our classes disobeying to our faces

So for everyone’s sake
ease us in please
keep us keen and we’ll deal with your progeny
‘til Halloween
erik diskin Oct 2020
so much i learned about love from people who don't know how to love. i've learned from lost souls, unhealed fears, saints to sinners. love is not a holy father but a confusing religion yet to unravel.
the way i finally learned to see is to be completely blind. that holding too much saturation in front of your eyes caused you color-blind.
that i can't fix someone who is too comfortable at the state of being broken.
falling in love with a poet like me meaning i'm gonna remember your tiniest speckles. your blurriest memories. your brightest hues. packed them into a fine story that i can re-read and then write again.
from great california to meaningless banka. or a ***** like jakarta. with you, i prayed to the right God but with a wrong religion. so instead, He changed the current. my faith is re-new and flesh-fresh. He kept making it hurt until i numb enough to know that it was not meant to be. so i let go. of any claims but my worth.
you taught me that even it was love that you had offered, love is not enough reason. to hell about your "oh, the grass is greener on the other side" because it'll decay. the next morning, the silence already too loud. the oceans already too vast.
but i'll show you what is that to have a heart.
as messy as it is, as grande as what it capable of.

here i am, far from your grasp. a story you no longer can hear because deaf makes it way to your ear. blame it on our parents. the difference is, i'm no longer listening to them anymore. they too made of distorted glass and wrongdoings. the difference is, no matter what was the time and place, i chose you from any other things. but now, i ******* choose me.

the rest, it'll fall in the most sensible and right way.
for love is not perfect but this home deserves spotless love.
a purified love, the same amount of fight.
a light guiding every lost bird in the uneasy nights.
deeplyhollowed Oct 2020
Whatever you do,
I have so much respect for you.
This year may be a bit harder,
but you’re awesome for keeping it together.
It’s okay to get tired even with simple things.
Rest and then keep going.
Year 2020 is chaotic for everyone. Hope you become kinder to everyone you encounter.
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