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Jun 2017 · 478
dravenstorm Jun 2017
her and i exist silently trapped in a cold room
absorbing apathy from our glasses, slowly with caution.
afraid to touch, afraid to feel.
Jun 2017 · 419
dravenstorm Jun 2017
i'll play my role, just give me the script.
Aug 2016 · 310
dravenstorm Aug 2016
adjusting to the numbness of shadows.
Jun 2016 · 1.3k
dravenstorm Jun 2016
i have tombstones growing in my chest.
May 2016 · 1.7k
dravenstorm May 2016
im a burning lake surrounded
by witches and demons warming themselves up, while smoking cannibas and dmt conversing about nebula rings and time traveling.
Apr 2016 · 837
dravenstorm Apr 2016
mom walks in my room*

mom: im so ******* disappointed
            in you!
mom: you ******* *******!

walks out

me: ( slits wrists, over doses and
         listens to kid cudi. )
Feb 2016 · 593
dravenstorm Feb 2016
mom & everyone hates
me now, and all i do is
sit in the corner of
my lightless, cold, brutal
mind and carve images of
words that mad me cry all
over these arms.
Jan 2016 · 862
i won't stop loving you.
dravenstorm Jan 2016
i loved you everyday
of my existence,
and you loved me less
each day up until i died
of not enough love.

i rose again in the next
life and loved a fragment
of you.
Jan 2016 · 2.2k
let him die.
dravenstorm Jan 2016
her heart is sweaty,
skin smells of anxiety
from all the lies she told
the boy that killed himself
with words hanging in his
Dec 2015 · 515
Speeding Poems 2 Heaven.
dravenstorm Dec 2015
The Purity Scent Of Dead Poems
That Committed Suicide.

Rest In Ink.
Dec 2015 · 1.0k
dravenstorm Dec 2015
My Mind Is Full Of Dead Words
Decomposing Onto Books,
Creating A Vivid Picture Of
You That I Never Knew Existed.
Dec 2015 · 1.7k
Burn Baby Burn.
dravenstorm Dec 2015
If My Heart Was
A House,
I'd Watch You Burn
It Down To The Ground.
Dec 2015 · 1.1k
dravenstorm Dec 2015
Maybe I'm Just
A Little Afraid
That Whenever
Someone Gets
A Little Closer
To Me,
They Always Have
To Leave Me
And Find Someone
Nov 2015 · 788
dravenstorm Nov 2015
My Thoughts Are As
Dead As My Body
Decomposing In The

* Rest In Pieces.
NV Inspired.
Nov 2015 · 760
Last Shot.
dravenstorm Nov 2015
Constantly Drunk On
The Thought Of Thinking
You'd Actually Want To
Be With A Miserable,
Lonely, Drunk Boy
Like Me.
Oct 2015 · 622
dravenstorm Oct 2015
Maybe You're A Little
Sad Because No One
What You Want Them
To Understand
And We're All Just
Lost In The Precession
Of Trying To Understand
What We Can't.

And So We Look
Up To You Just So
We Can Find Understanding.

The Understanding Of
Nothingness, I Guess.

Life, Is Nothingness.
Life, Is Sad.
Inspired By A.
Oct 2015 · 655
Suicide Note.
dravenstorm Oct 2015
Mom, Don't Worry
My Image Will Forever
Be Alive In Your Mind.
Sep 2015 · 581
Broken Dream Machine.
dravenstorm Sep 2015
And I Found Myself
Dreaming In Reverse.
You Just Wouldn't Understand.
Sep 2015 · 571
Far From Home.
dravenstorm Sep 2015
The Saddest Part
Is That I Messed Up

But You Just
Didn't Have To Leave!
Why Couldn't You Just Stay!
Sep 2015 · 1.4k
And I Fell Inlove.
dravenstorm Sep 2015
She Told Me She Loved Me,
I Said "Prove It"
And She Pushed Me
Off The Top
Of A Building.
dravenstorm Aug 2015
I Want To Write Poems,
All Over Your Body,
And Pray That,
Whenever I Turn You On,
It Melts All Over
This Angelic Carpet.
Aug 2015 · 771
I'm Her Sub-Conscious.
dravenstorm Aug 2015
The More You
Grip & Scratch
This Skin
Gasphing On
How Good
This Body Moves,
Wondering About
The Perfection
Of This Pleasure.

I Really Do Hope
You Realize That
I'm Just
A Consciousness
Trapped In
Your Mind.

You're Absorbing
My Sacred Fantasies.
Only Pleasing Yourself.
Aug 2015 · 477
Your New Home.
dravenstorm Aug 2015
I've Made
A House
For You
In My
Aug 2015 · 696
Sus Me.
dravenstorm Aug 2015
Is It Me?
Am I The Reason
People Always
Jul 2015 · 1.0k
The Last Human Kiss.
dravenstorm Jul 2015
Hold My Hand
Sit On
This Tree
With Me,
And We'll
Watch Metors
Filled With
Fall Underneath
Our Sunkissed
Our Exsitence
Of Being
Jul 2015 · 1.6k
Sus Romance.
dravenstorm Jul 2015
Your Thoughts
Were A
Gray Cloud.

I Tried
To Save
You From

Just Kept
Me Down.
dravenstorm Jun 2015
Please Set Her Free, From My Thoughts.
The Walls To My Deepest Fears
Are Closing Up On Her.
She Screams Out So Silently.
But Her Voice Echo's To My
Projected Subconsciousness.

They Feel Her ****** Tears
Curl To Their Souls.
But Spare No Sympathy
For The Little Girl.

They Let Her Drown,
And Watch Her Resurrect
Into A Consciousness
That Will Torture Me

For Eternity.
Jun 2015 · 880
dravenstorm Jun 2015
Warm Winds, Cold Sky's
In A Tree House Forbidden
In The Lonely Forest Of
The Weeping Souls.
Where Only
Unicorns And Fairy's Exist.

Extemporize Frabicatedly.
This World He Exists In
Was Told To
Be Abandoned,
No Other Life Form
Exists There. But He,
He Chose To Take
The Risk And Go Anyway,

Hoping She'd Follow Him.

At The Blue Ocean,
She Fell Asleep.
While Her Soul Swam With
The Loneliest Whales
In The Ocean.

He Searched For Her,
He Never Found Her.
Jun 2015 · 2.1k
dravenstorm Jun 2015
We Met In The 80's.
We Fell Inlove.
We've Reached
The Present.

i Saw You
From A Distance.

You Glazed Into
My Eyes.
i Glazed Into Yours ,

Hoping That
The Memories
We Had Built
Would  Appear
To Your Thoughts
Once Again.

But You Walk Away.

You Probably
Don't Remember Me

Jun 2015 · 979
Mother Moon.
dravenstorm Jun 2015
What If.
The Moon Was Just
 Another Dimension
People Travel To
Right After They...

Stopped Breathing.
Jun 2015 · 837
dravenstorm Jun 2015
It's A Coincidence She Made It Out Of My Thoughts.

May 2015 · 1.2k
dravenstorm May 2015
She Layed Her Head On His Chest
And Her Thoughts Wondered Why
His Heart Screams Out So Silently.

Why. It's Always Banging On His Chest. But No One Seems To Answer.

And He Replied: It's Been Trapped In This Sad Body Since The Beginning Of My Existence.
It Wants To Escape. But No One Seems To Set Free Into The Light.

It Finally Gave Up.
Made Friends With The Darkness.
Shared Ancient Stories.
Shared Emotions With The Razor.

And The Razor Understood All Its
The Razor Then Smiled At The Sad Wrist.
And After A While, It Said.
Look, You're Smiling Too. :)
May 2015 · 8.8k
Air. Fire. Water. Her
dravenstorm May 2015
Let's Gaze At Each Other's Eyes
And Converse Through Our Thoughts.
May 2015 · 817
Let Her Breathe.
dravenstorm May 2015
Even Though You're Not Around.  Your Presence Still Exists In My Imagination. 
I Can Still Feel Your Energy. 
How You Struggle To Breathe When You Talk To Me.

How I Let Go  Of Everything & Became Your Slave.
Obeyed Your Every Command.

Even Though You'd Hurt Me.
You'd Pretend To Be Hurt Too.
Blame It All On Me.

But I Understood You.
I Stayed Through Your Breathless Times.
Although We Were A Thousand Miles Apart,
I Could Still Feel Your Suicidal Thoughts.

The Sound Of Your Voice When You Cried Over The Phone,
Had Me Crying Too.

I Should Have Told You That
Everything Would Be Okay.
Told You About The Tree's
That Have Watched Over You.
How They Want To Tell You
Everything, But Everything
Just Seems Dumb When A Human
Being Is Told About It.

But You Fell Into Deep Sleep
Before I Could.
So I Layed Down & Tucked Myself In.
As I Listened To You Breathe.
I Realised I Was The One Breathing,
You Were
May 2015 · 1.5k
dravenstorm May 2015
The Tree Says, "Don't. I Am Sore. Don't Hurt Me." But They Chop It Down Instead And Cut It Up.
May 2015 · 698
Little Girl
dravenstorm May 2015
Little Girl
You Can Let Go Now.

I Promise To Take Care Of Your
Body While You're Away Visiting
The Gods,Seeking For Answers
While I Help Your Soul Seek Happiness.
I've Seen You Struggle For Way To Long Now.
Look,It's Okay To Feel Sus.
I'll Take Over From Here.

Little Girl.
You Can Let Go Now.
May 2015 · 356
dravenstorm May 2015
You Mysteriously Appear In My Dreams,
With Different Appearances. Intensely
Seducing Me, Convincing Me To Feel Like We Have Something Beyond Love.

I Don't Know Why You Chose Me.
But,What I Do Know Is That You Won't Stay Long. You'll Just Leave Anyway.

But Then When You're Around, My Dreams Are Vivid.
We Travel Through Different Dimensions More Than We Exchange Lips.
They Burn More Than Rocks Sink On Lava. You're My Lover.
The Lover That Exists In My Dreams.
Afraid To Reveal  Yourself In This Cruel World We Live In.

But If You Just Give It A Chance, We Could Sit In My Tree House
And Talk About Completely Nothing.

Because The Silence Screams Out All We Need To Say To Each Other.

But The Silence Is A Killer Too.
May 2015 · 372
dravenstorm May 2015
You Move Through The Woods
Like A Cosmic Soul In The Cold Tranquil Breeze Of Christmas.

Won't You Come Back Home Where You Belong?
The Trees Are Dying, The Stars Are Falling, The Moon's Light Is Fading Away.

Mother Earth Is Trapped Under The Grey Clouds Of This Cruel World.
The Trivial Minds Of These Species
Are Lacking Contentment,
Save Us.

Save The Happy One's
Leave The Sad One's Alone.
Apr 2015 · 366
dravenstorm Apr 2015
In search of a figments of my imagination.
Captured  by the shadows of the dead.
Afraid to go out into the dark & search
 for the monsters seeking to discover the untold secrets of my soul.
As much as I try not to allow them in,
The more their blades cut deeper into my skin
Leaving the blood dripping with a story to tell.

I call out to my angel,but the more I do.
The more she fails to reach out & ****** me out of the fire, I try to escape,but the more I do the more my flesh slowly depletes.

Is this the End of me or is my innocence being,
Traded for sinister powers to destroy everything around me.

A new creation has rising from the ashes of pain,
With an army of, just 2 souls. In one body.
Deceiving the Humans to thinks it's only Human,when truly it isn't.

Im just another soul searching for happiness.
#Thoughts #Fabricated #Deep
Apr 2015 · 365
dravenstorm Apr 2015
Television is destroying the mission I have,
To show the world my vision
But no one really seems to listens.

The razor to my wrist,
Are the only things,
that listen to the thoughts caged in my mind.
Screaming out the pain written in the blood.
Whipping it away,
Will only make things better for the moment.

Although I'm still trapped in my own body,
The soul can't stand the bleeding,
Thoughts that keep whispering,
Everyone around me hates me.

Seeking for that fatherly love,
Realizing it never existed.
Searching for the feeling of love,
Discovering that it's extinct.

My shadow is always attached to me,
I guess it knows my deepest secrets.
Hoping it could keep a secret too,
Instead it laughs at me, as slowly deplete.

I'll use the time I have left,
Inhaling the cold smoke,
Left by the ancient slaves of pain,
Seducing my thoughts,
As I use it to slowly undress them.

— The End —