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dravenstorm Jun 2017
her and i exist silently trapped in a cold room
absorbing apathy from our glasses, slowly with caution.
afraid to touch, afraid to feel.
dravenstorm Jun 2017
i'll play my role, just give me the script.
dravenstorm Aug 2016
adjusting to the numbness of shadows.
dravenstorm Jun 2016
i have tombstones growing in my chest.
dravenstorm May 2016
im a burning lake surrounded
by witches and demons warming themselves up, while smoking cannibas and dmt conversing about nebula rings and time traveling.
dravenstorm Apr 2016
mom walks in my room*

mom: im so ******* disappointed
            in you!
mom: you ******* *******!

walks out

me: ( slits wrists, over doses and
         listens to kid cudi. )
dravenstorm Feb 2016
mom & everyone hates
me now, and all i do is
sit in the corner of
my lightless, cold, brutal
mind and carve images of
words that mad me cry all
over these arms.
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