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Nat Lipstadt Jun 24
You Are the Texture


~ for all of you,
you, you poet~


is a technique used in painting,
where paint is laid on an area of
the surface thickly, usually thick
enough that the brush or  painting-
knife strokes are visible.

Paint can also be mixed right on
to the canvas. When dry, impasto
provides texture; the paint appears
as if, to be coming out of the canvas.


Cut & Paste

is a technique used in poetry writing,
we refer back to our visions, heard words,
the eyeful, the earful, scents, the reads read,
all in the mind’s palette blended, thickly, but
the merging fused, every word~in~coloration,
it is unique, reincarnation, copying impossible.

The imagery, cut and pasted from thy heart and
soul, upon canvas, your poems~pieces each appear
as you-are-texture, you becoming out of, you, the canvas.



it is not lost on me that the
scars, our words,herein,
we note too frequently, almost casually,
are, can be, the selfsame
for our first and foremost
canvas we utilize,
is ourselves…
our bodies, ourselves
Fri Jun 23
Zack Ripley Feb 2021
Hope is a horrible thing to be without.
Without it, you would surely drown in doubt.
A lot of people say they feel hopeless.
Here's the thing: the definition of hope
Is desire for or expectation
For something to happen.
Based on that definition, it's impossible to be without hope.
So, if hope never died, never left,
Where did it go?
What if your fear
that nothing would change
or get better overpowered your hope
That things would change
Or get better?
How do you get it back?
You tell fear you're not afraid anymore.
Then you show it the door.
S R Mats Jan 2021
A female is very different than a male
In human physical makeup.
There is no shame in that.
It does not need to be defended,
But it does call for an explanation.

Compare: Can the rugged bear or stallion
Sprout wings and fly?
They were made to plod the terrestrial,
Their brutish power, ever recognized.

Throw a stone and you get a mere snort
As they decide if you should live or die.
But here is where the weaker sings.
The bird, that lilting tiny powerhouse,
With its fragile hollow bones was made to fly.
Each *** has superior strengths.  Together they complement each other.
Rolloroberson Oct 2020
Harsh geographical tongues,
Set up against the asphalt gleaming in the bright light,
The A Crowd betwixt and between- efforting that cool knowing stance to cover the fear reeked knee **** bloodthirst their inadequacy always spawned.
The B Crowd simpers aghast at what unconscious desires to adopt the life husk of burned out hucksters has wrought.
The sentimental inspector dutifully tweaks the scales so we all have a tighter grasp on true value.
Postscript: Lord grant me the grace to disguise the portentous notions that I am anything other than what I pretend to be...

[Rolloroberson copyright 2020]
A flood of information late in the night
Laiba Sep 2020
Happiness hates me
I hate happiness
Any sort of happiness I get should go
So goodbye to the people who made me happy
You guys were amazing
One thing makes me happy and I let that to to
Poetic T Jun 2020
You weren't vertical with your rhyme,
na brov you weren't a stand alone dime.
Throwing it in the air and landing face down,
  you now horizontal laughable like a clown.

But we ain't here to watch you blow up,
more like deflate, claiming this was a set up.
Tripping over your words like a stuttering
      F.. ***… k you... and there's ya muttering...

No one follows you, more like your wife walking
out on the embarrassment, **** blocking
you as she got an itch that wasn't seven years,
more like size matters and yours were in arrears.

Look I don't want to put you down, I want to hit
you so hard you feel it in the next life. Llease quit
cos you haven't got what it takes to spit lyrics
you have dry mouth, your words are you own critics.
God's Oracle May 2020
Why don't we just unite and fight for a better tomorrow? Why can't we just love others without limitations or barriers...either be social, economical, ethical, moral, spiritual and cultural? Why can't we all as Humans focus on ending racism, fascism, extreme poverty, wars, destroy and get rid of all biological chemical weapons of warfare their hydrogen and atomic bombs? Corruption among the Government Elite? Focus on creating a more eco-efficient  eco-friendly forms of renewable energy cleaner water food without growth or GMO hormones or clone artificially genetic engineered drugs being injected into our food? Why can't we demand for a different kind of monetary system based on people's time, age, health and create and build communities together not being split into socioeconomical groups from The Elite 1.2% of the world  population to the homeless guy down the road 32.3% of world population with 66.6% being middle to high class citizens from the world populus and allow them all to have a house a car a phone and the basic amenities? Why can't we all separate our differences and see where we are all equal from one creator mandated to live for him serve him but yet serve all at the same time? Would there ever be a day when all religion set aside their differences and just unite to find the ultimate truth about God and the mysteries be revealed to all from all their Holy Books? Why can't we accept our past wrong doing and try NOT to conform to the system but to restructure it and make our planet clean, hospitable, amicable, free from violence, lust, greed, wrath, sloth, ******, lies and hate. Slowly seems like people are starting to wake up spiritually and are awaking from their darkness and slowly starting to follow the light...seeking it and have realized that without God and Christ and the Holy Spirit none of this is possible. So many little answers...yet no one is a righteous soul seeking sanctification and pureness first which is in other words seek God and everything shall fall into place. We are vessels that at birth we are indoctrinated, trained to become integrated to a global chain of communities ******* to a super artificial construct of idealism & moralities yet with boundaries set to limit our growth spiritually so we slowly fall off from the days of our childhood the first 10 years of life  being the decade of innocence the second 10 the decade of mischief & exploration, the next 10 decade of dream development & labor decision making the next 10 mate seeking & family forming the next 10 family forming & education and discipline, the next 10 traveling & enjoying life, the next 10 advising your children & helping them raise their children (your grandchildren) then lastly remaining spiritually entwined with God & Christ thru it all. In the end you will die fulfilled and happy with what you done for it is God's will for us to be happy and submit to his guidance. Ultimately in the end true peace will never be attained here on "this" Earth but the New Earth and New Heaven. May God watch over us all and when this false World peace comes be ready for it's not the real be aware that it's been written and its wheels have begun turning. Christ will come to save his people I just wanna try my best & fight with fear and trembling for my salvation for it is uttermost importance what becomes of me in the NOT PHYSICAL but ETERNAL place to come. Thanks for reading. Stay safe. In Jesus name Amen!
The impossible vision of what could be if the end comes...
Grace Mar 2020
My heart is hurting

But my brain says “don’t bug people”
So y’all get to hear about it instead
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