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Luna Jun 6
Death is seen as
a horrifying being
but i think it's quite nice
to have someone
to hold you hand
after you die
to walk you to the afterlife
Aa Harvey May 23

There are many doors we all walk through every day;
Be it claw, or snore, or war, or any other reason,
The door is unavoidable and it is always the season.
A never ending end,
Never been a friend;
Never known what to expect next.

All things they continue, but nothing ever lasts.
Newborns are born and one day they will grow up to wear black.
If there was a way to never see Death again,
Would we want to live forever?  Or would we need an end?

There is meaning to life, even if we do not know what it is.
Some say it is to raise kids;
Some say it is to accomplish dreams.
My reasons are the same as many other opinions;
Opinions are ten a penny.
People think they know, but nobody is ever ready.

I agree with you, good guess;
But you cannot know until it is the end,
Of the bitter sweet symphony show.
The show must go on!
Surely this is not the last song?
We need an encore for life;
We need to have hope before we are gone.

(Knock, knock, knock.)

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Anya Mar 6
Youthful soul who risked your prayers
Do not let your mind be taken
Forget their fear and well known snares
It was not you we had forsaken

He of bone and ghostly drape
Who greets us when we’re ill
Do not disown your late escape
Until the dying lay still

Man of marrow protect his lie
As many have seen it so
And it is why the virtuous die
As it is a life they would forgo
Sonia Ettyang Dec 2018
I thought I could save you from the your own demons
That lingered behind those empty eyes
But if I knew then what I know now
I should have ran and never looked back
As everything felt wrong right from the start
The love bomb
The mind games
The death stares
All those were red flags!
But I lied to myself
I lied to myself that me and you were destined
I lied to myself
That you were the chosen one, yang to my yin
I lied to myself
That you were my mirror and I was staring at my reflection
But you were just a mirage
Putting up a charade while you mimicked me
Took down my walls and entrance gain
I was so lost then but now I'm found
If you ask me I know better now
As for you, you'll never find what you're looking for
No amount of love on this earthplane can rescue your fallen soul back to light
For you need no saving, all you're after is your next source of energy, a chain of supply is what your ego craves.
Just know you can hide but never ran
Your Mr nice guy masks will soon fall off
Everything will lay bare and that void within will show
©Sonia Ettyang
Music tends to spark back memories...wrote this while listening to "Hubris" by Sevdaliza
Elisabeth Sep 2018
She is brutal.

She will tear my skin,

Bruise my knees,

And blacken my eyes.

But she is also a gentle dove

And she can be kind.

When I succeed she gives me sweets

And gives back my missing pieces.

She is my mistress.

Her’s is the name on my collar,

She has the lead.

And she keeps control until she hands me off to him.

Though I know him not,

He will heal my body.

Let me have the control,

And finally give me peace.
Silverflame Aug 2018
my old futile dreams
make the windows all misty
ripping up the seams
blood mixed with ancient whiskey

a smile around the corner
lures the naive mind
******* up the world order
another death wish signed

overhead, brick by brick
the november wind stands still
heart oozing of homesick
empty thoughts keep my glass refilled

delusions cover my sight
faraway lights blink with eager
fixing the crooked night
dinner with the grim reaper
A poem I wrote last year, which I someone managed to delete with my clumsy fingers.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
The Three Angels

(The demon talks)

With all the death that surrounds our lives;
Surely it is no longer shocking,
That we are eternally searching, for that long goodnight.
In all the worlds, the stars and the twilight,
Live the horrors of a hive mind that is aching for sunlight.

You can only take the things that I have grown to hate;
For in each and every day, you have stood in my way.
But now the time has come for me to repay,
The hurt that you have caused me; with my own taste for pain.

When all else is dark and the birds have flown away,
You will be found cold as steel, in your personal shallow grave.
Without a doubt, you will be betrayed
And with an ice cold blade,
You will find yourself at the end of your days.

In a blackened cloak and cowl of ash;
The reaper is calling for you, so make a wish my Prince.
In this magnetic future, there is no turning back;
This death is foretold, forewritten and your future is destined.

You can never run inside a fate of quicksand
And as the breath drains from your lungs, you are left praying still.
Your precious life can be taken, simply by the touch of his hand;
So prepare for your dying day and write yourself a will.

In the depths of despair, we are all lacking air.
Offer us a sunshine inside a bag and we will honour your name.
A sickening world breeds only a lack of care;
Now this day of reckoning has come,
To splash this land with blood stains.

A ****** in mind; a vulture feeds upon the carcass.
I pity your entire life and your very existence.
We speak only of evil, because you people are so barbarous.
And now the evil has been awakened,
So you had better keep your distance.

We are forever indebted to the Devil and his teachings
And we shall remain devout and do all of his bidding.
Empathy is unseen through black eyes devoid of feelings;
So such beauty shall remain untouched by the hand of the King.

Love shall remain unrequired when the world is on fire;
So when all has turned black, I shall have no such desire.
The family feud shall reign eternal
And the gunshot will ring true and leave you down in the mire.

Falling and sinking and then drowning in blood.
With the dark angels touch, you will be conquered and taken.
No saviour is forthcoming to stop your society’s soul crush;
It will bring you down with every word,
That these imbeciles have spoken.

We all wear a mask to hide our inner-most secrets;
I have never taken a soul that didn’t need me to take it.
I stare into the stars from down inside this spiked pit;
Now the shackles have been removed,
So I can, at last, unleash this hatred!

(The angel speaks)

The darkness is unending in this place without hope;
We are trapped inside our memories and we will soon become ghosts.
If the burden we carry holds us back,
When forward is where we must go.
If we allow ourselves to become prisoners of thought;
Then our life will never leave the shallow.

The monsters are everywhere, so speak of them, for they will still be;
You cannot carry a book of spells that will banish everything.
You cannot live a life with beauty, if you are already inside your box;
You must face your fears head on and live your life free.

Free from the fear of death, we must all rest one day;
But for now we must sing to cover our nervous eyes.
Let joyous thoughts create your face
And keep the undertaker from your grave;
For too soon we will be taken, so use well your only time.

As the grandfather clock ticks and the pendulum swings,
The house of the dead will forever be beckoning.
But if we live carefully and let our dreams be carefree,
We can fulfil our destiny and change our time of reckoning.

In mirrors we see shadows flicker and their shape may change;
But as soon as we look at those shadows through natural eyes,
There is nothing there to be seen.
So we stare deep into the mirror that is our soul, searching once again;
Those images are no longer there to be found,
But they will be back inside our darkest dreams.

In the midnight hour we awaken screaming no!
We tell the tale of the beast that lurks in the shadows.
We see it all so clearly, in the back of our minds.
But our words are felt unnecessary;
They tell us go to sleep now and be mellow.

(The poet replies)

We can never relax in this nightmare of a bloodbath!
It is real I tell you!  So stop that laughter!
You will regret this lost minute, when you are under attack!
So take these words deep inside your heart
And remember them forever after!

Your time is coming, so beware the ides of March;
You cannot light your way in the rain with that torch.
The daylight may be your friend, but evil likes to lurk in the dark.
The killer, the reaper;
Your future is forever more.

In your last living hour and the first second of your death,
You will be praying for an escape key and wishing for a wish.
You will call out to God and inevitably you will still be dead;
Because when your hour glass is empty, then that will be the end of it.

(The angel speak)

Your future is uncertain, but the threat of death haunts us all;
We can be nothing without action, so seize this time.
When all is turning black and we are without a door;
We will hope for a purpose, a direction, a sight for sore eyes.

The bats will feast on your blood as you lay under moonlight;
The lost and found box will one day contain your soul.
If all we can be is dead, then surely we must embrace this life;
Now is not our final hour, it is our finest hour!
So along the pure path we must go!

Each stepping stone will carry us across the Dead Sea;
If we truly believe, then we can achieve anything.
So run for the hills, to bask in the dawns morning call
And as you drop to your knees to embrace the light,
You will find your true meaning.

Pause for thought beneath a rainbow, if you are thinking of the end;
Because we are just beginning to tell the tale of mankind.
Through bloodshot eyes, bullets have been fired my friend;
But here we stand, here we fall and still humanity survives.

The mischievous spirits dance in the rose petals beneath our feet;
As the angel’s soothe our hearts inside the pit of defeat.
In a hopeless state we can never set ourselves free;
But humans are kind sometimes,
So have trust, faith and love and you shall be at peace.

We cannot rest in peace if our soul is in pieces;
So stay true to your belief that the spirits are good.
As we gasp for air, we stay clear of our graveyard; we all want this
And as once more we rise, we become immortal
And in this Heaven I promise you, we shall all forever be loved.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018
Your Country Needs You

Your government lies, as your Son dies.
The end is nigh, as are the cold black nights.
The vision of the Undead Knight.
The taker of your life.

Your soul was sold, your eyes are cold.
Your body still bears the scars of old.
My life is now not even an existence;
Just a head, full of mixed up memories.

Have a war and **** your soldiers,
Or just destroy your nuclear weapons and save all of us.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Sierra Jun 2018
Dark skies are falling through the town, the mist
Strolls along the damp cobblestone walkway.
He comes alone, only with scythe assist.
Path and scythe, cruelly curved, long and grey.

He walks along, at all never stopping
While this wretched creature beckoned me near.
Held in place, but my heart not yet falling.
Angel of death, a lovely pale reaper.

Embrace of Death is all that gives me hope.
The one whom will take me into the mist.
Reaching in my *****, my soul to *****,
It submitting within his bony fist

Playing with heart-strings, his fateful gest
He, who delivers me eternal rest
Sonnet about the Grimm Reaper
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