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leeaaun Dec 2023
Beneath the cloak of the cosmic night's embrace,
He emerged, a reaper clad in shadows profound.
A silhouette of darkness, a harbinger of fate,
He, the reaper, destined to navigate.

With a cloak that whispered tales of the unknown,
He tread the realm where love and mystery were sown.
A wraith-like figure with a scythe of steel,
Yet within the shadows, a tender allure concealed.

From the garden of hearts, he plucked love's bloom,
A reaper entwined in the dance of impending doom.
His touch, a paradox of life and demise,
Yet in his presence, love found unforeseen ties.

Cloaked in midnight's velvet, a silhouette sublime,
He moved through realms, transcending space and time.
His eyes, the void where galaxies expire,
Yet within them, a spark, an unseen fire.

For my love, he was the reaper, a paradoxical guide,
Harvesting passions, where destinies coincide.
In the tapestry of love and shadows intertwined,
He wove a tale where mortality and eternity bind.

In the graveyard of dreams, where hopes lay to rest,
He walked beside me, an enigmatic guest.
A reaper for my love, a spectral dance,
We twirled through the twilight, in a fleeting trance.

In the embrace of darkness, where whispers unfold,
He spoke of love in a language untold.
A reaper's touch, gentle and severe,
As he harvested the echoes of love and fear.

He was a reaper for my love, an ethereal waltz,
In the twilight symphony where destiny exalts.
For in the shadows, where our love did thrive,
He, the reaper, kept our immortal love alive.
Destiny C May 2022
My heart shatters on the floor,
like the bullets of a school corridor.

The sound ricochets in my mind,
like the screams of a parents not able to pick their kid up in time.

We are at war with the reaper.

The one who hugs the bullet while it pierces through the air.

The same one who casts its scythe away,
because the gun was more American.
I S A A C Dec 2021
I hate u
at least I think I do
memories of your flaws I say goodbye to
our relationship was a war, filled with love bombing, high walls, and gore
our relationship was a chore, never effortless always depressing when
I remember your rejection better than anything
when you dropped my hand, the way you shifted sands
around different people, I really believed you
but our love met the grim reaper
you kept yourself like a secret and I was a thrill-seeker
you were scared, I was fearless
I held you dear, you were tearless
so I hate u
at least I think I do
memories of your flaws I am haunted by
memories of all the times, I wished for, I deserved more
I outpoured just to no remorse
you were always ready to drop me to protect you
you were always ready to knock me to suggest you
were little Mr. Perfect and that this was worth it
but you weren't worth these hands, these tears, my heart
you weren't worth it from the ending, middle, or start
it is reflected in my art
that I hate u
Take my heart
Cardium carpal
Impossible to hold in both hands
In every glorious piece
Valve, ventricle, artery
Pulsing, pulsing — but no blood
Not pink, not red but grey,
Grey matter, but no matter

Take care not to lack a hole by
Ebon ivory of your skeletal hands,
Pulsing, pulsing — but no blood
Only bone grasping endocrine glands
Blood eagled atrium across your palms
Venae cavae hollowed hands.
Bisaal Jan 2021
in ruins
yet there will be no confession
lest a scythe be heard
Sahar Apr 2020
The Physics of Love
Mass is not proportional to volume.
A girl as small as a violet.
A girl who moves like a flower petal
pulling me toward her with more force than her mass.
Just then,
like Newton’s apple,
I rolled toward her without stopping until I fell on her,
with a thump.
With a thump.
My heart keeps bouncing between the sky and the ground.
It was my first love
In episode 4 of the drama Goblin, Kim Shin reads the book May the Stars Carry Your Sadness Away. The scene below shows him reciting the poem as she is walking towards him. It’s a beautiful poem that connects what he feels at the current moment.
credit: Kim In Yook
Dhriti Seth Oct 2019
They say, everyone eventually leaves
Whether it be your house, your heart or your life
But what they never say
Is that they leave behind a part of their soul

They leave behind memories
Sometimes in pictures
Sometimes in humans
And sometimes in hand-written letters

Their departure holds a purpose
Though many a times it’s hard to see
For the heart is in despair, and the mind in shock
But fear not, my love, soon it will come to you

The Reaper is portrayed a villain
But he is merely a spirit guide
He leads the departed away from horrors
And into the hopeful light

It is said that the spirits find home
In a place a million ways better than here
But how can anywhere else be cosier
Than where lives your own flesh and blood

Those gone have a message for you, my beloved
They want you to know you’re loved
Not only by those who are alive
But also by those in the heavens above
Written for a friend, with love.
Luna Jun 2019
Death is seen as
a horrifying being
but i think it's quite nice
to have someone
to hold you hand
after you die
to walk you to the afterlife
Aa Harvey May 2019

There are many doors we all walk through every day;
Be it claw, or snore, or war, or any other reason,
The door is unavoidable and it is always the season.
A never ending end,
Never been a friend;
Never known what to expect next.

All things they continue, but nothing ever lasts.
Newborns are born and one day they will grow up to wear black.
If there was a way to never see Death again,
Would we want to live forever?  Or would we need an end?

There is meaning to life, even if we do not know what it is.
Some say it is to raise kids;
Some say it is to accomplish dreams.
My reasons are the same as many other opinions;
Opinions are ten a penny.
People think they know, but nobody is ever ready.

I agree with you, good guess;
But you cannot know until it is the end,
Of the bitter sweet symphony show.
The show must go on!
Surely this is not the last song?
We need an encore for life;
We need to have hope before we are gone.

(Knock, knock, knock.)

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
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