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pk tunuri Mar 2018
How do you expect me to express my sorry
when you don’t allow me to explain my story

Is this how you wanted it to end
I'll never forget the times we spent, my friend

Now don"t put me in danger
By treating me like a stranger
dravenstorm Apr 2015
Television is destroying the mission I have,
To show the world my vision
But no one really seems to listens.

The razor to my wrist,
Are the only things,
that listen to the thoughts caged in my mind.
Screaming out the pain written in the blood.
Whipping it away,
Will only make things better for the moment.

Although I'm still trapped in my own body,
The soul can't stand the bleeding,
Thoughts that keep whispering,
Everyone around me hates me.

Seeking for that fatherly love,
Realizing it never existed.
Searching for the feeling of love,
Discovering that it's extinct.

My shadow is always attached to me,
I guess it knows my deepest secrets.
Hoping it could keep a secret too,
Instead it laughs at me, as slowly deplete.

I'll use the time I have left,
Inhaling the cold smoke,
Left by the ancient slaves of pain,
Seducing my thoughts,
As I use it to slowly undress them.

— The End —