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Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2022
(Verse 1:)
Sometimes wish I could just end it all
I will never have the *****
Stand atop a building fifty-something feet tall
Look dow
Never fall
I want courage to take the first step off and fly
I am holding out for a more noble way to die

I keep running
Keep on running
I cannot stop
Think I need some help
I keep running
Keep on running
I cannot stop
Can't get away from myself

(Verse 2:)
Is there life after we are dead and gone?
If not
Energy still survives on
Trying to not be scared of the great beyond
Embrace journey whether short or long
Begin every dawn with a smile on my face
Gratitude that can't be erased
Too much ******* to evade or avoid
World is not perfect
Can always be enjoyed


(Verse 3:)
Either way I gotta face it
Embrace life
I can't erase it
Can't trade places with someone and I can't quit
Wear my shoes
They the only pair that fit
But realized a long time ago
Feeling full of questions
Should probably let go
Accept that some things I'll never know
If you are not learning
You'll never grow
Obviously sung to the tune of Erase Me by Kid Cudi
AZ Jun 2018
Peace is something that starts with me
Unfold the layers letting out what i could be
Cudi telling me to just be free
Now im so vulnerable i might be seen
I  might be heard i might intervene
Or i might sit back and explore the scene
Feel my way through waters with sharks intrigued
Seeing what im made of when i convene
My thoughts together and paint my stream
Let the colours flow like a masterpiece
And let you understand hurt like it pains you deep
So you can perservere and close in on dreams
Instead of folding up and getting rid of all belief
Self loathing til you find a piece
And let it scream in your ear til youre at peace
Inner conflict but more of a concept piece(criticism appreciated)
dravenstorm Apr 2016
mom walks in my room*

mom: im so ******* disappointed
            in you!
mom: you ******* *******!

walks out

me: ( slits wrists, over doses and
         listens to kid cudi. )
No one wants a troubled girl
Cause All she knows is trouble girl

So we're toss out with the trash
Scratch that
We are the trash
We are the girls that society puts on blast
Cause no one wants a girl with a past
No one wants a girl with baggage
We're told to pack it up and put it in the cellar
Or basement, or attic, Or whatever
No one really cares where we put it as long as we don't bring it to the next house
As long as it remains hiddens from our next spouse
We're suppose to
Hide our scars and patch our wounds
Lose weight, stay well groomed  
Nip it tuck it, have good hair
Flaws and baggage remain over there
Back straight, heads up
Smile big, Lips plumped
And mostly, overAll
Cause this could be our one big flaw
We're suppose to
Keep past pain, emotions and drama in
Cause we don't want to lose our men  
Pretend like nothing is wrong, stay strong
Take a shot, ride it out
Cry alone
Huh? Nothings wrong
No one wants a troubled girl
All she knows is trouble girl
Inspired by troubled boy by kid cudi

— The End —