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Sophia Dec 2020
I hate myself
I hate myself
I hate myself
I hate myself
I hate myself
I hate myself
I hate myself

But I love him....

So I'll live.
Zoe Grace Jun 2019
My body is so tired
I'm exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally.
I just want a break
Is that too much to ask?
Apparently so, because
My brain is wide awake
And it wont let me sleep

Get ****** brain.
I'll just be tired and grumpy tomorrow
And that way everyone will get ****** at me.
Its not like you care is it? No.

You dont care.
You scream at me every time i eat something with sugar in it.
You whisper horrible things in my ears when i'm alone.
You convince me to hurt myself so i can feel something, after you've shut down all my other emotions.
You make me fall for people too late and too often and not enough.
You tell me i'm not enough.

I just want to sleep
Stop putting these thoughts in my head and leave me alone.
Its late and i'm probably a little hysterical but who cares.
Zoe Grace Jun 2019
I wish i could do
The right ******* thing for once
But i guess i cant
I never know the right thing to say or do.
Zoe Grace May 2019
Things are better when
I'm not there to **** them up
I'm really sorry
I'm so sorry that I'm such an idiot. That I'm stupid and useless and i ask for too many things. I hate myself, so Its only fair that everyone else hates me too. I'm a horrible person.
Ellowyn Rose Feb 2019
Dear society,

I’m mad at you. Your lies, the images of “ideal” vandalized in everyone’s mind, driving them to cut shapes in their skin and end themselves. I’m mad because we were given the gift of difference, the gift of a mind possibly like no other. I’m mad because we did everything wrong with gift. The animal in us still wants to get to the top, the very top of the line because that’s how we survive. By making ourselves stand out. We killed each other and made our families watch. We cut through those who denied our presence with blades and stones. We never once thought about peace. Or maybe we did, but the screaming in society, the dominant voice that led us into self destruction has trampled over the little gleam of hope. I wish I could just be mad at you, but I’m not. I’m mad at myself, because I tell myself I hate that image that every girl follows, I hate that promise society makes that if we use this, our lives will get better. But I still follow that stupid image. I fall for every promise society makes even though it doesn’t know what it’s doing. It’s hard to say we’ve gotten over that image, because we still want to get to the top of the line like everyone else. We take pills to forget who we’re mad at. We take the knife in our hands to distract us from what we so desperately need to pay attention to. We flourish in our dark bedroom, because the cold floor is used to our weight and the ceiling is used to catching our anger as it rises above us and takes over. We’re still following that light whether we like it or not. Why in a world so advanced, smart, emotional, delicate and indestructible are we so blind to what is ruining us altogether? Not by war, not by bullets, but by that image that we look up to. By that artificial light that drives us to **** each other. By a world so driven to getting to the top, that we fall trying to get there.
Abbigale Dec 2018
My head is a pub

My thoughts, the chain-smokers
Clouding my mind and vision
With fumes of false perception

My emotions, the drunkards
They stagger from one wall to another
Wreak the most havoc

Together, they rage a war with my sanity
Destroying my pub's peace

And there is the blaring music,
sounding from an overhead television
A voice convincing me,
I am rotten to the core
As I sink to the floor
And tears well up my eyes
And my soul melts

I had a meltdown again, Mum...
Late night sad boy hours
**I never actually post here much tbh
mars Apr 2018
uppers, downers
something to make me feel.
pop a pill and then this world feels so surreal.
smoke a bowl,
and my problems are gone with the smoke.
give me something strong
something that will make me choke.
my life is a joke.
and I'm trynna get through it,
but i can only depend on substances that are therapeutic.
f ł ø w ë r Apr 2018
i need someone
that i trust
to lean on and hold me
make it all go away
make the bad days seem good just by smiling and saying
'hi' or by hugging me
i feel like they've all just..
distanced themselves away because I'm just a ******* mess
a clingy
that needs someone just to stay stable
that isn't normal is it?
it's unhealthy
lol i hate myself
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