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May 2017 · 503
finals week
Leia R May 2017
i sympathize

i empathize

i want to be euthanized

good luck to everyone. may the odds be ever in your favour

( i haven't even read or seen the hunger games )
Apr 2017 · 431
t a k e n
Leia R Apr 2017
head aches
heart breaks
pain gives
but love takes

Apr 2017 · 454
a g a i n
Leia R Apr 2017
gentle smiles and friendly eyes
soft touches and deep laughs
hot kisses and long hugs
i'd almost forgotten what it felt like to
be this close with someone

Apr 2017 · 344
time lost
Leia R Apr 2017
it's kinda sad to
look back at the people
i once knew and
remember how full my heart was for them.

Mar 2017 · 406
Leia R Mar 2017
you taught me
how to love
in a world
that told me not to

just finished "milk and honey"
Mar 2017 · 329
u n c e r t a i n t y
Leia R Mar 2017
it's impossible to tell how long i've been here
when i don't even know where i'm at

happy world poetry day
Mar 2017 · 371
Leia R Mar 2017
i'm doing my best but my best isn't good enough
i guess i just never thought that life could be so rough
i think i might be on the brink of relapse
but i don't want to be; i left that life in my past
so what am i going to do if i don't get better?
the sad girl is trying to get out but i'm trying not to let her

Feb 2017 · 436
good morning
Leia R Feb 2017
the trees glisten with the heaven's tears of joy as the sun peeks shyly over the hills. a new day has dawned in the valley of the fleur as they stretch their water-heavy petals towards warmth

Jan 2017 · 636
t o o m u c h
Leia R Jan 2017
i've had a few too many and
i miss you all too much

Jan 2017 · 843
h e a r t s
Leia R Jan 2017
if i had a second heart i'd fall for you twice
because having just one broken heart
doesn't feel quite as nice

Dec 2016 · 378
a n n u a l l y
Leia R Dec 2016
and every year it seems that i lose my heart to different people with the same intentions

Dec 2016 · 631
old poem i found #2
Leia R Dec 2016
kiss me*
i wish to feel your breath upon every inch of my skin; my cheek, my neck, the lobe of my ear.
whisper things to me which you have told no other soul.
caress the skin of my naked back and hold me close to your heart.
love me like no one else ever could ; cherish me for the treasure i am

Dec 2016 · 373
old poem i found #1
Leia R Dec 2016
my love for you is like the heavy beating of a falcon's wings
it is the sun that shines over the white-capped mountains
it's rays peeking through the valley just to lay upon your face
the rushing waters of even the greatest rivers call out your name as if it were a prayer upon their fluid lips

Leia R Dec 2016
stranger's bedroom
stranger's house
familiar kisses
from a stranger's mouth

Dec 2016 · 341
t r a v e l
Leia R Dec 2016
don't take me somewhere i've never been
take me somewhere i've been before
so i can see how different the world is
when i'm with you

Dec 2016 · 307
d i r e c t i o n
Leia R Dec 2016
life is a matter of finding direction; only you can be your guide

Nov 2016 · 711
c o v e r s
Leia R Nov 2016
i was just your conditional lover;
you only adored me when i was under your covers.

Nov 2016 · 315
d o n e
Leia R Nov 2016
i'm sick of feeling like i'm never enough for people who wouldn't know my worth otherwise

Nov 2016 · 436
Leia R Nov 2016

tired of crying over people who don't deserve my tears
Nov 2016 · 864
Leia R Nov 2016
i try to tell myself that i'll be okay
but i know that i'll never be okay
if i never get to be with you

i wrote this just for you. too bad you'll never see it
Nov 2016 · 368
don't wake me up
Leia R Nov 2016
the sounds of waves echo off of
bleached beaches
the iridescent moon is my only guide
as i try to
blink the fog away

" i have never felt like this "

maybe if i close my eyes it
will all go away
maybe if i fall asleep
everything will be okay

King 810 - eyes (sleep it all away)
Leia R Nov 2016
hot throat
thick breaths
words choked on and lost to coughs

eyes watery
runny nose
nowhere is safe, not even at home

Nov 2016 · 463
s u n s h i n e
Leia R Nov 2016
i hadn't known that my heart was made of ice
until you had touched it ever so gently
with your long and calloused fingertips

then slowly--
as if the fires of passion burned within--
it began to melt
molding into the shape of your hand

Nov 2016 · 438
u n l e s s
Leia R Nov 2016

what a funny word... unless

it has the power to transform and defy

to entrance the world and mystify

yes, what a funny word

Nov 2016 · 461
s o u l f u l
Leia R Nov 2016
you didn't just love my body
you fell in love with my mind
it's amazing how you saw my soul
and touched my body without your hands

Nov 2016 · 1.6k
she is a universe
Leia R Nov 2016
she is a universe
undiscovered and pure
with lips the colour of a champagne supernova
and eyes like shooting stars

Nov 2016 · 497
upper east side
Leia R Nov 2016
tell me that you'll never cheat
and tangle me in designer sheets.
tell me that i am your vine
and sprinkle me in merlot wine.
tell me that you'll have the time and
shower me in refined diamonds.
it doesn't matter if you're a *****
the only concern is if you're rich.

all i can say is that i've been watching a loooot of gossip girl
Nov 2016 · 370
f a l s e
Leia R Nov 2016
all of these people are coming around
glancing away and trying not to laugh at ya
but you push your glasses up the bridge of your nose
and say:

*" bears. beets. battlestar gallactica. "
this was such a wonderful way to start off my morning
Nov 2016 · 336
b e t t e r
Leia R Nov 2016
after all this time
i put myself to the test
and i realized i deserve
nothing less than the best

i don't know what it is about today but... i feel better
Leia R Oct 2016
i'm sorry if i've ever made you feel like ****; made you feel like i didn't like you. it's exactly the opposite, i'd say, but i've never really been good at taking care of the things i love

apology letter for 10.31.16

we both know what i did
Oct 2016 · 583
Leia R Oct 2016
his eyes sparkled with a love that wasn't meant for me

Oct 2016 · 288
Leia R Oct 2016
he would always say that he felt as if he was walking on a cloud whenever we were together. he said that i possessed an ethereal beauty. he said that every sunday morning he could see me stretch my wings. he always called me "angel" but he didn't mean a thing.

Oct 2016 · 728
Leia R Oct 2016
there's something so metaphysical about the way you look tonight; something so transcendent that to put it into words could never do you justice.

Oct 2016 · 373
Leia R Oct 2016
you taught me that i meant something. you gave me someone i could rely on, and then you left. you've let me down more than anyone i have ever known.
even myself.
Marina & the Diamonds on replay
Oct 2016 · 362
Leia R Oct 2016
your love is so artificial
i feel as if i'm choking on plastic
there is such a wall between us
you never could get past it

Oct 2016 · 487
Leia R Oct 2016
it was all because of you ; the reason that i do the things that i do

Oct 2016 · 353
d a n g e r o u s
Leia R Oct 2016
the stakes are high and time is short
i guess our love is a danger of sorts

Sep 2016 · 558
Leia R Sep 2016
i wanna be your everyday, i don't wanna be your "sometimes"

Sep 2016 · 273
boy trouble
Leia R Sep 2016
i just wanna kiss you and get it over with; to finally understand if pining after you is worth the trouble

Sep 2016 · 690
g o l d
Leia R Sep 2016
she fell in love over gold sheets and white wine

Sep 2016 · 609
m o n e t a r y
Leia R Sep 2016

day in, day out is the clink of metal
not sure how to move
my sanity is fragile
my mind is a bank
my body the vessel

Sep 2016 · 400
n i g h t m a r e
Leia R Sep 2016
what once was a kaleidoscope of colour
is now dimmer than any other
all this monochrome, it smothers
but then again it might just be my covers

Sep 2016 · 283
r e l i g i o n
Leia R Sep 2016
don't be afraid of what the world has to offer
because even back in olden days
Jesus saved the scoffer
it feels good to write a poem again.
Aug 2016 · 373
a p o l o g i e s
Leia R Aug 2016
i've seen who you are
you don't have to pretend
i'm sorry that you're trapped
into being my friend

i've just recently started university and things are going great! a little odd sounding after such a sad sounding poem, but i guess that's just how the mind works. anyways, wish me luck! ♡
Aug 2016 · 355
Leia R Aug 2016
she is afraid of no man and she fears no monsters
Aug 2016 · 1.0k
r o g u e
Leia R Aug 2016
fingernails bite
leaving red streaks to stain pale skin
is this heaven or hell?
soft lips
plump they may be
i can't really tell
Aug 2016 · 329
Leia R Aug 2016
i'm no good at being myself but i'm even worse at being without you

Aug 2016 · 381
Leia R Aug 2016
she's one of those girls with a dynamite dream that believes in true love

Aug 2016 · 315
v i t a l i t y
Leia R Aug 2016
your eyes make you seem immortal; as if you have lived thousands of years and seen so many things

but your mouth says too many young and beautiful things.

Aug 2016 · 354
t e a r s
Leia R Aug 2016
a sparkle of light
i wish that you cared
about one savoured night
and a kiss that is shared

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