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Tears speak more than words ever could
So when you think
“Why am I crying”
You are speaking
Through emotions that are unspoken
So maybe you should
Cry like black ink
Falling off a white feather
Standing out because the deformity of your eyes
Distracts locals
Because it's such a familiar feeling
And they envy it
Don't worry if you cry to much
The tears that sting your cheek
it helps you know your still alive
Until your not and your still crying
Then maybe those locals could say
“you cry to much”
- Tylar Carroll
The walls you have confined her in

She could crawl out but they will trap her back in

But someone would surely notice her escape in this place

Plus she would never do that in the first place

Because her pride stands up straight

And she has no ability to walk out of these confined walls up straight

So she can not walk away

So her mind will stand up straight and walk away

And You may never see her true self again

So what.

if you did you would just take it away again
- Tylar Carroll
KR Sep 28
I contradict the universe
I live in an upside down
Surrounded by the fog of a hot breath
Black is the day when it rains on the mountain
The Fog lifts and death lies on my back
lonesome and rightside
Are you happy now?
Ava Jul 1
Oh what did I know of joy and merriment
back in those blessed days of libertine novels
and joyous desecration. 'Twas a cerebral
invitation that I did receive for the occasion,
bound by leather upon a book of red,
harboring ancient whims that from an
ancient head did stem. My mind was made
not hollow nor engorged with temptation,
but was instead enriched by the many
joyous declarations!
Wilde, with his flamboyant talk, did make
the young lady in me gallantly strut and
Keats, with his decadent displays, enchant
me did he upon my fallen days.

But of them all, there was but one
who could deliver me from madness
only to punch me with fun!
I shan't speak their name
so as to run biases thin,
but you ought to find yours
and let the excitement begin!
Zywa May 22
People want to believe
in their own importance
continue to shine after their death

they also like to dream to be
elsewhere than where they are
and they hope for better

and for love, that holy
story that makes beautiful
what their unbridled lust is doing

Oh, Faith, Hope, and Love
are romantic poems
suns of happiness if you like

or fictions if you dare to live
without Grace and privileges
that you keep for yourself

because everything is for everyone
but what you have received
you don't have to give?
Collection “Secrets & Believers”
jude May 6
on a moonlight tryst
       i gave you my all,
       branches bending and bowing
       to Gaea.
       and her lover of the north-wind.
oh, autumn,
make me bare,
make me starve
          warm me, delight me.
love me thrice in the tenebrous
corners of the fairyland and bee hive.
    the ichor rains down on us
  and gifts us wine for our roots
and un sospiro for our souls.

let’s dance all night,
         with a zephyr through our leaves,
         the inferno overlooked.

i will love you in winter,
with your polar spines and
bared back blues.

i will love you in spring,
in the whispers of Renaissance.
where youth awakens
in the sweet song of Helios’ new born.

and i will love you all the rest,
     as God wrote you just for me,
     a sonnet of youth and pulchritude
     a sonnet for the millennium,
     i will treasure for
The sky may come out of the blanket of clouds,
& all the intellectuals of this world may become louts;
In opposite direction may these rivers flow,
& these winds may stop to blow;
The love deep inside my chest,
Which you did enhance,
Oh the Prince of Preetiest Charms,
will never change...
My Prince of Preetiest Charms is MOON!!!:-)
ollie Feb 10
Eventually there stops being a
And every single movie that romanticized the feeling lied to you
This is not something a love interest can fix
There is room to heal
That allows your friends to be let back in
I stopped saying I wanted to die quite a while ago
But I’m left feeling unfamiliar in my own happiness
I regret everything I have ever said
And everything I didn’t have the guts to say
And that’s just how it is inside my head
I suppose I could live with it
If not for this desire to get away from it
I’m scared of driving
But I can’t wait until I finally can drive away from this town
And never look back
Because it’s about the faces I’ll meet
Not the ones that tried to convince me to be something I’m not
And while I’m still making friends out here
There’s only three more years
I suppose it’s worth the risk
She told me that I was easy to read
And it’s easy to pretend to be
The complexity of picking up on how every human feels will never
Be easy to read
And I can’t control that
So yes, I can be an open book
But good luck reading the pages I ripped out
i’m not really sure what any of this means to be honest
Pigeon-striped with a polyester hat
How can he look so nice and feel so sad?
“It’s a momentary lapse in sadness
Brewed in prudence and gladness”

Fret not for the velvet shoe that stalks you
Cry a well for all the leather hides
That you wear upstairs for kindred brides
Another lover bred to love untrue

“Is there something else I’d like to say?
Efficiency is drenched in dismay
Jewelled epaulettes on deafened shoulders
Something more incise, I shall solder"

Heaven delivered our coal
Sat atop a gilded pole
Heaven delivered our coal
By lawful life, we are loveless moles

Ruby-haired and lilac-nailed
How can she arouse yet taste so stale?
“Hold my vindication in a brooch
Open my heart in reproach"

Fret not for the saddle in your ‘mare
It will take you to a mining town
There, you will earn yourself a gown
And fall on the soldered stairs

“Is there something else I’d like to say?
I am to be blackened for my pay
Else I resign to a red ribbon
And use almighty love as a weapon"

Sweet life, what’s to surmise?
Moths in the corners of our eyes
Writing as a fly in a frame
Spot the hideous, spotted dame

Watch your place, hold your pace

Heaven delivered our coal
Sat atop a gilded pole
Heaven delivered our coal
By lawful life, we are loveless moles
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