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Leia R May 2017
i sympathize

i empathize

i want to be euthanized

good luck to everyone. may the odds be ever in your favour

( i haven't even read or seen the hunger games )
Leia R Apr 2017
head aches
heart breaks
pain gives
but love takes

Leia R Apr 2017
gentle smiles and friendly eyes
soft touches and deep laughs
hot kisses and long hugs
i'd almost forgotten what it felt like to
be this close with someone

Leia R Apr 2017
it's kinda sad to
look back at the people
i once knew and
remember how full my heart was for them.

Leia R Mar 2017
you taught me
how to love
in a world
that told me not to

just finished "milk and honey"
Leia R Mar 2017
it's impossible to tell how long i've been here
when i don't even know where i'm at

happy world poetry day
Leia R Mar 2017
i'm doing my best but my best isn't good enough
i guess i just never thought that life could be so rough
i think i might be on the brink of relapse
but i don't want to be; i left that life in my past
so what am i going to do if i don't get better?
the sad girl is trying to get out but i'm trying not to let her

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