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Apr 2022 · 811
my first love
Marga 梅香 Apr 2022
nobody felt the way you do,
nobody showed affection like you do.
the moment i gazed into your eyes,
i knew i want to be a part of your life.

you knew i was hesitant to commit
and my inner feelings — i never did admit.
you made me breakthrough that shell
because you loved me so well.

thank you for all your understanding,
and forgive me for my foolishness;
with you, i'll always choose a love that's everlasting,
i hope we spend a longer time of togetherness.
Oct 2021 · 691
01 october 2021
Marga 梅香 Oct 2021
i wear my heart up on my sleeve
iots of times i’m too naive.
i know im not perfect
i have shortcomings in every aspect.

yet you loved me the same,
you took away all my shame
and all the insecurities I hid
you helped me learn from what i did.

never could i imagine how would i ever be
had you not given me a guarantee.
the assurance my heart yearns for,
because of you, i am more confident than before.
thank you for staying. 🤍
Mar 2021 · 1.4k
i just want you to be happy
Marga 梅香 Mar 2021
there are things i have promised you,
things i don't ever want to put you through.
i'm sorry i broke those promises somehow,
i knew we weren't for each other anyhow.

i just want you to be happy,
i know we're both tired of being shady.
things between us are already sketchy,
every day, holding on seems very heavy.

letting go of you was hard
yet i don't want toxicity to bombard;
i want the best for you and me
so please, let's just set each other free.
Mar 2021 · 1.0k
i met you in summer
Marga 梅香 Mar 2021
those days were warm, hot, and long,
but you rushed to me like a sweet song.
your warmth is what i always wanted all along,
then i knew to you is where i want to belong.

autumn came and leaves started to fall,
the wind also started to blow cool breeze;
but your tender care is what i always recall,
the way you make my mind feel at ease.

winter then came and it falls snow,
the weather has become a lot colder too;
still together, we continue to grow,
all the things we've been through, i won't undo.

then comes springtime,
the cherry blossoms started to bloom,
yet you still shine and your charm sublime;
your presence will never make me go gloom.

this summer marks one year of our togetherness,
i'm blessed with all we've been through in the past year.
my heart has deeply fallen in love with your tenderness,
and with you i'm willing to journey, without any fear.
Marga 梅香 Oct 2020
you told me that we can try again,
amidst all these things we can't explain.
you told me we can still smile,
even if sadness is here for a while.

although we can't be physically near,
thank you for still holding me dear;
thank you for putting away my fear,
assuring me that sooner skies will be clear.
Oct 2020 · 697
we'll make it
Marga 梅香 Oct 2020
we'll get through these together
we'll make it through the bad weather;

we know everyday is a new day,
as long as we're here and we'll still stay.

some days are really rainy,
but with you, i feel less lonely;

one day, hand in hand we'll see the sunshine,
and as one sooner we'll feel just fine.
Oct 2020 · 455
a time for me to grow
Marga 梅香 Oct 2020
after all these times,
i finally came to a realization
all the while i was given the signs
that loving you isn't my position.

but no, i still love you,
i still think of you;
but maybe, just maybe—
this time it has to be me.

maybe if i finally let go,
it'd be a chance for me to grow.
Oct 2020 · 389
last of us
Marga 梅香 Oct 2020
you were my once in a lifetime
my charm sublime.

you didn't say goodbye,
but neither did i;

suddenly we went out of focus,
maybe that was the last of us.
Oct 2020 · 398
towards each other
Marga 梅香 Oct 2020
maybe we held each other too close
which made us now too loose.

maybe we became too dependent,
that made us now feel indifferent.

we can pretend this is easy,
but how long will we both feel weary?
Marga 梅香 Sep 2020
change is painful,
but it is beautiful.

nothing in the world is fixed and arranged,
so you must have your feelings managed.

you can't be too attached,
neither can be too detached;

so know where your heart rests easy,
and let it decide freely.
Aug 2020 · 539
Marga 梅香 Aug 2020
she walks in
with vigor from within.
she upholds her dignity
and she does not settle for mediocrity.

because she is a woman,
with wit as wide as the ocean;
she does more than just exist,
idiocy is what she will resist.
Aug 2020 · 193
18 august 2020.
Marga 梅香 Aug 2020
in this world an ocean of people,
how i wish i will still be able
to find you amidst all the chaos
of a thousand people's paths across.

perhaps fate made meeting you probable
as well as parting from you is also possible;
but the memory of your stunning aureate eyes,
will be the most beautiful of all my goodbyes.
for our one-time attractions.
— daily poems! ♡
May 2020 · 180
23 may 2020
Marga 梅香 May 2020
the vagueness in your eyes
tells how much you fed me with lies

the expression on your face
shows you lost love someplace

the tone of your voice
sounds like i'm no longer your choice

the touch of your hand
feels like leaving is what you demand

and the coldness of your heart
explicitly shows we can no longer restart.
what we are right here and now.
— daily poems! ♡
May 2020 · 861
dalawampu't apat na oras.
Marga 梅香 May 2020
sa magandang bukang-liwayway
isa na namang bagong paglalakbay,
ang naghihintay upang mas maging matapang
ang bukal na pusong naghihinayang.

sa pagsikat ng araw
bagong pag-asa ang lumilitaw,
para gumawa ng mga desisyon
upang buhay ay may direksiyon.

sa pagdating ng dapit-hapon
at nakuha na ang lahat ng pagkakataon
hindi alintanang nagawa kung anong tama,
ngunit walang malay rin sa nagawang masama.

at sa pagsapit ng hatinggabi,
wala ka nang ibang katabi
kundi ang iyong sarili,
at konsensyang naghuhunos-dili.
prosesong araw-araw na nauulit,
dito sa mundong puno ng "bakit?".
May 2020 · 296
famine, and imagine.
Marga 梅香 May 2020
maybe in a parallel world
our feelings are not whirled,

fate is on our side
and our horizons are wide,

dreams together got no boundaries
we'd endlessly make memories,

our time together isn't interfered
and unlimited chances for us appeared.

but seeing today our love in famine
all of those things i can only imagine.
wholly hoping that maybe somewhere else
we could love each other without any less.

in an alternate universe,
may we never disperse.
May 2020 · 2.6k
walang paraiso.
Marga 梅香 May 2020
hindi naman ako tanga
upang sa inyo pa ay humanga
kung ang kahirapan ngayon ay bunga
ng pagtatakip ninyo ng inyong mga tainga.

alipin man sa pang-aabuso,
pamahalaan man ay payaso;
paniniwalaan ko pa rin ang mahinang proseso
balang araw makakarating rin tayo sa paraiso.
May 2020 · 203
Marga 梅香 May 2020
did i make you cry,
and ask yourself why?

sorry, was i too cold,
was i too stubborn to hold?

sorry, was it too painful,
causing you to be this hateful?

now i don't know, i really don't know
how else to you i can show —

that those things i didn't mean,
seem to have happened and i have done;
because pain is also where i've been,
the hurt i felt that can't be undone.

after all these pain,
is there something that should still remain?

after all that we've been through,
is deserving this misery true?
Apr 2020 · 258
30 april 2020
Marga 梅香 Apr 2020
my heart wants to heard,
but everything else is blurred
and the world isn't capable of listening.

and so i resulted to writing,
hoping that the pen and the paper
could give me consolation.
then, i finally found solace.
daily poems! ♡
Apr 2020 · 381
26 april 2020
Marga 梅香 Apr 2020
sometimes it feels lonely,
and sometimes i feel drowsy.

but maybe this is the time
i have to treasure every prime
i have not seen
when everywhere is all i've been.

there are things i want to try,
but my energy cannot defy.

but this time i ought to find serenity
amidst all the ambiguity
and try to reflect
on what i have to reconnect.
the way i currently feel
and what i have realized.
daily poems! ♡
Apr 2020 · 276
Marga 梅香 Apr 2020
do not be timid,
because this world is frigid.

do not let it freeze
the mind that thinks with ease.
Apr 2020 · 257
a novel.
Marga 梅香 Apr 2020
if my life was a novel
i would always revel
in reading the chapter
where our love felt like forever.

i'd bookmark the pages
where fondness is ageless,
and so i'll always remember
how great were the days
when we were together
in the most wonderful ways.
Apr 2020 · 211
Marga 梅香 Apr 2020
you are the love
that felt like everything i have
is the entire universe
to me did not oppose.
Mar 2020 · 243
Marga 梅香 Mar 2020
"everything happens for a reason"
is a line i'd rather not hear from now on.

reasons i wish i knew why,
what in my life it tries to imply.

i don't want to sit around and wonder,
what i could have done much better.
— here's to the things we wished we knew why it happened.
Dec 2019 · 312
30 december 2019
Marga 梅香 Dec 2019
you don't know my heart
it doesn't want things to fall apart.
and so the way i love
is to give everything i have.

for my heart that is selfless,
i'll bestow a love that is relentless;
i always consider love is amazing,
for love to prevail— i'd do anything.
the way i love.
daily poems! ♡
Dec 2019 · 718
red flags.
Marga 梅香 Dec 2019
i haven't known you that long
so i wasn't thinking of what could go wrong.
i liked all of you verily
thought we'd be more than friends happily.

but you were a scoundrel,
one i did not know too well.
you were a fabulist,
deceit is what you always insist.

i guess i was just too naive
in you i continued to believe.
now the red flags are waving at me,
telling me to go and fly free.
Dec 2019 · 423
07 december 2019
Marga 梅香 Dec 2019
as much as i want to hold on
and look forward to what's there on;
but then again— right from the start,
you only played with my fragile heart.

i know i should just let you go
and all these fantasies i have to forego;
but i guess i'm blinded so much
with the love i thought there's such.
slowly letting you go.
daily poems! ♡
May 2019 · 1.7k
19 may 2019
Marga 梅香 May 2019
i may be vulnerable
but know that i'll always be able
to help you carry the loads
from the never ending odds.

my sincerity may not be evident,
but do know that my love is fervent;
our time in this world may be limited,
but to you is where i'll always be leaded.
despite vulnerability,
against all odds—
i'll always be yours.

daily poems! ♡
May 2019 · 1.3k
missing you.
Marga 梅香 May 2019
your smile is still the same
that wonder which gave me surety;
i am still frigid to hear your name,
the name i used to say so dearly.

i can't help but miss you
and all the things you sublimely do;
yours will always be the soul
that i'll never forget, after all.
May 2019 · 1.4k
Marga 梅香 May 2019
minsan ko pang ibinulong sa hangin,
na sana'y tayo nalang dalawa.

ngunit masakit mang aminin,
tayo'y hindi makabubuti sa isa't isa.
Apr 2019 · 19.0k
1 april 2019
Marga 梅香 Apr 2019
do not expect me
to pay you back
a garden of sunflowers,
if you haven't
given me
a single seed
even just for once.
in expectations from me.
daily poems! ♡
Mar 2019 · 8.2k
some poetries.
Marga 梅香 Mar 2019
some poetries
are not yet
conveyed into words;

they're still
felt by the heart,
and the mind
is still fathoming
those sentiments,
before finally
converting them
into words.
ㅡ take time to feel .
Mar 2019 · 2.2k
02 march 2019
Marga 梅香 Mar 2019
you no longer initiate
to ask if i was doing fine these days,
and you're much late
to know my dismays.

you and i have changed
— though i know it's inevitable,
but i still will believe
that we're always unbreakable.
maybe i have set my hopes high
for you and i.
and that's what hurted me the most.

daily poems! ♡
Jan 2019 · 25.8k
10 january 2019
Marga 梅香 Jan 2019
it's very much easy to say
that today is the day
wherein you no longer
have feelings that grows fonder
for him— who you loved freely
but indeed so genuinely.

but your challenge
is to look at his every edge
and the way he laughs and smile
without asking for a while
if you still love him for real;
you should then infer
that you are now happier
without him— to whom you gave your all,
though from him you only got a downfall.
in moving on from him.
daily poems! ♡
Nov 2018 · 45.5k
Marga 梅香 Nov 2018
hindi sa lahat ng panahon
ang mga bagay ay naaayon
sa kung paano natin gusto;
ㅡ at 'di lahat ay agad na natatamo.

ito ay ang aking napagtanto
nung nalaman kong may iba kang gusto,
at ayaw ko namang ipilit sa iyo
ang mga bagay na ayaw mo.

oo, mahal na mahal pa rin kita
puso ko'y walang sinisigaw na iba.
ngunit ikaw ba, aking sinta,
ay siya ring nadarama?
talagang hindi yata.

ako ma'y nahihirapan
na tanggapin at maunawaan
na tayo'y hanggang dito na lamang
pero aking hirang,
damdamin mo'y aking igagalang.
Oct 2018 · 1.7k
to the girl.
Marga 梅香 Oct 2018
to the girl
whose golden heart
was never tarnished
despite the afflictions
the world allowed her
to experience somehow;
♡ — i hope your heart stays the same
and will always be aflame
for the things you love doing
because dear, you are amazing.

to the girl
whose illustrious mind
was never obscured
even if she was aching;
♡ — i hope you realize
that you are impressively splendid
more than any could ever poetize
and that your feelings are valid.

to the girl
whose beautiful soul
never stopped blooming
like flowers in the spring
despite the adversities
she has encountered;
♡ — everything you do
is always appreciated;
and your existence
is a tremendous blessing
and adds vibrance
to this somber world.
for issa, who in spite of all the woes,
still chose to disseminate love and kindness out into this world— you are so majestic and you are capable of doing the exceptional. i am proud of you, i believe in you and i love you. ♡
Sep 2018 · 1.2k
when you love someone.
Marga 梅香 Sep 2018
you'd sacrifice even your happiness
for that someone to feel blissfulness.
you'd endure all the unfair,
just for the person not to be in despair.

you are willing to conquer the world,
and you will be unimaginably bold.
you wouldn't know that you, girl,
could actually be dauntless in a whirl.

when you love someone,
you'd choose the person over anyone;
everything they do is just fulfilling,
and their mere existence would be gratifying.
ㅡ for my brave best friend who loved so selflessly.
Marga 梅香 Aug 2018
kaligayahan mo'y akin pa ring dalangin,
kahit iyon man ay wala sa akin.
kung sakali'y ikaw ay luluha,
sana'y ikaw ay mapapatahan niya.

ang magandang ngiti
sa iyong mga labi ay sana'y mamalagi;
ang kintab sa iyong mga mata,
ay sana'y laging makikita;
pagsinta niyo'y sana'y pang habang buhay,
at higit pa sa kung anong kaya kong ibigay.

kung sakaling umibig ka sa iba,
sana'y ang tunay na ikaw ay sapat sa kanya;
hangad ko sa inyo'y magagandang bagay,
at sana'y bawat araw niyo ay makulay.
sana'y ikaw ay makatamasa
ng pag-ibig na wagas galing sa kanya,
o aking sinta.
Aug 2018 · 4.1k
dear <y/n> ,
Marga 梅香 Aug 2018
the things that are amazing
for you are surely coming;
darling you are sublime,
and you're never worth just a dime.

you deserve all the magnificent
that fills your heart's content;
all that you are is very enchanted,
and you don't deserve to be wasted.

all the beautiful things
to you that life brings,
won't swiftly come right away;
so please, hang on and stay.
to whoever reading this, you have what it takes to be wonderful. go ahead and be a blessing to the world. you are worth beyond mere words could ever explain. please, never lose your trust in yourself. you are beautiful, and you are loved & appreciated. ♡
Jul 2018 · 1.0k
the artist.
Marga 梅香 Jul 2018
you walked in without a warning
into this beautiful artist's life;
although a lot from her was missing
still she continues to strive.

into her life you left a consequential mark,
since then she has never been in the dark.
the smiles and the feeling of blissfulness
came to her life as a vital witness.

she got moonstrucked by you,
from gray her skies became blue.
her art that embodies her psyche,
is now dedicated to that laddie.

every color in her painting
is a momentous thing;
they represent every felt emotion,
as she gave you her affection.

every line that was drew
was all dedicated to you;
those were just mere hand-shiftings
as to you is where she is drifting.

every outputs she has made
were feelings she has bade
as a symbol of romance,
just as her hands did the dance.
when the artist delves into the art of love.
Jul 2018 · 205.7k
Marga 梅香 Jul 2018
ako ay nakatulala
sa lugar kung saan walang madla;
at ang isipan ko'y binabaha
ng mga hindi ko nasabing salita.

ako ay nasa dagat pa rin,
at ang bawat ihip ng hangin
ay simbolo ng aking dalangin
na sana siya ay mapasa akin.

ang mga puno ng niyog
ay gaya ng pagmamahal kong matayog.
mataas at hindi makasarili,
spaagka't sakanya ay nawiwili.

ang bawat butil ng buhangin
ay parang pag-ibig kong hindi kapusin;
bilyon-bilyong damdamin,
pag-ibig para sakanya na hindi ko inamin.

ang bawat alon na humahampas,
ay parang mga sandaling aking ipinalagpas;
mga bagay na matagal ko na dapat sinabi,
ngayon ako'y ginagambala ng pagsisisi.
pag-ibig para sa'yo na hindi ko kinayang aminin.
Jul 2018 · 4.0k
smitten with you.
Marga 梅香 Jul 2018
i know we're already through,
but my heart is still blue.
i know we've had enough,
but darling, i am not that tough.

it's been a long time
since our hearts still rhymed
and everything's over now
but in my life ㅡthere's still no rainbow.

i am still deeply into you,
and i am still smitten with what you do.
you're still the one who gives me chills,
to you i am still  head over heels.

you're still the one my heart yearns,
& moving on is something i never learned.
you are still my reason for everything,
even if for you i am already nothing.
me who still can't move on ㅡ from you.
Jul 2018 · 68.4k
ikaw pa rin.
Marga 梅香 Jul 2018
ilang buwan na ang lumipas,
ngunit damdamin ko sayo'y di pa kumukupas.
ikaw pa rin pala talaga
ang gusto ng puso kong tanga.

kahit ano pang sukat ng sakit
na sa buhay ko ay sasapit,
ito ay aking titiisin;
kahit hindi mo pa mapansin.

alam kong hindi ko na ito mababago,
kaya ang damdamin ko nalang ay aking itatago;
kung sa iyo parin ay nahuhumaling,
tungkol diyan ay hindi na ako magsisinungaling.

kahit na ako'y iyong pinaasa
at sayo'y walang natamasa,
ㅡ kagustuhan ko sa iyo
ay kailanma'y hindi magbabago.
hindi ko madidiktahan ang puso. ikaw pa rin talaga.
Jun 2018 · 195.1k
ako lang pala.
Marga 梅香 Jun 2018
alam kong napakabata ko pa
upang ibigin ng sobra
ang taong akala ko'y kaibigan ko lang,
na kahit kailan ay 'di ako binigyan ng daing.

labis na ligaya
ang natamo ko galing sakanya.
lahat ng maliligaya kong araw,
ala-ala namin ang nakasaklaw.

subalit ito'y kailangan kong itigil,
nang pati ang sarili ko'y aking natatakwil;
lalo na't ngayon ay aking napagtanto,
na ako lang pala ang nakadama ng ganito.
masakit, pero ito ang katotohanan ㅡ mag-isa akong umiibig sayo.
Jun 2018 · 71.5k
10 reasons why i love you.
Marga 梅香 Jun 2018
your precious smile,
that never failed to shine;
a heaven-sent beam,
that made my heart your realm.

2. your tenderness,
that gave me bliss;
how could someone be
like you, so dearly?

3. your good vibes,
that surpassed all tribes
in giving off the positivity
i need for my stubborn reality.

4. your talents,
that awakened everyone's hearts;
you are my significant inspiration,
you give life to my life's ambition.

5. your humility,
that's filled with sincerity.
while everyone else is toplofty,
you remained lowly.
not everyone as wonderful as you,
could show meekness too.

6. the happiness you shared,
at times when smiling is something
i never dared;
darling, it meant everything.

7. for your meaningful silence,
that gave me a better comprehension.
although your stillness was tense,
i knew in my heart it was never a rejection.

8. for your music,
that never halts to flourish.
music, your depiction of aesthetic;
through you, the melody will never tarnish.

9. for being your genuine self,
you gave me potency to do the same.
shamming is no longer something i'll play, for you taught me how to
end that witless game.

10. for bringing me daily sunshine,
for setting the moon & the stars aligned;
my everyday became better,
and i will treasure you forever.

there are way more reasons
on why i love you for real.
through the passing seasons
i could slowly & slowly reveal
and show you how i truly feel.
as time passes us by,
i would no longer hesitate
and keep my sentiments ensconced.
through the coming weeks, months and years,
as long as we have all the time
i would dauntlessly lay out to you
that the way i feel for you is true.
written with whole heart for my dearest .
let me tell you
that i am true
ㅡ and i always will be.
Jun 2018 · 78.4k
ang dating saya.
Marga 梅香 Jun 2018
hindi ko makakalimutan
kung paano mo hinawakan,
ang aking mga kamay
noong ako'y nalulumbay.

binawasan mo ang aking pagdadalamhati,
at ibinalik mo ang ngiti saaking mga labi;
kasiyahan ko'y ikaw ang pinagmulan,
presensiya mo'y lagi kong inaabangan.

ngayon ako'y iyong iniwan,
at puso ko'y tunay na nasugatan.
sino bang mag-aakala
na ang dating dahilan ng aking saya,
ngayon ay sanhi na ng aking mga pasa.
paalam saating maliligayang araw.

— The End —